Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 988
Ices the spring to want covertly, running away secretly, was a Xia Tian such saying. All people will all focus on her body. Suddenly her whole person framed there, the step of under foot one step also stepped motionless, because entire inner courtyard saw posture that she must run, right now embarrassed, she cannot think a moment ago Xia Tian will put out the cold ice day stone. Therefore she said the boastful talk, said that if Xia Tian can put out she to crawl the thing that she was more precious, now was good, Xia Tian has put out really the thing that she was more precious , can she crawl really? In front of these many people to crawl, that simply was disgraced, if she did, later had no way to gain ground to cultivate the behavior, did she also gain ground before the people of these ice? Other people who how she is also looking down upon ice. Therefore she cannot crawl. Good, today I have acknowledged that the punishment is deserved, you eat, I walk.” Ices does not lose the minute that spring these words said that but can also make people feel that she is suffering from injustice to be mad. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian said directly: You must crawl, but is not walks.” You!” Iced the spring to think these words that one spoke are very good, she can leave while this imposing manner directly, but she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly stopped by calling her directly, she does not want to acknowledge that Xia Tian was actually calculating. Actually Xia Tian is not calculating, so long as is the person who he cannot have a liking, she will not be used, manages him is male is the female. Snort! The children of ice, spoke of must achieve, do not walk? That crawls.” This time was the ice Boss said that this time facial color ice-cold looks that the ice spring said. Ices the spring to be innocent, he has no alternative but to be sensible. Xia Tian has sent cold ice day stone, that is the benefactor of ice, ices the spring, although is his granddaughter, but compares with the cold ice day stone, that was not anything, what the cold ice day stone was representing will be the future of ice. He naturally understands this significance. His granddaughter's usual actions he has heard, but he has turned a blind eye, because of these years, his anything people have seen, these bystanders can tolerate, his granddaughter has anything unable to endure. Therefore he did not go to the control ice spring the actions.

However he cannot leave alone at this moment, the Xia Tian origin was not simple, moreover there is China No. 2 figure to support, now others Xia Tian has delivered the most precious object cold ice day stone, this is on own initiative is becoming friends with. If he does not indicate the manner, that cold heart of Xia Tian. Sound that hears the ice Boss, all people all are inconceivable, because usually ices the Boss to compare to favor the ice spring, but his unexpectedly on own initiative lets the ice spring travel promise now. Grandfather.” Ices the spring suffering from injustice looks to the ice Boss. Here disgraced should not be conspicuous, your years noisily have also sufficed, after exiting, either get married immediately, will marry either never, if you dare to divorce again, I expel ice you.” The ice Boss this time was angry. These many years, he was angry finally. At this moment the ice spring also hoodwinked, she had not seen the grandfather so has been angry to her. Good, I crawl!” Ices the spring to clench teeth to say. At this time deeping frown of Xia Tian , he although is forcing the ice spring, but the ice spring walks not to have any matter from here now, he will not get rid to stop absolutely. But ices the spring, if real crawling, that showed that her city palace is extremely deep, after that Xia Tian, must be careful this person. Han Xin can receive the shame of crotch. Therefore he helped Liu Bang win the world. Ices Quan Kenpa to exit, that represents her is being the genuine villain, he has to guard, iced the spring really to lie on the ground shortly. Was good, ices the spring, you walk, you did not need to go ice home again.” Ices Grandfather to look at ice spring the movement, although the ice Boss crawls, but if the ice spring crawls, that showed that the city palace of this person is very fearful, that this person must expel ice. Because this person will probably bring the destruction to ice the disaster, ices is this villain who Grandfather most fears for these years, therefore he does not allow in ice to present this villain. Yeah! Matter that before I listened to the person to say you, but to the present for also harbored the fantasy until me a moment ago, ok, you walked.” Ice Boss helpless shaking the head of, he was harboring a moment ago still the fantasy, thinks that the ice spring will leave directly, that moment when the ice spring lies, he thorough giving up.

Although he also hides shortcomings, but he is also five of ice old. What he cares will be the future of ice, he cannot allow a villain to keep the ice home, therefore he must expel the ice spring. In other words, iced the spring to be expelled ice at this time. Grandfather, you must catch up with me to have ice.” Iced the spring on face to write all over inconceivable. She has a dream cannot think through, that loves her grandfather unexpectedly to catch up with him to leave home, this to her attack was really too big. Starting today, ices the spring no longer is the ice juniors, any ice juniors may not contact with her, if there is a discovery, same crime . Moreover the industries of all her ice all take back.” The ice Boss said. Grandfather!” Ices the spring to shout. Walks, I hope your pension your introspection well.” Ices grandfather helpless shaking the head of Quan. Ices the spring, in ice third generations a wildest female, but her unexpectedly directly has been expelled ice now, this is all people have not expected. For ice five old unexpectedly Xia Tian will ice the spring to expel ice. Ices the spring vision mean looks at Bing Xin and Xia Tian and the others: I will not let off your.” Said that she went out of ice home. Ice five old also shook the head, in their eyes completely is the disappointed color, the ice Boss is having finally also a hope, when the ice spring said those words, this final hope all was also disillusioned. Big windmill squeek long extension, here scenery really attractive, the day is attractive, attractive, one group of joyful little friends. Hey, who?” I am spirit, my Senior Sister must get married!”

Your Senior Sister who?” Yun Miao!” Lying trough, what's the matter?” She could not withstand the Sect pressure, words that the leader son who immediately must marry a large amount gate, you do not come now, I worried that the Senior Sister temper was fierce, her meeting.” Several days?” Three days!” I immediately on the past!” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, looks directly to Bing Xin: My something need to process.” Em!” Bing Xin nodded. Grandfather, inquired a place with you.” Xia Tian looked that to icing Grandfather asked. Where?” Ices Grandfather to ask. Where is the Hidden Sect entrance at?” Xia Tian asked directly.