Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 970

Hears the words of manager, these people have all stood. Manager, person who he hits is the management.” Police answered. You shut up to me, I told you, this was the heavy injury, these people entered the hospital, in these jars had his fingerprint, this time must close his ten years eight years.” The manager said directly. Hears the words of manager, that several police hoodwinked. Usually they most dislike this group of management, but why manager can be partial to the management speech today. I noticed a moment ago probably the leadership of that relevant departments has also come , are you very ripe?” Xia Tian looked that said to the managers of local police station. Share that this where you spoke, quickly gave me on the handcuffs, examined to me, making him confess honestly that was money-grubbing.” The managers of local police station have put on a big dunce cap to Xia Tian directly. Sees such situation, all people understood. Also is the person of relevant departments. What department are the relevant departments? Simply speaking has the place of advantage they to call the relevant departments, having the fault needs to go against the package is the local governments. Yeah, I am see the father-in-law mother-in-law, I give you ten minutes, has handled this matter to me, after ten minutes, I will walk.” Xia Tian said directly by the stool: „, Was right, the fingerprint on that beverage bottle is his.” Ten minutes. Hears the Xia Tian words, police inspectors were angrier. He felt that front fellow regarded the back garden of oneself family the local police station probably, wants to come to come to walk walks. Where did you work as here are? This is the local police station, you walk me to have a look.” Local police station saying of manager coldly. I ten minutes, after my ten minutes, walks.” Xia Tian lazily saying. That attorney who at this time the Bing Xin father finds has caught up on the road, Bing Xin they also arrived at outside of local police station quickly, the local police station hall had the stool, they sat on the stool directly. The place that Xia Tian sits now happen to have separation of glass with them.

Saw that Xia Tian closes right up against the stool to sleep there, the father feeling of Bing Xin is very speechless, he could also fall asleep: Attorney arrived immediately, when the time comes we exited to say the life insurance first again.” Father, I said that you move unnecessarily, actually your anything does not need to do, waits a while in this, he came out.” Bing Xin is not worried about Xia Tian. At this time the managers of local police station may probably irritate. Front this hateful fellow unexpectedly can also be able to fall asleep, moreover after he takes ten minutes, probably really leaves to be the same. Gives me his two handcuffs on the stool.” The managers of local police station said. These police have to act accordingly. Xia Tian has not revolted, whatever they own two handcuffs near chair. Will not have an accident, he by handcuffs on.” Saying that the Bing Xin mother worries about. Mother, you feel relieved.” Saying that Bing Xin does not care at all. Your this girl, how this, he is your boyfriend, now by others handcuffs on, how you not to be worried.” On mother face of Bing Xin all anxious look. Bing Xin saw that mother worried. Walked directly, he arrives in front of the glass, then knocked the glass, Xia Tian has looked up to her, the glass was sound-insulated, therefore Bing Xin has not spoken, but asked that the spoken language asked when Xia Tian came out. Xia Tian responded: Five minutes.” Bing Xin nodded, afterward sat: Do not worry, after he said for five minutes, comes out.” Your silly thing, this is comforting you, here is the local police station, how possibly he said that several minutes come out for several minutes to come out, others will not make him come out.” The Bing Xin mother said. Mother, he said for five minutes, that definitely is five minutes.” Bing Xin said. Although Bing Xin said that but her mother worries with the father, her mother anxious running around in circles, her father's vision had looked to outside that seems was waiting for any person is the same.

Five minutes passed by. Walks!” When they also worry, the sound appears near their ears together. Three people simultaneously looked to Xia Tian. Came out. Came out. But a moment ago was he also by the handcuffs, how such quickly coming out? Is the police shows mercy, or was the Bodhisattva manifests a spirit? It is not right. Can walk?” The Bing Xin father asked. I told them a moment ago, after I ten minutes, will walk, now ten minutes arrived, I naturally must walk.” Xia Tian very optional saying. When they must walk, inside police all ran. They were only Kungfu of god, Xia Tian unexpectedly disappeared a moment ago. He exaggerated. Two hands both can vanish by the handcuffs . Moreover the gate or the electronic gate, cannot exit without their fingerprints. However Xia Tian truly stands outside at this time. Halts!” These police shout loudly. The managers of local police station also hurriedly ran: How do you run away?”

Don't crack a joke? Where cannot be able to bar up me, my this did not call to run away, walked frankly and uprightly.” Xia Tian said that he truly is walks, these locks and decorate similarly regarding him, a difficulty does not have. Your this called to jailbreak, I can regard fugitive you, shot dead directly.” Manager very wild saying of local police station. Your legal knowledge is the sports teacher teaches, when the case does not have the unambiguous evidence, I assist to investigate, is not the criminal, moreover your here is not a prison, is far from fugitive, if you have the bill, your to open fire tries.” Xia Tian has arrived at the front of police inspector directly. His vision stubbornly is staring at the manager of local police station. You think that I don't dare to be?” Intentionally manager angry saying of local police station, he shouted was very loud, moreover pulled out the (spear|gun) to aim at Xia Tian, he did this can enhance his imposing manner. Right, I said that you do not dare.” Xia Tian once more forward one step, muzzle and his head, only then less than several centimeters distance. Atmosphere coagulated at once. These police very anxiously look at their managers, they cannot let manager to open fire, otherwise they must be punished. The Bing Xin parents also a little worried. They to did not worry that manager to open fire of local police station, they worried the (spear|gun) accidentally discharges. Four items double right, the manager their vision of Xia Tian and local police station interwine. to open fire.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout suddenly, this drank frightens the manager to jump directly, the manager whole body shook, body retreat cannot help but, he saw expression that Xia Tian disdained. Your TM courts death.” The managers of local police station took away the trigger directly. Bang!