Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 974

Looks that the pressure of father-in-law Sir is getting bigger and bigger, Xia Tian naturally must get rid. What front these 12 people use is small Formation, although most common Formation, but deals with a person time, this most common Formation might is actually biggest. Because copes with many people of times, they need to defend the point, but copes with a person of time, completely does not need to defend. Only needs to attack in turn. Any person, you, so long as lets him in the attack that keeps, he can make the formidable explosive force. Saw that the Bing Xin father behind must be hit by iron bar. Bang! A Xia Tian to spread open long-handled fan on that person of body, that person was flown by his fan directly, Xia Tian now is the Profound Grade greatly complete strength, after having eaten the meat of over a hundred types of compounded drug and Tianchi water monster, his body endures compared with the monster beast. His strength is bigger than the Earth Grade intermediate stage. Therefore his palm of the hand clapped to fly that Profound Grade Initial Stage person directly. What?” The Bing Xin father is startled. Bang! Xia Tian was a palm of the hand will be away from his recent person to pat to fly. Your unexpectedly meets Martial Arts.” Bing Xin father whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he has not thought that Xia Tian seems delicate, unexpectedly also meets Martial Arts, moreover seems Kungfu is not bad. The Bing Xin uncle is also a god, in the flash of this god, his had been hit iron bar. Bang! Xia Tian palm of the hand, how they clash, Xia Tian can hit to fly, but their attacks exactly all were dodged by Xia Tian. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step that Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, Xia Tian uses.

Slightly understands!” Xia Tian nodded. Father, you should not be worried about him, in our family can injure to result in him perhaps not over five.” Bing Xin said directly. Hears the Bing Xin words, her father was more surprised, in his family unexpectedly not over five, here, but ice yard, yards China four big Expert, but Bing Xin unexpectedly said their family can injure Xia Tian not over five. What self-confidence this is. Xia Tian seemed also is too but young a point. Even if hits in mother 's womb cultivation, is impossible fiercely, his son Bing Chuan talent is known as the talent in talent. Bang! Xia Tian back and forth is shuttling back and forth among their several people, originally ordered formation thorough was chaotic, they sometimes have almost even projected on the body of person on one's own side, was chaotic, thorough was chaotic. They add to be able with Earth Grade Expert to contend, is they one chaotic, a person of Earth Grade intermediate stage can also easily defeat them, now they were chaotic. Five people, ice five old!” Father saying of Bing Xin silently, the ice most formidable battle efficiency, his father ices the virtue bosom is strength strongest, is China one of the four big Expert, is other four person strengths is not weak. Bang! A Xia Tian palm of the hand the last person will pat to fly, afterward he turns the head saying: We walk.” Bing Xin uncle there has also ended the fight, in his arm and hand presented the silt to be blue, walked slightly is a little also strange, thus it can be seen he had been injured a moment ago, at this time his a face hate looks at Xia Tian. At this moment, they have all anchored footsteps. Lying trough, plays such in a big way!” Xia Tian says with emotion. „Is this must do? Isn't enters the ceremony of institute? Also is serious?” Bing Xin father whole face surprised saying. Their front, are standing at this time enormous and powerful over a hundred individuals, in these person of unified is taking iron bar, 100 Profound Grade Expert, this is the super strength, perhaps besides ice, few influences can achieve, naturally, Maoshan has been an exception.

These many Expert have definitely been able to compare favorably with Hidden Sect. When dāng! All people all rap tread with iron bar. The rhythm is bright! Hey, doesn't use such hospitably?” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Kid, you came, I naturally must greet well.” In the inner courtyard has broadcast a sound, the sound is vigorous, one hear is the Inner Strength deep person, hears this sound time, Bing Xin father and the others are startled. Is their fathers, Northern Army ice virtue bosoms China four big Expert. At this time their father unexpectedly is exchanging with Inner Strength with Xia Tian. I come to offer birthday congratulations to you, is not fights, your many people I a little are afraid.” Xia Tian said. Other people can, you not be good, wants to come, forces one's way into.” Iced the Grandfather sound to pass from the inner courtyard, at this time had 400-500 meters distance the inner courtyard to the outer court, was the sound is clear. This is true Expert can achieve. Fuck! this gift on first meeting was also too big.” Xia Tian lu had the sleeve. All of you do not permit the help.” Ices the Grandfather direct order saying that at the same time the people in inner courtyard walk toward outside, their this was must watch the fun. Actually they must have a look at 100 Profound Grade Initial Stage Expert are greeting any person. Any person is worth Grandfather so big fee flustered welcome. The Bing Xin father heard the order of Grandfather to have doubts, but he has fallen back on the one side: Little Tian, you carefully.” Relax, father-in-law Sir.” Xia Tian this time direct called the father-in-law Sir, but was not the uncle.

VS 100. Moreover these 100 are to ice the Grandfather meticulous care Expert, the uniform Profound Grade person, in their hands is iron bar, but Xia Tian is unarmed, inside person walks were getting more and more. Walks over a hundred people, they stand in both sides prepare to watch the fun. When they see Xia Tian very surprised, because Xia Tian seemed is really too young, age absolutely not over 20 years old, ice Grandfather unexpectedly, for did not have over 20-year-old boy to set out over a hundred Profound Grade Expert. When everybody god, the inner courtyard walked six people. Sees these six people time, all people all bowed. Ice five old, sur- mysterious cotton garment old men. Boy, I gives you to prepare a big ritual today, as for can catch looks your.” Ices Grandfather to say. The Xia Tian vision has placed the body of that six old man. Expert. These six person uniform Expert, their six all are super Expert, saw these many super Expert all of a sudden, the Xia Tian also a little god, moreover he always felt that iced Grandfather and stands in that cotton garment person of his side is most mystical. On these two people are divulging the aura of King. Is so lively, almost came late.” At this moment, the entrance walks several people, is the person of face smiling face of head. Senior Official is good!” Xia Tian sees the time hurried salute of this person, in the courtyard all people also all salutes.