Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 983

Reason that ices the spring dares to be so wild in the family is because she has many backers in ice, these powerful Expert all has the relations with her, has given either a present, either has given other advantage. These people naturally were spoke for her, moreover if anything happens, these people will also stand to help her. Because everybody knows that ice spring has many backers in the ice family, therefore is the father-in-law and son-in-law great such person is not usually willing to offend the ice spring, although father-in-law and son-in-law Wei is the uncle who ices Quan, but he also knows one status and personal connection in family have not iced Quan Guang. Therefore ices the spring not to believe some people to dare in ice dozen of she. But this clear palm of the hand sound transmits, all people were all shocked, including the ice spring, the pain on face told her, this palm of the hand hit on her face. Her unexpectedly was hit. Some unexpectedly people dare to hit her, this simply is inconceivable, in ice this was also a young overlord, but some unexpectedly people dare to hit her now, by her in status of ice was very high, even if were in the second-generation person of ice also few compared with her status Expert. Hits her is Bing Xin. Bing Xin is very low in the status of ice, in the third generations disciple can only be an average not wonderful disciple, in ice the status of female was very low, if she does not have good elder brother Bing Chuan, that status will be only lower. But such averagely not wonderful Bing Xin has hit the ice spring. Bing Xin understands why finally Xia Tian usually liked slapping others, this feeling was really too crisp, when the most repugnant person boasted there hi, came up is a palm of the hand that B blew. This feeling was crisply turned simply, Bing Xin first time had such crisp feeling. „Do you dare to hit me?” Ices the spring whole face inconceivable looks at Bing Xin, she has a dream cannot think that Bing Xin unexpectedly dares to hit her. ! Bing Xin was a palm of the hand has hit.

On this periphery these faces has written all over inconceivable, even the people of many ice have stood, they look angrily at Bing Xin, has the male to have the female, they are the people of ice spring. More or less with some ice spring relations. Your dead girl, you dares to hit me, did you believe me to abandon you.” Ices the spring angrily looks at Bing Xin, the tooth that she hates now is itchy, she wished one could to kill Bing Xin. Dares to hit her from nobody. But now Bing Xin unexpectedly hits her. ! Bing Xin was a palm of the hand has hit, the anger of this ice spring could not repress: On, calls to be remnant she me, has any matter I to go against.” Iced the spring to get angry cannot uncover. She could not control now today is any day, she must hit remnantly Bing Xin, making Bing Xin regret to offend her. Immediately stands all of a sudden dozens people, moreover there are many Expert also to stand. Bing Xin, your unexpectedly dares to hit me, this time you died, did you see? These relate the good person with me.” Ices a spring face angrily looks at Bing Xin, she influence in ice is big, others said have the matter, that possible, only then the most intimate that several people will stand. But ices the spring this to shout that came out directly dozens individuals. Suddenly, these people threaten. But when these people want to begin, Xia Tian stood in the Bing Xin side directly, his vision one cold, 11 has swept on the bodies of surrounding these people, these people felt that stared to be the same by a wild animal.

Moreover here majority of person knows Xia Tian. They have seen Xia Tian outside big show invincible might appearance, now was thought so by Xia Tian, they have naturally remembered that war, a person to fighting over a hundred Profound Grade Expert. Moreover iced the third child also to be defeated by Xia Tian, although was only the coincidence, what truly was defeats. China of Eastern Man four big Expert had also been cut the clothes by Xia Tian, such terrifying person stands there, who dares to move Bing Xin, that is lives simply is impatient. Whom the Xia Tian terrifying has not used anything, only needs to think that the fight knew. Now they see Xia Tian that demonstration general look. Who also dares to go forward. Iced spring that enormous and powerful relatives and friends to roll like this by a Xia Tian vision retreating in fear, they do not want to offend a wild animal. „Do you also stare are doing? Gives on me.” Ices the spring to see nobody to go forward, shouts hurriedly. But still does not have any person to go forward. Seventh Uncle, eight uncles, nine elder brother, you are looking at anything, she has hit me.” Ices the spring whole face inconceivable looks at these people, actually she cannot master these people to do, why ignores to her. These people usually noticed that some people will stand to her slight disrespecting. When eats meal and is together, they also strike one's chest the guarantee saying that so long as the ice spring has the matter, they definitely meet first to stand. The people but who now these person of unexpectedly go forward to speak do not have.

At this moment, iced the spring to see the Bing Xin uncle suddenly, she still remembers the Bing Xin uncle's words now, therefore she said directly: Uncle, you also look that I such was bullied?” „!” The Bing Xin uncle coughed lightly, then pretends not to hear. A look. Because of a look, all person does not dare to go forward, iced the spring this time to hoodwink , her face strange looks at Bing Xin and her man, she could look, surroundings these people were all dreading side Bing Xin the man. By the power of observation of ice spring naturally can discover that the surrounding these people are because Xia Tian does not dare to begin. „Who are you?” Ices the spring to frown to look that asked to Xia Tian. „Who I am unimportant, more importantly you should not offend my girlfriend, this time is a warning, if I begin, I will not manage you am male am a female.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at the ice spring, afterward complexion fast cold: Meeting deceased person.” Xia Tian said that has held up the hand of Bing Xin directly, sits on nearby table. The banquet must start finally. This time ice five old came out, ices Grandfather to sit on the seat of honor, several other big figure sit in his surroundings, everybody understands that the good play must perform finally, Grandfather the birthday, everybody naturally must put out the nice gift, 70 th birthday, for a lifetime such one time. Snort! Bing Xin, your lover, this time I must let your humiliations well.” Ices a spring face hate looks at Xia Tian and Bing Xin, how she possibly swallowed that tone. Therefore she must insult Bing Xin in giving a present their gift difference, she does not believe Bing Xin they to dare to be in front of Grandfather to begin.