Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 975

Senior Official! All people in courtyard all get up at once the salute. General Senior Official very difficult achieving to make everybody know, but this person of difference, this person frequently appears on the television. He is China No. 2 figure. Your boy, hits, good that hits well, I am the belt gift come.” China figure said that on the 2nd moved toward inside directly, iced Grandfather to prepare the seat to him, after he passed, sat on the seat of honor directly. At this time everybody started to have doubts. Actually is Xia Tian who? Why ices the old ancestor to wage a war for him? Used over a hundred Profound Grade Expert to defend the pass. Moreover ice five old and that mysterious guest is also one looks at the good play the appearance, now unexpectedly linked China No. 2 figure also to come, moreover greeted with Xia Tian on own initiative, this made everybody not be fully correct the Xia Tian status. Mystical. The Bing Xin uncle wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into now, this little has not taunted Xia Tian all the way, even he to display also intentionally to frame Xia Tian and Bing Xin father, now was good, all these all look in icing the Grandfather eye, do not say that has rewarded, was not processed that him to burn the high-grade incense. He recalled now words that Xia Tian spoke all the way, at that time he also thought Xia Tian is boasting, he has not paid attention to Xia Tian, but unexpectedly on own initiative spoke to him including China No. 2 figure. It seems is very ripe appearance. The Bing Xin parents have also been shocked, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly so greatly has the background, a moment ago that several palms of the hand seemed powerful, now linked Grandfather, ice five always also all comes out with big figure of China No. 2 figure these most peak. Moreover they all know Xia Tian. This sufficiently proved the Xia Tian status.

daughter, what background is my this son-in-law?” Mother surprised asking of Bing Xin. Grandfather did not let say, but a meeting grandfather should say.” Bing Xin said. At this time Little Sister two shining of Bing Xin looks at Xia Tian, she just started to feel Xia Tian to be uncommon, now saw that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so noticeable, she is choked up with emotions immediately, she hopes that man is his boyfriend. She was noticeable and has respected simply, although her age was smaller than Bing Xin, however her thoughts were not small. She has gotten hold of her fist, innermost feelings secretly thought: This man I must snatch.” Nobody notes her change, nobody notes her to look at Bing Xin the look of that envy. At this time the vision of all people all centralized on the body of Xia Tian, the appearances of big figure, for Xia Tian, now Xia Tian immediately must start, the opposite is 100 Profound Grade Expert, moreover in their hands is uniform iron bar. When dāng! iron bar rap tread. The rhythm is the same, the frequencies of all people are quick, the enormous and powerful 100 people have exhibited a very strange battle formation directly. Ice guards the door big. When sees the station postures and positions of these people, all person surprised saying. This is ice guards the door big, if this Formation is used by these Profound Grade Expert, that might naturally is very formidable, even if Earth Grade Expert they can also rout with ease. That hits!” Xia Tian light saying, has put out a glove, [gold/metal] silkworm glove. He wears the [gold/metal] silkworm glove after the hand, behind the left hand, the right hand double refers to stretching out, points to front enemy.

Charming! Xia Tian posture charming, this time he has a Expert style. On! These Profound Grade Expert directly flushed, on them unusual is orderly. Whiz! Xia Tian under foot Movement Technique starts to show, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step full, his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step early has achieved a brand-new domain, now uses, the might is very powerful, these human eyes look that must hit Xia Tian, was Xia Tian unexpectedly directly on the shunt, moreover their formations directly with the hauling of Xia Tian. Just made war, the battlefield was moving with Xia Tian. Here no longer is these over a hundred people of home games, but is the Xia Tian home game. These people think encircles Xia Tian in the middle, then they can the random attacks, transformation position that but the body of Xia Tian keeps now, they need to adjust fast, just started to adjust is very ordered, but they had the situation of being thrown into confusion immediately. This boy, is not common, comes up to understand the hauling battlefield.” The cotton garment old man said. Ice guards the door is attacks and takes turns, but they who big most pays great attention, once were towed, that seemed was leading by the nose, the might was small immediately, moreover most people were transforming the position, the person who can go to the active threat were less.” China figure said on the 2nd. This group of boys, the usual drill is too it seems like light.” Ice Grandfather light saying. Bang! Xia Tian double refers to ejects each time can strike to fly one person, afterward that person again could not stand . Moreover the mentality of Xia Tian fight was clear, although he struck to fly the match, but did not project on the surrounding him, but hits the bodies of these people, like this they will be thrown into confusion. To avoid not stepping on injures own person, they will also send for the injured person pulling out specially.

But Xia Tian got rid to be too quick, they discovered that just pulled out a person, Xia Tian once more hits two people, the person who such surrounding was busy at work were getting more and more. Quite fierce!” Father whole face inconceivable saying of Bing Xin. Although Xia Tian does not have what big movement, but he looks like the immortal descends to earth to be the same at this time simply, his Movement Technique is exquisite, in the eyes of surrounding these people, he probably is an immortal descends to earth now, shuttles back and forth in the crowd, occasionally selects several, several people were selected to fly. Although I do not understand Martial Arts, but I can also visit him to have the absolute superiority.” The Bing Xin mother said. Bing Xin Little Sister envy Bing Xin. Present Xia Tian is a focus of public attention simply, everybody is using the vision that envies the envy to hate to visit him. Less than two minutes, in that 100 people had more than 30 people injured, but they have not even bumped into including the Xia Tian clothes, these people now thorough was chaotic, Formation completely vanished to disappear. Without Formation them, pursues Xia Tian probably is the headless fly is the same, they just started to pursue to the left, but Xia Tian appears in the right. Ok, you did not have opportunity.” Xia Tian body fast retreat. Whiz! Flickers the body technique! He arrived at these people directly, afterward he extends the left hand double to refer, these people flushed directly. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! This time finger empty shade is very big, he has not compressed, enlarged the multiple intentionally!!