Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 986

For group management lion in addition, wish lion happy birthday. Ices the spring words, all people all looked to father-in-law and son-in-law Wei, here most people saw iced the spring and father-in-law and son-in-law great this contradiction a moment ago, she says this saying to come, to clarify now wanted the father-in-law and son-in-law great embarrassment. The Bing Xin father they were ice the Grandfather main family, giving a present naturally cannot look like several other old juniors to deliver. They want delivering, their these people are giving a present to their father, that naturally must deliver one by one, they take the family to deliver as the unit, gives a gift. Father-in-law and son-in-law Wei has gotten hold of his fist. He knows that ice spring this is embarrassing him, she puts out the North Pole ice crystal, how this also makes others deliver, others put out anything to be able the North Pole ice crystal more precious. Solely is not Bing Xin their one, several other at once do not know how should deliver. Generally, has the person of this treasure finally to put out the gift, because she, once put out this gift, that following person had no way with. But ices the spring is intentionally. She intentionally must let Bing Xin their embarrassment. Therefore she direct said. Roll-call father-in-law and son-in-law Wei. Ices the Grandfather altogether four sons, although now they know that gives a present probably is used the look to spurn to be the same, but they hold the mentality of early dying early consigns, the fourth child exits first. Wish the father more and more young.” The fourth child put out jade to deliver, if has not iced the spring the North Pole ice crystal, that this jade was also considered as on is the good thing, because the jade raised the person, but is now different,

After having North Pole ice crystal such treasure, that nobody can take a liking to this jade. After Grandfather nodded, he has drawn back, after drawing back, he relaxed, this gave a present looks like brings death simply was the same. Delivered, he can relax finally. Then is the third child gives a present, the third child was quicker, said after offering birthday congratulations words, placed that to walk the gift, even has not opened including the box, has not waited for the Bing Xin father to go forward, the Bing Xin uncle came up, he also toward that put the gift came back, he such made their advanced the keenest struggle Bing Xin without doubt. Because now only then Bing Xin their has not given a present. All people all paid attention to approach their this. Second Uncle, you have a look at you, wants the next to last act, next to last act definitely is best, I know that my small gift definitely with the Second Uncle your comparing, the Second Uncle made us open mind.” Ices the spring in words provocative meaning to be full, this clarified must embarrass the Bing Xin whole family. Surroundings these people also saw the meaning of ice spring, they know majority of ice spring and Bing Xin this contradiction, now the ice spring finally starts to retaliate. All these during her plan, surroundings these people do not think that some people can also put out compared with a North Pole ice crystal better thing, because the North Pole ice crystal was considered as in their eyes on is the most precious object. Now an ice spring such saying, all of a sudden their advanced in Bing Xin a commanding point. Although father-in-law and son-in-law Wei has prepared the good gift, but compared a little insufficiently to look with the North Pole ice crystal, therefore suddenly he really had no way to go out of this, looks that the surrounding these people looked at the good play the vision, he knows that own today face must certainly lose completely. He also knows that the ice spring is the person who that type has a grudge to report, but he has not thought that ice spring unexpectedly is so ruthless, making him unable to get out in the places of these many people. He really has no way to give now the gift in hand.

What's wrong? Did the Second Uncle, take embarrassed? It is not very bad gift, this you are not right, but today the Grandfather 70 th birthday, Grandfather is your biological father, will your this be must deceive Grandfather?” Ices the spring in the words character character the Tibetan's knife, these blades as if jabbed into father-in-law's and son-in-law's great heart to be the same. He even a little cannot gasp for breath now. Was iced spring these words to sharp blocking. Surroundings these people are not feeling well to Xia Tian, because Xia Tian a moment ago was really too aggressive, but here they iced the domain of family, but Xia Tian a look frightened them not to dare to move a moment ago. These relate the good person with the ice spring, immediately starts to whoop, they are very intentionally big, was complaining about and dirty father-in-law and son-in-law Wei who the sound said. Ices a Grandfather brow wrinkle, he also listened to the ice spring is feeling embarrassed father-in-law and son-in-law Wei intentionally: Was good, I looked that time was also up, opens the meal.” Grandfather, the Second Uncle must give a present.” Iced Quan Zhijie saying that turned the head to look to father-in-law and son-in-law Wei: Second Uncle, must open meal, you will not have brought the gift.” Isn't the gift? Naturally had.” At this moment Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Bing Xin gives the expression that the father has felt relieved, afterward their several walk toward front directly. Saw them to move, everybody also knows that they must give a present, at this time all people will all focus on Bing Xin their this, actually they wanted to have a look at the family to send out any thing. The thing that so long as they put out does not have the North Pole ice crystal to be precious, that ice spring will definitely continue dirty Bing Xin their. But be more precious than the North Pole ice crystal, that may a little be difficult. Therefore what everybody present wants to look is only lively, how they must have a look at the ice spring then to cope with Bing Xin this, moreover actually they also want to take a look at Bing Xin this to put out any gift.

Father-in-law and son-in-law Wei now also very disturbed, he does not understand any medicine that daughter and in the son-in-law bottle gourd sells. However he knows that will immediately make known. Grandfather, happy birthday.” Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps. Happy birthday!! Hears these words time, on the foreheads of all people all was the heavy line, happy birthday is to these youngster said that regarding icing Grandfather such person that must say the birthday, but Xia Tian opened mouth is happy birthday. „, You consider your family to cross each family.” Ices saying that the spring disdains. What's wrong? Do you refuse to accept?” Xia Tian turns the head to look that said to the ice spring, person who he is not used to the child, whom if he looks at not to be feeling well, that this person may probably meet with a disaster. Refused to accept? The whole family poor wretch, you puts out a nice gift to come actually, if you can put out the gift that I am better than come, I am crawling exiting.” Ices the spring in vision is the color of despising. Crawls? Good, you, if doesn't crawl?” Xia Tian asked again. Does not crawl I am the turtle son bastard.” Ices Quan Ke not to believe that Xia Tian can put out compared with the gift that she is also better comes, this simply is dream of a fool, in her eyes takes is most top treasure. Good!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward his right hand wields, in the hand presented a little thing.