Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 987

When this little thing took, in the entire inner courtyard all people felt one have fallen into the ice hole probably, this feeling is passes the heart to be cool , the heart flies upwards. They felt that they entered North Pole to be the same probably. Looks at the thing in Xia Tian hand, all people have all been shocked, their this time a few words could not say. This thing regarding them, simply is the most precious object. Regarding ice is also most precious object. Everyone of this thing ice knew, even Lian Bingjia these five -year-old children also know this thing, because they will have this education since childhood. This education for them simply is most profound. Ice everyone must recognize this thing, once because they discovered this type of thing time, ice will turn out in full strength to rob this thing. Iced Grandfather saying that he will not bend the law for a lifetime, only if saw that thing. He spoke, if discovered that thing, he personally will get rid to snatch, regardless of how much money he must buy, if could not buy snatches, this was Northern Army ices Grandfather to say personally. That thing that he said at this time in the hand of Xia Tian. Cold ice day stone! Bang!” A Grandfather palm of the hand racket has broken to pieces table on hand, afterward he has stood directly, surroundings ice all people have all stood, their both eyes brave up. All ice family member vision all gathered in Xia Tian hand that small stone. That small stone as if there is charm to be the same, it can all capture the attention of people, moreover iced Grandfather such Expert also shocking by this small stone.

This is the Xia Tian gift. In legend most precious object cold ice day stone of ice. What? unexpectedly is the cold ice day stone.” Ices the Grandfather whole face inconceivable looks at the cold ice day stone in Xia Tian hand. Hurried that Grandfather, I come, does not have the time preparation gift, hopes that Grandfather should not be nitpicking.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he will point at a ball afterward, the cold ice day stone fell has iced in the Grandfather hand. Cold ice day stone, is really the cold ice day stone.” Ices on the face of Grandfather to have the joy that has been hard to conceal, at this moment he probably young ten years old was the same, the appearance of cold ice day stone will be representing and is going to be prosperous. Since continuously, ice, only then together the cold ice day stone, he is also because this cold ice day stone promoted until now this strength, now his cold ice day stone almost soon vanished. But when his quick cold ice day stone is going to vanish, Xia Tian unexpectedly sends one. This keeps him from concealing oneself innermost feelings was joyful. Ice all people of also all are the vision burning hots looks at the cold ice day stone, so long as ices Grandfather to think that he can the subculture super Expert come, when the time comes iced has two this super Expert. Then ice is going more magnificent inevitably, inheritance generation by generation. At this time a Bing Xin face smiling face, this as she expected, at this time the vision of surrounding these people make her feel are crisp, especially ices spring that to turn into the purple face. Appearance that iced the spring a moment ago is being insufferably arrogant, but his face turned into the color of blue and purple now. Her is suppressing own surprised. Cold ice day stone, this has surpassed her cognition.

At this time the Bing Xin father is the excitement of whole face, he has a dream cannot think that Xia Tian will put out the cold ice day stone, the surrounding these people also waited to look at the good play a moment ago, but on the faces of these people completely cannot conceal now was surprised. Feeling proud and elated. Bing Xin father at this time feeling of feeling proud and elated. Looks at surprised of surrounding these people, he can definitely understand that if trades makes is others puts out the cold ice day stone the time, he will be also same will be surprised, the Bing Xin mother also will know the cold ice day stone. The joy on her face not being able to conceal. How they were still considering a moment ago neutralize this crisis, but now this crisis on thorough does not exist, Xia Tian has helped their neutralize, what Xia Tian used was the most direct means helps them save face. Before the ice spring was still showing off his North Pole ice crystal, and insulted their one with this, but Xia Tian directly has put out the cold ice day stone now, this directly gave Insta-kill her North Pole ice crystal. Really is the cold ice day stone, is really the cold ice day stone.” Ices the joy on Boss' face not being able to conceal. Sees the cold ice day stone time, they all could not control. On the ice five old faces is shining. The surrounding person is also shining, at this moment indicates that the magnificent time of ice must approach, they remember that this wonderful moment, all people are all shocked for this cold ice day stone. But brings this cold ice day stone person Xia Tian. Bing Xin boyfriend, father-in-law's and son-in-law's great son-in-law. At this time everybody will focus on Xia Tian and the others once more bodies, suddenly his whole person becomes exceptionally big.

Cold ice day stone! Ha, is really the cold ice day stone.” Ices Grandfather excited laughing saying that everybody can see joy in his heart, at this time his in the hand is grasping and is not only a treasure, will be the future of ice. Ices Grandfather to be worried after one old, ice is unable to present the person who can shoulder the summer beam, thinks that the present resources were getting more and more deficient, wanting cultivation to be difficult to Earth Grade, say nothing was cultivation to his Realm. But had cold ice day stone to be different, he can definitely cultivate new super Expert. But this candidate he already had, is Bing Chuan, he crosses 70 th birthday Bing Chuan not to appear, actually thus it can be seen Bing Chuan has the big matter, is unable to come back, actually cultivation of this time Bing Chuan in a cold pond, is icing Grandfather to supervise personally. „Does Grandfather, like?” Bing Xin shows a faint smile. Likes, likes.” Ices Grandfather excited saying. Likes well, today your birthday, happy most important.” Birthday that Xia Tian very optional saying, he said that but is not the birthday, but this time also nobody selected to manage again, because they if now dares saying that a Xia Tian non- character, that Grandfather can get angry. Iced the spring present some to be not to mention awkward, she hopes that had a Laoshudong to make her worm one's way into. But here from the start does not have, therefore she planned that running away quietly, this can avoid a meeting was awkward. Ices Sister Quan, you have forgotten a matter probably, I remember what you said is crawls, but is not walks.” At this moment Xia Tian said suddenly, originally the vision of all people all on the body of Xia Tian, now they, as soon as listens to Xia Tian, immediately has aimed at the ice spring the vision. Ices the spring to crawl really?