Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 972

Not only her parents' voice, others. Hears the voices of outside that many people, she was shyer. She knows that some people fleeing gate, should be uncle their family of three comes. A bit faster has gotten out of bed, your uncle they came.” The Bing Xin mother has knocked on a door, hears her mother's words, she was more embarrassed, originally her mother already discovered. Died dies.” Bing Xin braced oneself to get out of bed. He he.” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. After five minutes, the gate of room opened, they all moved toward outside, when they go out of the room, outside three people all look to them. They are Uncle Bing Xin the three people of family, uncle aunt and Little Sister. Elder sister, you may calculate, I want dead you.” Bing Xin Little Sister said that threw directly. Little Tian, I give you to introduce, this is your uncle.” The Bing Xin father said. Uncle is good, the aunt is good!” Saying of Xia Tian very politeness. Big brother, this is Little Tian, my son-in-law.” The Bing Xin father opens mouth is a son-in-law, but is not the Bing Xin boyfriend, this showed that he has approved Xia Tian. The sword hilt new uncle also was a little surprised. Bing Xin unexpectedly here quickly on approval Xia Tian, thus it can be seen Xia Tian truly a little skill. Xia Tian has seen the person were too many, now he basically person the skill of insight, his eyes saw this uncle is not the lamp of province oil, old Jianghu, moreover on his face has written all over firm and resolute. Was good, you wash, then has eaten meal, finished eating the food we.” The Bing Xin mother said.

The Bing Xin Little Sister sleet has been peeping Xia Tian. She thinks Xia Tian very curious, therefore in sizing up Xia Tian secretly, when Xia Tian looks to her, she immediately takes away her look, quick Xia Tian they tidied up. After having eaten meal, they embarked, altogether asked two drivers, the man to ride a car(riage), the woman rides a car(riage). Small Heavens!, does business?” The Bing Xin uncle asked. Small business transaction.” The Xia Tian response said. Small business transaction is anything, can not have a name, said that we were the seasoned people, perhaps can also make a valuable comment to you.” The Bing Xin uncle said. Cosmetics and so on.” Xia Tian said. Cosmetics?” The Bing Xin uncle hears these three characters time stares slightly, because cosmetics generally good: What sign?” „It is not famous, the small sign, I said the uncle you cannot remember.” Xia Tian said. Little Tian, aren't you are going to school?” The Bing Xin father shifts the topic hurriedly, he also listened to the Bing Xin uncle words a little to get to the bottom. Em, on just Freshman, enrolled in Jianghai University.” Xia Tian said. „, Enrolls? Was not the result is dismissed not much.” The Bing Xin uncle said suddenly. Heard Uncle Bing Xin these words, Xia Tian and Bing Xin fathers listens not to the taste, which because this was chatting Heavens! with Junior, simply in dirty person. Xia Tian has not spoken. My daughter is also the university that this year gains admission, she has tested six percentages, at that time many good schools to rush to want her.” The Bing Xin uncle started to show off oneself daughter result to come, this was she proudest matter, afterward he looked up to Xia Tian: How many minutes have you tested?”

He he.” Xia Tian smiled has not spoken. All right, said that is the people on one's own side, no one will laugh at you.” The Bing Xin uncle said. I am the college entrance examination foremost person in the field.” Xia Tian really has also taken the Bing Xin uncle, therefore he said his result directly, to let the Bing Xin uncle gives way before difficulties, making him put more honest own mouth. What?” The Bing Xin uncle stares slightly, afterward continues saying: Do not crack a joke, said embarrassed.” I truly am this year's college entrance examination foremost person in the field.” Xia Tian said. „, Who believes that the college entrance examination foremost person in the field already incurred by Beijing University and Qinghua, how possibly in any Jianghai University.” The Bing Xin uncle felt that Xia Tian was boasting. Your cell phone should be able to access the net, you can, although I have not divulged the name, but above should write me to go to school in Jianghai University.” Xia Tian said that he does not want to respond Bing Xin the uncle. However now he must find fault, that Xia Tian cannot be used. The Bing Xin uncle also really put out the cell phone to look up. This time Bing Xin father was also on the face was disgruntled, his Sir unexpectedly was earnest with a child. Really makes people unable to understand. Really is Jianghai University.” The Bing Xin uncle stares slightly, afterward said again: In Jianghai University not necessarily is you, who knows that you pretend.” Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed, afterward has closed eye, anything does not say. Later the Bing Xin uncle also said several other, but Xia Tian is installs to fall asleep, no matter how he said that pays no attention to him. After on airplane, everybody sat in own position, only then Bing Xin Little Sister sleet sat in side, here is not far from the place that Grandpa Bing Xin lived, one hour of airplane arrived.

After reaching the destination, nobody meets them. But is they take taxi. The place that his grandfather lives is not far from military region, is a large-scale courtyard, this courtyard is very big, is older than these foremost people in the field, because here was occupied by many people, majority is the people of ice, the training exercise that the senior officials of some armies, these become a soldier generally, is held in this surroundings, this was changed to is also protecting this courtyard. What because in this courtyard lives is the commander ices the virtue bosom. After Xia Tian has gotten down the vehicle, by this big courtyard attracting. The Bing Xin father has put on sportswear today, his uncle is also. Your several in behind, our two walk first.” The Bing Xin father said that what he refers to is he and Bing Xin uncle. Little Tian was also a man, took the lead with us together.” The Bing Xin uncle said directly that on his face is the smiling faces, but this smiling face seems a little bad smiling. As if takes the lead is not good deed is the same. Big brother, Little Tian is small, making him follow on the heels.” The Bing Xin mother said. „Was this big person, which small? Walks front, otherwise has not made the person laugh dead, said our nobody.” The Bing Xin uncle pinned the hat of principle of righteousness directly in the head of Xia Tian. Good!” Xia Tian complied. Saw Xia Tian to comply, on the uncle face of Bing Xin too many expressions, in his look have not had the vision that a sinister plot has prevailed to flash through, but was fleeting.