Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 977

The attention of all people have all placed above the left hand of Xia Tian. They know that Xia Tian could enlarge has incurred, they all have turned at once very quiet, was waiting for Xia Tian leaves the move, this hand signal is strange, they have not seen. Whiz! Flickers the body technique! Xia Tian presented the ice third child again, the ice third child was the luck an ice crystal has resisted similarly. At this moment, he felt suddenly raids vigorously, this strength is very big, he without enough time resists radically, his entire body vigorously was given to throw by this instantaneously. Bang! After Xia Tian will ice the third child throws, while his body in airborne is unable to dodge, he direct attractive maneuver kicked to the ice third child. The ice third child transports the both arms to resist hurriedly. The foot of Xia Tian trampled above his both arms, his entire body has flown upside down directly. The audience all people have all opened the mouth, this time their anything could not say, this type has surpassed their cognition surprisedly, Xia Tian unexpectedly will have iced the third child kicking, this simply was too inconceivable. But ice third child ice five old one, one of the ice backbones, but his unexpectedly like this had been kicked by Xia Tian. Also was an elder educated the Junior appearance a moment ago. Moreover has victory in the hand, but his unexpectedly had been kicked by Xia Tian at this time, this makes him feel that he does not have the face very much, after having stood firm the body, he wants to rush once more. Halts.” Ices Grandfather to shout directly, the ice third child has anchored the footsteps, then sat own position. He knows that he had impulsed a moment ago, unexpectedly is impulsive with Junior and child, that appeared his spirit was too small, when iced Grandfather to shout him, he has drawn back. He lost.

Although is not the full fight. But the opposite party after is Junior, this competition lost. Whish! The scene has seethed with excitement all of a sudden, this too has caused simply a stir, the ice third child lost, Xia Tian unexpectedly won the ice third child, the Bing Xin father their several people walked has come up saying of appreciation: Your boy, good.” Thanks the father-in-law to praise.” Although the Xia Tian sound is not loud, however all people on the scene hear clearly. Father-in-law! He is the Bing Xin man, father-in-law's and son-in-law's great son-in-law. Suddenly, all people all envy looks to father-in-law and son-in-law Wei, father-in-law and son-in-law Wei likes this feeling. The Bing Xin uncle's present complexion turned into the sauce purple thoroughly, he also envies, what he is more is the envy, he hopes that Xia Tian is his son-in-law, that person who that present showed off will be he. He also wants to stand in the father-in-law and son-in-law great that position, solely thinks that he felt that is very definitely crisp. „Does kid, try what kind of me?” At this moment, iced side Grandfather that cotton garment old man to walk, sees he walked, the scene was once more peaceful, although nobody knew that who he was. However everybody knows that his status is not definitely ordinary. Because he has stood is icing the Grandfather side, ices Grandfather also by approach of distinguished guest he, the speech is also very polite, obviously this person should with icing the person of Grandfather person of the same generation. This old fogy, one bone, but must hit with youngster.” No. 2 figure helpless shaking the head of China. He knew that who this person is. Since he wants to come up to play, that along with him, in any case he has the discretion.” Ices Grandfather to say.

Xia Tian, Eastern Man China four big Expert must direct your Martial Arts, has not thanked Senior quickly.” China No. 2 figure said loudly that heard his words, all people all does not dare to gasp for breath. China one of the four big Expert. Eastern Man! With Eastern Man that icing Grandfather shares the honor, this wears person unexpectedly of cotton garment is Eastern Man in legend, this simply was too inconceivable. What most makes their inconceivable is, unexpectedly must get rid to compete with Xia Tian including Eastern Man, thus it can be seen, actually Xia Tian is how noticeable. Many thanks Eastern Man Senior direction.” Xia Tian hears the Eastern Man two characters time is also startled. China four big Expert, that may be existence of Maoshan old ancestor that rank, a Maoshan old ancestor move on almost Insta-kill he, he has used in the situations of all cards in a hand, now Eastern Man unexpectedly must begin with him. He naturally must be ready in full battle array. He will not reject such fight absolutely, because he knows that he can fight with the person of this rank sooner or later, now and Eastern Man contest, Eastern Man will not take his life absolutely, that Xia Tian happen to can try the hand with Eastern Man. Avoid when the time comes directly faces Wei Guang such Expert Meng Quan. Careful.” The Bing Xin father reminded. All people all cup one hand in the other across the chest to Eastern Man, and bowed, this is represents them to respect to Eastern Man, China four big Expert, everyone is the legend in legend, their strengths also all are existences of most peak. Now they the opportunity see Eastern Man, that naturally was very respectful. The Eastern Man appearance is very ordinary, moreover puts on is also unusual optional, is only a cotton garment. However in everybody eyes, Expert that he truly keeps aloof, the King in King. Your boy recent reputation is very big, I and your father Xia Tianlong is also half friend, the attack that you feel relieved was good.” Eastern Man light saying, his words said that the surrounding person knows who finally Xia Tian was.

Xia Tianlong, Western Hidden Xia Tianlong son, Xia Tian. Recently the most famous person. Struck to kill Yin Fu , hit remnantly that Xia Tian of Wudang sword Saint. In Changbai Mountains that Xia Tian that fights with the Maoshan old ancestors. Although the Maoshan old ancestors are not China four big Expert, but everybody knows his strength absolutely not compared with China four big Expert difference anything, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can not die with such Expert fight, this had the qualification of enough boast. Although everybody knows that in this definitely has part of exaggeration, but this matter exists absolutely. Xia Tian! This name likes thunder reverberating in one's ears simply. When hears the Xia Tian name, the Bing Xin uncle thought finally, although the beforehand Bing Xin father also introduced to them, but he has not gone to listen to the Xia Tian name from the start, moreover was he listens. He is also very difficult in Xia Tian with that legend to superpose this him together. About the Xia Tian legend was really too many. Now they finally see the honorable person. Senior, my father is my father, I am I, you do not need to keep the hand intentionally, since compares notes, that was injured unable to avoid, you injured me, that was normal, but if I did injure you? I know that my words is a little wild, who young isn't frivolous?” The Xia Tian sound reached in the ears of all people.)