Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 984
Ices the spring, although does not understand that actually Xia Tian shakes to present these people by anything not to dare to begin. She does not believe that a look can have such big might. Who however no matter she Xia Tian they are, was the giving a present link, this giving a present link was time of competition, you sent out any gift everybody to look. The gift difference that you deliver, everybody will look down upon you, thinks that you not much that mixes outside. Ice is very big! You want the face in such respected family, has the status, has the status, that must prove that own status comes, gives a present is a very important opportunity. Although ices Grandfather not to permit everybody to use Martial Arts outside, does not permit everybody to take bribes and pervert justice, but ices Grandfather not to permit the juniors of family to make money and develop outside. Therefore at this time was also changed to icing Grandfather proved one how is it that mixed outside. Ices Grandfather not to prevent everybody such to do. He hopes that the soldiers do not develop under their wing, therefore he will ice the soldier all let out, making them develop, did not have the asylum of eagle, the small hawk can learn the soaring. Grandfather, the ice fifth old juniors offer the gift.” The ice fifth old second generation disciple stands in the front, the third generations disciple stands in behind, the enormous and powerful 40-50 people, these people not tight are the ice fifth old juniors, moreover there are son-in-law, daughter-in-law and so on. In each hand is holding the gift.

Ices the Grandfather birthday, naturally will not give these ordinary gifts, the gift that they must give naturally is best, moreover is not the thing of ordinary common custom. In their hands is taking, has the blade, has the sword, is in the person hand of head is taking a small jar. Grandfather, these weapons are we weapon that from collects in all directions, although has not achieved the false Spirit Tool rank, but not the ordinary weapon can compare, this bottle of compounded drugs stem from the hand of compounded drug Master, has the prolonging the life effect, does not certainly need to take this type of compounded drug by Grandfather your strength, but we also by preparing emergency requirement.” Is the person of head holds the compounded drug in the palm. Saw the juniors who ice fifth child got rid to put out such treasure. Several other are to feel to press Lishan to be big, the ice fifth child's juniors get rid are this grade of treasure compounded drug, this is also had a good start to everybody. Ice fifth child satisfied looked at own juniors. Ice can have present achievement, is because ices Grandfather, because of his strength, is China one of the four big Expert, is east the military region commander in Northern Army area. Because of so, therefore ice can have such status. Present is the ice Grandfather 70 th birthday, what therefore they must well is ice Grandfather offers birthday congratulations. Ice five old altogether have five people. Altogether five influences will offer the gift, iced fifth child's juniors to offer the gift a moment ago, then should ices fourth child's descendants. Wish Grandfather great good fortune Changliushui, the happy birthday not old star.” The ice fourth child's juniors open mouth first offer birthday congratulations.

Afterward iced fourth child's juniors to lift a box to walk together, the box covered with the scarlet cloth, after they said the box lifted on a table, first opened the scarlet cloth. „Does Grandfather, how offer birthday congratulations possibly does not have the peach shaped birthday cake?” These people opened the box. A giant glove appears before the people. „The raw material of this peach shaped birthday cake is uses on the Changbai Mountains snowy mountain to have the exotic material that our collection uneven on the mountain ran, in the water swims, airborne flies, three types of most fresh most and tender meat were joined to dozens types of precious herbal medicines to look for the executive chef, has made this big peach shaped birthday cake, this peach shaped birthday cake average person ate one, can strengthen the physical quality, you took not only can play the role that stronged and healthy body, but also the flavor was very good.” Person respectful saying of these ice fourth child. Their gifts compared with the ice fifth child's juniors difference, do not seem instead are better. Because their gifts seem the regard are full, this point is the gift that the ice fifth child's juniors prepare is unable to compare, difference that therefore ice fourth child's peach shaped birthday cake does not prepare compared with ice fifth child these juniors. Now the ice fourth child and ice fifth child's juniors have prepared the gift, then remaining was three. Then is ice third child's juniors. Ice third child's these juniors also go forward, they to icing Grandfather bowed: In our opinion 70 are not the Grandfather birthdays, 170 can call the Grandfather birthday, we ice cold ice Kungfu that the family relates, therefore we had found 50 years of iceberg saussurea involucratas.” Iceberg snow lotus. Saw that its time those present have all held breath cold air, this is the most precious object, although only then 50 years of year, however the society of present, only then sees the snow lotus, was already picked, wants to visit it to grow for 50 years, that absolutely is not easy. Its appearance made the person seethe with excitement directly thoroughly.

What most makes their surprised is, this snow lotus to the present is to live, their 24 hours the snow lotus seal in full are in the vessels of ice piece, to let it do not die, like this deliver to ices in front of Grandfather the time very fresh. Good! Very good!” Ices Grandfather to open the mouth to say. Although the beforehand treasure is also very precious, but ices Grandfather slightly to signal by nodding, not too many expressions, but after this iceberg snow lotus appeared, Grandfather unexpectedly also reached an agreement. The treasures of beforehand that two treasure directly iced third child these juniors being inferior. The ice third child shows a faint smile at this time, satisfied nod, his these juniors may give his long face. Although they and ice Grandfather to be called as ice similarly five old, but ices Grandfather is genuine real power, now ices Grandfather to open the mouth to reach an agreement, that this makes him feel that has the face. Now only remaining ices the Grandfather juniors and ice Boss' juniors. „The Grandfather branch definitely puts out the most precious object, we offered a few ordinary introductory remarks so that others may offer their valuable ideas.” Iced Quan Zhijie to walk, although she was only the third generations disciple, but these two generations of disciples followed in her, they were penniless. Only then in the hand of ice spring is taking a bag. Ices the spring at this time the corners of the mouth micro slantingly, innermost feelings secretly thought: Bing Xin, your handsome boy, I certainly will make you regret the treasure that I put out keeps you from surmounting absolutely, when the time comes I thought how you leave office.” As the ice spring walks forward, everybody also turns very quiet happy, was waiting for her treasure, actually everybody wants to have a look at the ice spring to put out any thing.