Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 981

Eastern Man this was must act seriously. Although everybody knows that he possibly really must be what kind of Xia Tian, but he must certainly put out a real skill, this also to let Xia Tian knows outside the person beyond some people of days one should always strive for better. Obtained his approval in his Xia Tian, therefore he must put out a real skill to warn Xia Tian again. This is each matter that favors Xia Tian Senior to handle. Eastern Man is also same. Initially Yin Nie was also so. But Xia Tian? He knows that Eastern Man must use Inner Strength, if hits again, even if he uses Spirit Tool to be also useless, can only the combustion compounded drug, these compounded drugs that but he burns are very precious. Although he has over a billion compounded drugs, but deals with Eastern Man such person most at least also to burn over a million compounded drugs, that may not be cost-effective. After all Eastern Man is not his enemy. The Xia Tian left hand stretches out forward. Come!” Good, I came.” Eastern Man said that complete vanished in personally same place, he flushed away to Xia Tian directly. Oh, loved me.” When Eastern Man just moved, Xia Tian directly lay down on the ground, Eastern Man also not waited to project on Xia Tian the time, he has lain down. Volume! Such scene was not only Eastern Man was shocked, presented all people all shocked. Does Eastern Man have to separate bareness shape murder the skill?

Naturally not. Therefore everybody looked, Xia Tian this was acting perversely, this clarifies has not hit. Acts perversely?” Eastern Man saw that Xia Tian lies down on the ground, is not willing to get up to know Xia Tian in doing, because he has not hit Xia Tian. Ai ya mother, my arm elbow, my wave Ling Gai, my waist plate.” Saying of Xia Tian incomparable exaggeration. At this time on the spot all people all by Xia Tian shameless to thunder but actually, a moment ago was a charming natural appearance, but unexpectedly directly lies down on the ground now does not get up, the mouth also kept was shouting. Probably touches the porcelain is the same. This technology simply may be called the specialty. This time Bing Xin father also by thunder but actually, but their appreciation to the Xia Tian were more, because Xia Tian understood that takes and puts away freely. Bing Xin is a face smiling face looks at Xia Tian. This is that Xia Tian that she knows. Was good, I do not hit, today calculates that you won.” Eastern Man helpless shaking the head. Bang! Xia Tian has stood directly, his right hand in a ground racket, the body stands by a very charming posture, saw that such scene everybody thinks Xia Tian was too shameless, a moment ago installed looks like, now most at least must develop again. But his unexpectedly does not cover up. Got up directly. Early said that must return to study the specialized performance.” Xia Tian patted has clapped to say.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, this boy, interesting.” Ices Grandfather to laugh was saying that he felt Xia Tian is interesting. Was good, your matter ended, making everybody go to offer birthday congratulations to you were good, my matter has not ended, I looked for this boy a little matter.” China figure said on the 2nd. Good, you go advanced, I send for leading him to go to look for you.” Ices Grandfather to say. Em!” China figure said that on the 2nd has stood directly, walks toward the inner courtyard. Enters the institute!” Ices Grandfather to say loudly that all people all heard, Xia Tian moved toward Bing Xin directly their several there, at this time the Bing Xin uncle complexion is ugly, moreover on the face has written all over disgruntledly. This person Xia Tian did not like responding, bears a grudge continually is disinclined to record, let alone he is the Bing Xin uncle. But the Bing Xin uncle actually does not think that he thinks the Xia Tian affirmation bore a grudge in any case, he simply for a penny and for a pound, continued not to give the Xia Tian good complexion to be good, he flatters Xia Tian in any case now, Xia Tian cannot have a new look to him. Mr. Xia Tian? The master said that makes you see a person.” Juniors of ice said. „.” Who Xia Tian knows is, the person who here he is familiar with are not many, has Bing Chuan and China No. 2 figure, Bing Chuan probably also not here, therefore definitely was that China No. 2 figure: I pass first, one will look for you.” Em!” Bing Xin nodded. Xia Tian walks toward inside with that person directly, the juniors of that ice respect Xia Tian very much, he also watched the competition a moment ago, therefore he worships Xia Tian simply, all the way to Xia Tian very polite. Xia Tian after he entered the inner courtyard, directly arrived in a room. Senior Official is good!” After Xia Tian enters to room inside, salutes directly. Your boy, good, before I heard that you lost have recalled, frightened me to jump, now restored to be good.” China No. 2 figure has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian. Many thanks Senior Official care.” Xia Tian respectful saying. Was good, does not use that constrained, my this time, brings the gift to you.” China No. 2 figure threw a small book to Xia Tian directly, after Xia Tian received the small book, opened directly.

Xia Tian! Male! China is highest specially Operations Office, Dragon Group Vice-President represent the teacher. Major general. Attract! Sees this small book time, Xia Tian has held breath cold air, Dragon Group Vice-President represent the teacher . Moreover the major general, this simply was good B, solely was listens to feel unusual satisfying a craving. Senior Official, this.” Xia Tian reads this pamphlet, is a little inconceivable. This seat is your, but has been looking at your performance recently, the moral behavior, the background, the status or the strength, you have the qualifications in this position, but this is not your final position, you must display well, I hope that you can inherit your father's position, becomes the Dragon Group genuine chief teacher.” China figure said on the 2nd. Senior Official, you also know that I must participate outside Heavenly Connection immediately the hole, when the time comes the life and death does not know that you give me now this, I cannot help.” Xia Tian awkward saying, outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens, Yin Nie does not have living assurance, say nothing of Xia Tian. I know, therefore I now give you, I must make you remember, regardless of what happened, the country will not get rid your, you must live coming out, your future will be very happy.” China figure said on the 2nd. Many thanks Senior Official.” Xia Tian received the credential, all that he makes these days serve for the country, including the peace of Jiang Hai City, although these also and being insufficient lets him play major general role. However China No. 2 figure this was the Xia Tian thorough bundle. Was good, exits.” China figure said on the 2nd. Afterward they walked directly, the position that they move toward is the place that the inner courtyard offers birthday congratulations to eat meal. You are not concerned about face.” At this moment Xia Tian heard a familiar sound.