Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 973

Enters the institute. This super yard is not so is good. Especially ices person. Ice has a custom, cannot use Martial Arts outside casually, but enters the ice yard, that must show own strength, shows? Naturally has hit, walks into the inner courtyard from here, all depends to hit, but some people will not hit the woman. Because the woman of ice does not practice martial arts. If some people follow in female crowd, that showed that his not Martial Arts, some that naturally people will not attack them. But takes the lead represents is attacked. Little Tian, you follow side me, do not wander about aimlessly.” The Bing Xin father reminded, he does not know Xia Tian met the military, the entire ice also nobody knows, only then the Bing Xin grandfather knows. Naturally, Bing Xin cousin and his elder brother. Em!” Xia Tian nodded, follows in the Bing Xin father's side. The speed that they walk is not fast, because they know that periphery may present the attack anytime, may be the upright and frank attack, may be sneak attacks, but may also be hidden weapon. Yeah!” The Bing Xin mother sighed, she looked to understand finally, the Bing Xin uncle was intentionally, making Xia Tian follow in the Bing Xin father's side, that Bing Xin father diverted attention surely, this cannot wholeheartedly opposed the enemy. The strength will fall short greatly. Every year to time that Grandfather offers birthday congratulations, will choose one to be display most splendid in the main family four brothers, is display most splendid is not the strength is strongest, but when hits to hit best. Ice Grandfather believes that a strength of person has the weakness, however in the fight, will have the paroxysmal incident, therefore he looks is not the strength, but is an expression capability of person. Here monitors everywhere, everyone 's performance he will watch.

When the time comes he will pick up in a main family to be display best, will also pick up in an entire family to be display best, ice was also a respected family, the main family referred to was the biological son, biological grandson, what the family referred to was ices Brother Grandfather the descendants, with son-in-law and so on. These people add the quantity to be also many. Each display best person will be praised, moreover some rewards, as well as some special accommodations. Therefore everybody cares to this quota actually very much. Naturally, some people to display oneself, prove themselves. ! At this moment, Sankuai has shot. hidden weapon! The uncle body of Bing Xin dodges, dexterous evading, the Bing Xin father can also very dexterous evading, but Xia Tian stands in his side, he does not dare to hide, but was the left hand wields blocks has attacked to own stone, then the right hand wielded wiped out has attacked to Xia Tian the time. Like this seems, felt that the Bing Xin father slightly is distressed. But the Bing Xin uncle wanted to be with ease many. Benefit! Xia Tian this time was to look to understand, in the face of the true benefit, the blood brother was also mediocre, the Bing Xin father has wanted to maintain among them intentionally the relations, however the Bing Xin uncle actually does not think. He as if not care about any brothers friendship to be the same, otherwise he is impossible to find the way to disparage Xia Tian. The darkness of respected family fights much.

No wonder the Bing Xin father must hide the Ice City to go, although Bing Xin uncle also in Ice City, but their one is just travels, but was not the past lives. Whiz! Whiz whiz! Three person's shadows directly flushed, what in their three hands takes is iron bar. Compared with fighting, cannot face-smacking, although the iron bar might is not smaller than the thin-bladed knife, but iron bar hits to be very ugly, was the blade was different, Grandfather the birthday, has seen the blood not to be good. Three people have fired into their three directly. The Bing Xin uncle does not draw back instead enters, attacked directly to that person. The Bing Xin father directly kept off before the body of Xia Tian, people and two person dogfights. The Bing Xin uncle now is very happy, he thinks today main family 11 th surely was he, although Bing Xin her father's strength own, but there is a Xia Tian this burden, the Bing Xin father cannot compare with him. The remaining that two brothers he have not paid attention, he even can notice that now Grandfather to the vision that he appreciated. What's wrong, recently had been loaf, felt that you lack the ability to do what one would like.” After the Bing Xin uncle has defeated that match, looks to the Bing Xin father. The Bing Xin father has not spoken, but wholly-absorbed deals with that two enemies, the strength of that two enemy is not weak, however the Bing Xin father still accomplished a task with ease. Ping! On Bing Xin father's fist two cold glow dodge, struck to fly that two people directly. Also good, but can also hit.” The Bing Xin father said. At this moment, their front presented 18 to grasp the iron bar person, their wear were just the same as that three people a moment ago, looked is the same only operational training.

Attract! The Bing Xin father has held breath cold air. unexpectedly came 18 all of a sudden, in other words six are copes with Uncle Bing Xin, remaining 12 are to all cope with him and Xia Tian, he does not know that Xia Tian meets Martial Arts, therefore he must protect Xia Tian, he must cope with 12 this Expert. He he, I got up first.” Bing Xin uncle coldly smiles, afterward rushed directly. Paternal grandmother, spelled!” Father both hands of Bing Xin make a fist, rushed directly. These person of uniform Profound Grade Initial Stage strengths, although they take not too to be strong only, but words on 12 same place, they do not have slight disorderly, but has formed some offensive. Generally fights person many not necessarily because of battle efficiency, what is main is because of the imposing manner, because of your dozens individual dozen of people, the following person extends radically does not begin, therefore their functions mainly frighten. In front of Bing Xin father these 12 people were but different at this time, they all very much can hit, the itself strength is not weak, moreover they attack one not to be chaotic, who attacks first, who draws back who attacks, each attack has prepared sufficient. 12 people have even formed some big, the Bing Xin father's strength is Profound Grade late stage, normal Profound Grade late stage copes with Profound Grade Initial Stage, that absolutely over five moves cannot win, might that but the opposite 12 people join up now, even is fiercer than the Bing Xin father. Moreover one side, Uncle Bing Xin condition is not good, the six people in his side have also formed a small battlefield, the trend of although not having won, but did not lose in a short time absolutely. Saw that the Bing Xin father has been thrown into confusion, Xia Tian knows that cannot keep the hand again, otherwise his father-in-law Sir must be injured. On!”