Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 982

Hears this sound time, Xia Tian ran hurriedly. This is the Bing Xin sound. He can hear Bing Xin now to be very angry. Is you are not concerned about face, you must marry, your actually running away marriage, do you know us to marry to have spent how much money.” A female angry shouts to Bing Xin. Past marrying was she reconciles, this matter she discussed was very long, moreover was icing Grandfather there to spend many saliva, must discuss shortly, but Bing Xin unexpectedly ran away. In ice, so long as Grandfather nods, that was the near perfect matter, but Bing Xin unexpectedly ran away. This harmed the gift and money that she will receive all gives the person to draw back. You are not concerned about face, was you collected others money, was not I, must marry you to marry, you married that many to return in any case.” Bing Xin angry saying, the opposite that female is not others his elder sister, is in ice third generations a biggest female, her name is the ice spring. These people who she this year is 37 years old, the age even quickly overtook the second generation. She had remarried seven chapters, although this is the fact, but she most disliked others to say number of times that she married are many. On all her is various name brands, is bedecked with jewels, these things are all representing her glory, she most likes others using the vision of that envying to visit her, this makes her feel crisply. Her noble extracts downward on that seven men. Although her manner not, but she is the person of that bullying the weak and fearing the strong, these have the person who the skill could speak, she flattered intentionally, gives a present, moreover she will speak.

Once she quarrelled with whom, on these person of rank will have stood this side her. You were talking nonsense, I tore to pieces your mouth.” Ices the spring angrily looks at Bing Xin. You try!” Xia Tian looked that said to the ice spring, ices the spring not to know Xia Tian, the majority of a moment ago watching the fun is the man, the women inquires after the well being in inside, competes anything mutually. Therefore she has not seen the Xia Tian big show invincible might. You are any thing, this is we ices the matter of family.” Iced the spring to stare Xia Tian to say. I am her boyfriend.” Xia Tian said. „Are you lover who she leads?” Ices the spring eye to stare, afterward turns the head to look to Bing Xin: I said how you must the running away marriage, outside some people, be a handsome boy, your this called immorally.” At this moment, the Bing Xin father and mother they have also caught up, was chatting with others a moment ago, suddenly hears here to have the Bing Xin sound, they caught up, the Bing Xin uncle will miss how possibly such scene. He naturally must come to have a look. When he sees is the ice spring in scolding Bing Xin, stood there directly exhibits one to look at the good play the appearance, meaning that has not gone forward to stop slightly, he was the Bing Xin biological uncle, but he like this looks. Ices the spring, your anything meaning, why scolded me daughter.” The Bing Xin mother said. Yo, is the Second Uncle and two aunts, has not thought that you also feel all right, has a look daughter that you teach, what gadget, the running away marriage, then also leads a lover, what is this? Do you know after she ran, I abandoned the big vigor to comfort others?” Ices the spring probably is a vixen is the same, whom sees to scold anyone, at this time here is the person of ice, but ice five old and the others in backyard, not here, therefore she dares to be so dissolute.

Ices the spring, I warned you, your mouth put cleanly to me, no matter how I you were unruly with others, but do not put out your set to treat my daughter, whose my daughter married that is her right, others did not have the qualification evaluation.” Father-in-law and son-in-law great facial color one cold, angry looks at the ice spring. Ices spring these years not to be short in ice abuses power, she is the ice Boss' big granddaughter, ices Grandfather is the ice second child, therefore ice Grandfather looks in the ice Boss' face, has also turned a blind eye to her! But iced the spring more to come to be also excessive for these years, she turned into the spokesman of ice simply, the marriage leave, was the purchase, or bought wait / etc. not to have her not to mix, even is he arranges including today's banquet. She simply is the effective person of ice new generation, ices has a big or medium matter, she must all go to the control. Second Uncle, what do you mean, didn't I initially do also for your family?” Ices the spring is taking undeserved credit to be the same probably. We have no need.” Saying of father-in-law and son-in-law great coldly. Second Brother, the words cannot say that ices the spring also for Bing Xin is very, she to others who Bing Xin looks for with us is also properly matched, army juniors who the father most likes.” The Bing Xin uncle goes forward saying that his words full deviation ice spring. „The uncle understands the affair.” Ices the spring to say. Big brother!” Father-in-law and son-in-law great discontented sees the Bing Xin uncle. Second Brother, this I must say that your two, have iced the spring little not to make the contribution for the family for these years, you said that is a little atypical.” The Bing Chuan uncle has clarified must cope with Bing Xin and Xia Tian. He knows in any case he has opposed with Xia Tian thoroughly. Ices the spring to see that some people support, were was wilder, vision stubbornly was staring at Bing Xin: I told you, no matter I you were at a handsome boy who which looked, but you must to me an explanation, the previous time matter you know that today I have spent how much money.”

That is your matter, if you do not receive money, as for refunds? In your eyes what also has besides money?” Very Bing Xin disdains looked at an ice spring. Snort, money, if your parents are not the people of ice, what you are? Can you last present auspicious day? You are perhaps same as outside these university students, was working and studying.” Ices Quan coldly snort one to say. Xia Tian stands in the Bing Xin side, a face smiling face looks at the ice spring. When Bing Xin sees the Xia Tian smiling face, asked directly: This matter you most are an expert, what to do did you say?” Bing Xin sees in the Xia Tian person most to handle this matter. In his opinion so long as Xia Tian wants to solve, that can relaxed neutralize any matter, this elder sister, but makes her dislike, therefore she wants to make Xia Tian handle this matter. What to do can also? Hits, she is a woman, you come!” Xia Tian said directly. Hits me? Were you insane? Do you know that who I am?” Ices the spring angrily looks to Xia Tian, was Xia Tian said a moment ago must hit, but here many Expert turned toward her. ! At this moment, a clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people.