Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 978

Who young was not frivolous, says well.” China No. 2 figure claps the hands and shouts praise. Although the Xia Tian words are extremely arrogant, his unexpectedly said that must injure Eastern Man, this looks like simply is mission that is impossible to complete, Xia Tian do not believe one can injure Eastern Man, only if he burns the compounded drug, but the compounded drug is Qian to come. A competition, is not worthwhile burns that many compounded drugs. His words are truly extremely arrogant, but he said right, who young is not frivolous. Now these person not only nobody on the scene say Xia Tian to boast, they instead admire the Xia Tian courage and wisdom and courage, if trades to do is they, before they are even connected including the above , the idea of fighting does not have. Because the fame of opposite party was really too resounding. China one of the four big Expert, Eastern Man. Young fellow, is really out of the ordinary.” Eastern Man light saying. Actually I only think peaceful works as a handsome man, man but who looks like my such old-style fan device, looks like the firefly in darkness, forever that noticeable.” Saying of Xia Tian incomparable narcissism. Bing Xin has covered own face, she knows that Xia Tian opened not being concerned about face pattern. Interesting, come!” Eastern Man thought more and more Xia Tian was interesting, behind his left hand, the right hand has extended directly, all people understood his meaning. A hand. He takes a hand to cope with Xia Tian. Nobody thinks that he pulls rank, because he is Eastern Man, he has this capital to pull rank. Whiz! Xia Tian said that begins to begin, flickers the body technique to kill the Eastern Man front directly, double refers to selecting fast, the might is very big, quick ruthless, direct point to acupoint of Eastern Man chest, this move, if hits, Eastern Man will fall to the ground absolutely. Mammoth. Eastern Man unhurriedly has laid out a palm directly, this palm seems average not wonderful, is very slow, moreover this held unexpectedly to pat crookedly.

Bang! At this moment, the body of Xia Tian was curled to fly directly, his body transferred three circles to stop. Hit. Eastern Man that palm obviously was a startled racket was a moment ago crooked, but Xia Tian unexpectedly was hit, saw that such scene all people all started to be shocked, they experience China four big Expert today was fierce. Although ices Grandfather is also China one of the four big Expert, but he usually does not need to get rid. Especially fights with the person. The Xia Tian strength also exclaimed in surprise by people a moment ago, but has bumped into Eastern Man such Expert, even if Xia Tian also starts not to adapt, he thinks that the style of Eastern Man use, at Shennongjia auction, he had seen the Eastern Man two apprentices. They hit the person time is this. Fights with the fists, has not hit a people, but that person was hit to fly, now Eastern Man uses with is Kungfu that they use, but Eastern Man uses to be handier, handles skillfully. He has not used Inner Strength.” The Xia Tian surprised discovery, Eastern Man unexpectedly has not used Inner Strength, otherwise that his bone most at least had been a moment ago cut off several, now his body has almost not been injured. Moreover opposite party that strength is not big. This showed that Eastern Man has not used Inner Strength from the start. Xia Tian finally understands now the match was actually formidable. However more is the formidable match can make him excited on exceed, he now very excited, he must hit, he has prepared, moreover he felt now own within the body one's blood bubbles up to the brim! Finger of Consonance Second Layer! Inner Strength manifestation. This time is the right hand.

A giant finger empty shade direct hit has approached Eastern Man. Eastern Man from just started now, his footsteps one has not moved, Xia Tian must first force him to move the footsteps, this can break his defense line, Eastern Man thinks at heart now he copes with Xia Tian not to need to use Inner Strength, does not use the second hand, does not need to move the footsteps. Now Xia Tian must do one by one defeats. So long as he can make Eastern Man all do these matters, he won. This victory and loss is not the victory and loss of fight, but is the psychological victory and loss. Is this move, is Inner Strength manifestation.” Quite fierce, his unexpectedly contests with Eastern Man can also so calm.” Too extraordinary, perhaps he in the future became China four big Expert, replaces his father Xia Tianlong position.” Surroundings these people see Inner Strength manifestation time, is that shocking, after all Xia Tian is very in their opinion young, but his unexpectedly can use Inner Strength manifestation, this first was the extraordinary matter. When the giant finger empty shade attacks in front of Eastern Man, he is a palm gently lays out once more, at this moment, Xia Tian appears in his directly, double aims at his to hit. Converging attack. Converging attack that Xia Tian uses. Converging attack. Currently Eastern Man only uses a hand, but Xia Tian actually also attacks in the two sides, this keeps him from resisting, if he attacks Xia Tian, that Inner Strength manifestation will hit on his body, although he is one of the China four big Expert, but he is the meat is also long. When the time comes surely impossible matter not to have. If he continues to attack front Inner Strength manifestation, he behind must suffer the attack that Xia Tian double refers, such directly was hit, not compared with light of front Inner Strength manifestation. What Xia Tian fights to depend is the head, but does not act recklessly, if trades to do is others, that definitely is throws the big move that keeps, wishes one could to take to throw all skills.

Xia Tian is but different. He only with most reduces effort, might is biggest. Style any change of Eastern Man, he as if has not seen Xia Tian to be the same, that hand continues to lay out, but this time is the downward racket. Bang! The body of Xia Tian was curled to fly again. Lying trough, 360 degrees do not have blind spot.” The Xia Tian back volume flies says with emotion. He has not thought that Eastern Man unexpectedly is so fierce, his style does not have any blind spot simply, how regardless of Xia Tian attacks cannot become the injury to other party, the both sides converging attack directly was also explained by him. Although Eastern Man, when the use style has used Inner Strength, but he has not poured into Inner Strength in the style. This will not injure to Xia Tian. After Xia Tian has stood firm own body, his right hand double refers to stretching out, the left hand has shown a very strange posture. Seizes dragon. His five fingers change into three, probably showed a posture of dragon claw to be the same, this was his adept Unique Skill, was his homemade Unique Skill seizes dragon. Finger of Consonance Second Layer. In the right hand of Xia Tian a huge empty shade ejects. Meanwhile, on his left hand has burnt 10,000 Rank 1 compounded drugs, directly to the Eastern Man assault.