Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 971

A gunshot transmits. Manager real to open fire of local police station, his head is buzz. He does not know actually one have made anything. Why can to open fire. He understands, once to open fire, that representative is any meaning. His official career ended. His to open fire killed one to come the person who assisted to investigate, moreover he helped the person of management, when the time comes the public opinion and news will certainly determine the nature him for the unpardonably wicked big bastard, killed the good resident. His behind these police hoodwinked thoroughly. They have a dream have not thought that manager unexpectedly dares to open fire , the meaning that this to open fire represents they understand. Do not say is the manager, they all were ending. The Bing Xin parents all had a scare. All people looked at the vision to Xia Tian, was Xia Tian? Shoelace also? Really.” Xia Tian light saying, he was squatting at this time on the ground is the shoelace: „Do you visit me to do? What sound a moment ago was?” Xia Tian bewildered looks at the surrounding these people, he resembles any matter not to know to be the same. All right! Xia Tian unexpectedly is all right. (Spear|Gun) unexpectedly of police inspector has not hit he, but this is not because he is any Martial Arts Expert, because his shoelace opened by chance, he squatted is the shoelace, therefore has happen to shunted this (spear|gun).

Idiot, you cannot a moment ago real to open fire.” Xia Tian seems was looking idiot same looks the managers of local police station said. Treads! At this moment, a person anxious ran from outside. What sound? I heard the sound of gunfire a moment ago probably.” Saying that wears the man of western-style clothes to pant. Attorney Liu, you came finally.” The Bing Xin father goes forward hurriedly. Em, I took to report a moment ago, the lab results came out, in these jars does not have his fingerprint, is that person own fingerprint, in other words that person was uses beverage bottle to hit itself, then these fragments got a cut other people.” Attorney Liu said. Hears the words of Attorney Liu, presented all people to be shocked. The Bing Xin father and mother are shocked are because they personally see, is Xia Tian hits absolutely. But the police surprised reason is because Xia Tian said a moment ago, on that absolutely does not have his fingerprint. The managers of local police station are surprised, he thinks this time can definitely sentence Xia Tian, he also gets along to confess with that person that was the present was good, unexpectedly did not have the evidence, did not have including the fingerprint. Attorney Liu, the police inspectors come back good residential to open fire that assists to investigate to one, what crime is this?” Xia Tian asked. Fence of murder, moreover may implicate, embezzlement, corrupt.” Attorney Liu said. „, On your behind wall happen to have a warhead, I believe that who this warhead is very easy to look up is hits.” Xia Tian said that puts out a pinhole camera from the pocket: Here also a little little thing, was a moment ago these management must hit the video of person, I think that you should be able to help us take responsibility.” Hears the Xia Tian words, the manager surface of local police station like the dying embers, his behind that several police must then be implicated this time. Was right, these police wanted to stop this manager a moment ago, but this manager not only does not make them block, but also scolded them.” A Xia Tian such saying, directly has put aside that several police's relations. He felt that these police are quite good, therefore he does not hope that these police were also implicated.

However this police inspector dares to average person to open fire, this unable to let off. If a moment ago Xia Tian were only an average person, on his head presented a child bullet hole. On the other hand, no one has thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will have the pinhole camera, in other words, that management Captain act high and mighty said a moment ago their many cow B appearance was all patted. After having solved all these, Xia Tian they went home. This matter some reporters reported quickly. Management on headline. However this explanation still as usual. Bureau Chief of management bureau acts directly, said that these people are the temporary workers. The China best B synonym is a temporary worker, because they can cast aside the above leader's relations. Insufficient all these they have not related with Xia Tian. That police inspector was grasped directly, an interrogation, he confessed entirely, is that leader of relevant departments makes him do. A day hurriedly such passed by. Besides Xia Tian, they have not eaten the thing. I give under you noodles to eat.” After the Bing Xin mother goes home, said directly. Thanks the aunt.” Xia Tian heard to eat meal, excited saying. You, can eat.” Mother helpless smiling of Bing Xin, Xia Tian has been eating before, they look that now Xia Tian unexpectedly can also eat.

Small Heavens!, later cannot go to lower oneself to the same level with that group of people, if his (spear|gun) hits you what to do.” The Bing Xin father regards as Xia Tian is his son same educates. Em, I knew.” Xia Tian nodded. Ok, one will finish eating food well to rest, tomorrow we look for your Young Aunt they to take plane Grandfather that to give Grandfather to celebrate a birthday together.” The Bing Xin father said. The Bing Xin grandfather does not live in the Ice City, the Bing Xin father is also this year's ability comes back, moreover cannot this treat the too long time again, but the Bing Xin mother has actually done a business in the Ice City. Xia Tian they relayed one after the Ice City next must give Bing Xin his grandfather to offer birthday congratulations. The Bing Xin grandfather is China one of the four big Expert, Northern Army ice virtue bosom. Immediately must see figure in this legend, Xia Tian also a little slightly was excited, moreover in the Grandfather family definitely is Expert such as clouds that when the time comes Xia Tian perhaps can also the plagiarize two moves. Naturally, he has studied is not Martial Arts, but is some fight skills, a fight experience and skill of person are limited. Xia Tian has eaten three large bowl noodles satisfied nod. The Bing Xin mother more looked that Xia Tian more likes, she thinks that Xia Tian can eat is the luck, moreover Xia Tian does not pretend, hungry has eaten, but does not pretend not the hungry appearance, looks like that food is the same in the evening, they have not eaten, finally has also wasted, has eaten two trough sauce bones on Xia Tian. This was all has not spoiled. What although Xia Tian rests is the Bing Xin elder brother Bing Chuan room, is the midnight time, Bing Xin ran, wants Xia Tian to hug her to rest. Next morning, the Bing Xin parents have looked at each other one, helpless shaking the head. Was bad!” When Bing Xin gets up the complexion changes, she thinks that earlier will get up the parents not to discover, who knows one will rest was too fragrant, unexpectedly rested has selected. However this is not most awful, what is most awful is outside this time room has the voices of many person.