Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 985

Today is the birthday of group management lion, I wished lion happy birthday here, today planned before down, now starts for lion in addition. Some gift people who ices the spring most focus attention on, because everybody knows that he most likes doing some matters of stir, moreover at this time her on the face has written all over self-confidently. She definitely is thinks that her gift can cause a stir in all people. At this time everybody has all turned very quiet, was waiting for she puts out the treasure, regarding everybody, her treasure can be today's climax, because she is very rich, moreover meets unfaithful to think very much. This why she has the reasons of that many backers in ice. For this Grandfather birthday, she has used energy the thoughts, in this entire one year is preparing this present. Actually ices the spring to put out what gift? Really too anticipated.” Em, looks at the ice spring the appearance, this year's gift certainly was the treasure, otherwise she such will not have the self-confidence.” Actually is any treasure, I hear the ice spring, for this treasure took great pains.” Surroundings these people all anxious looks to the ice spring, everybody knows that the ice spring definitely will put out the nice treasure, regarding the ice spring, she either does not do, does must be a cut above other people. Now ices on Boss' face also to present an anticipation, he was anticipating his granddaughter puts out some to suppress the treasure of audience. He can like icing the third child feels proud and elated. Now here their four will not give a present, because their four with icing Grandfather are one generation, therefore they must look that what gift their posterity can put out to come. The gift that which descendants put out is good, first-generation which person of ice will have the face.

Moreover can also prove this to be able key training. Why this is everybody, for this gift takes great pains, is one by one good, emerges one after another incessantly. Everybody knows that ice spring person is good at the scheme, likes pondering over, the Grandfather birthday such big matter her how possible low key, this is must make Grandfather see her attentively, this after her the human relations use in family is bigger. So long as Grandfather appreciates to her, these people in that family all flatter her. The matter she still in the vitality, she was hit now, finally unexpectedly nobody dares to go forward, this was makes her too angry simply, this time must performance well, when the time comes these people be able to flatter her. Thinks that she can speak the words in front of Grandfather. Ices the spring is the person who has a grudge to report, Bing Xin has hit her, how this enmity she possibly endures, she must suppress Bing Xin at the banquet with the language first, from now on will be finding the person to cope with Bing Xin, she copes with the method of person to have and ensure can let Bing Xin dying. Snort, you, my will not let off.” Ices the spring as if to imagine that what now coped with the Xia Tian later appearance is. That definitely is very crisp. Ice spring gradually has arrived in front of ice Grandfather, what he behind is the ice Boss' descendants. Iced the spring to take out a small box of seal from the pocket, the box only then the palm of the hand was big, seemed is not big, in the average person eyes possibly thinks that the thing was bigger is more precious, however actually knows in ice this place everybody that the thing was smaller is more precious. The vision of all people stared to the box in ice spring hand, iced the spring to put out a sharp knife once more, the knife has cut directly above the box, was only the flash, on the knife adhered to stick cohere ice air/Qi. Grandfather, this is the gift that we prepare, is the North Pole ice crystal.” Iced Quan Zhijie to cut open the box, was only the flash, the surrounding several people felt a chill in the air of faint trace.

North Pole ice crystal, Top Grade ice crystal that only then in North Pole this type of extremely cold place can have, moreover wants to seek for the ice crystal is also a very difficult matter, there has the team that special seeks for the ice crystal, sometimes their 34 years could not find, so long as found together the ice crystal, do not say that are 34 years, even if were ten years of anything do not need to do. The North Pole ice crystal is one type to the cold thing, usually only then these master chefs are useful this treasure, so long as a scrap, places under Sun to expose to the sun, needs to expose to the sun for one month to be possible the melting. This is used for the collection food the excellent treasure, is the ice cultivation most precious object. Ice cultivation is the air/Qi of cold ice. If uses this type of ice crystal to carry on cultivation, that strength naturally will be fast will have been increased, if were ordinary ice juniors obtained such together the ice crystal, that strength met the unevenness growth. This is the function of North Pole ice crystal. When everybody sees the North Pole ice crystal, the beforehand gift all was given to neglect by them, these gifts absolutely do not have the means to place on a par with the North Pole ice crystal, from the start is not a rank. „The North Pole ice crystal, unexpectedly is the North Pole ice crystal, this most precious object it is said few people have been able to find.” In North Pole, this type of thing also only then can condense in the extremely cold place, that place it is said humanity is unable to arrive, has not waited to arrive at the position, the person had been frozen becomes the ice piece.” I have not seen the North Pole ice crystal, now in the entire courtyard can feel a faint trace the cold air.” Surroundings these people look at the North Pole ice crystal in ice spring hand excitedly, this type of thing absolutely is the most precious object, today's next to last act goods, but the ice spring took now, actually then ices the Grandfather main family to put out what gift to exceed? If cannot put out the pen North Pole ice crystal good thing, then puts out any everybody not to have the feeling. This is the skill of giving a present.

If the best gift took, everybody's excited has reached an altitude, even if, that person took was also the treasure, so long as before not having that treasure to be precious, everybody will not have any feeling. Now iced Quan Zhijie to put out the North Pole ice crystal, that iced the Grandfather main family not to be good to do. Such precious gift I a little embarrassed took over.” Ices Grandfather also to start to commend that gift came. Grandfather does not take, what person does that have to have the qualifications to take?” Ices Quan Zhijie saying that has to say Kungfu that she flatters was really too extraordinary, ice Grandfather of this racket was comfortable, although iced Grandfather also to know that she was flattering, but iced Grandfather is the feeling is also good. Ice Boss satisfied nod of. She is very satisfied regarding the gift of ice spring, now other three elders of ice had lowered the head. Complete Insta-kill. After the ice Boss' gift delivered, was one's turn the main family. Second Uncle, Grandfather may very much take care of your family, if you do not take a nice thing, perhaps that could not be justified.” Ices spring coldly looks that father-in-law and son-in-law Wei said.