Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 991

These two people meet the military, and qing gong is good. In Mount Tai should not have what important matter recently, these two people walk are also specially as if are not climb a mountain, does not come to see the scenery, their anything did not look all the way that walks. The sense of purpose is very strong. Goes to the Mount Tai sense of purpose, is so strong . Moreover the waist also has the token, it seems like my luck is really good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he used X-Ray Vision to see them. Their waists have token together, Xia Tian suspected that these two people should be the Hidden Sect people, now time already past day, two days of Yun Miao must get married. Xia Tian must before she gets married arrive in Hidden Sect. Carries over Hidden Sect her. Although that two people have slowed the tempo intentionally, but they walk the average man is quicker, moreover the shuttle in the crowd, the average person is unable to note them intentionally. The Xia Tian speed is not but slow, therefore he can follow that two people with ease, moreover his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step be exquisiter than these people, therefore there two people had not discovered Xia Tian follows in their. Senior Brother, this time mission was also too simple.” One of them said. Actually is very simple, to take such a number and route plate unexpectedly makes our two same places get rid.” Another Senior Brother very discontented saying, he felt obviously he was uses a talented person in an insignificant position. Also is, comes out also to be by Senior Brother your strength some big mission is right, but Sect unexpectedly arrangement such small mission gives you, said again, how will the number and route plate be missing with no reason at all?” That Junior Brother seems is thinking highly of his Senior Brother. Ok, does not manage, handed over to complete, this mission perquisite and time did not have.” That Senior Brother said that sped up the footsteps, saw that they soon reached, at this moment they suddenly accelerate, walks toward side, there is a guard rail, the black day basic approaches the place of guard rail to walk on nobody.

A Xia Tian body revolution, at their processes, in his hand presented a token afterward. This place daytime generally nobody goes, say nothing in the evening, although there is a guard rail, who can guarantee that the guard rail is safe. The Hidden Sect disciple usually does not let become an official, once will become an official to have the limit of time, if they will not return for a long time, will have Expert to come out to cut to kill them. This mission gives their time less than day, they do not have the time to go to taking a stroll well. Walks, returns to the entrance.” After they bypass the guard rail, jumps directly downward, in the dark night nobody can see them, if some people saw, only thinks that they are the suicides. However Xia Tian actually saw, there has a slow stage, about two meters position has a slow stage, two meters altitude regarding their these people of practicing martial art is not anything. After Xia Tian , etc. they got down, he also jumped. After getting down, he discovered that the below slow stages of this slow stage, then he once more has also jumped down that slow stage, under slow stage the slow stage, he jumped ten slow stages to discover a track. He finally understands now why nobody can find Hidden Sect, such secret place root some impossible people able to discover. After jumping, was the track, this track two meters width, without the guard rail, the average person does not dare this above to walk again, although two meters widths, but side was the sheer precipice, therefore some impossible people to dare to walk. Even if meets some Martial Arts people, if has not climbed over high does not dare to walk in this place easily, regardless of Martial Arts is strong, falls down from such high place must die without doubt. It seems like this said that was the Hidden Sect entrance.” Xia Tian does not dare these two people with throwing, because these two people are enter the Hidden Sect guide, if he with losing, that may be miserable, going in that art of making oneself invisible art of making oneself invisible so many changes, how he possibly rushes.

Although he is also skilled in some I Ching Eight Trigrams, but these are only most basic. Therefore he wants to go in must with that two people. Senior Brother, you said why our Hidden Sect can construct in this place? The turnover is not convenient, back and forth one time requires day.” That Junior Brother depressed saying. Is the old generation figure research of Hidden Sect, they think that we cannot be exaggerated by common custom, such will be contaminated on every air/Qi, the old generation person hopes that builds paradise general existence Hidden Sect, will therefore have the appearance of Hidden Sect.” Senior Brother answered. Paradise?” Junior Brother surprised saying. Right, the old generation person is hopes that constructs one to dominate existence in common custom, what a pity afterward failed.” Senior Brother knows many Hidden Sect hearsay. Why will be defeated?” Junior Brother curious asking. That Senior Brother probably is know-it- is same, anything knows that the person have the teacher desire, is educates others and to the things that others explained some to know. Also can because of anything, naturally be China that four big Expert, their existences make the outside these people of practicing martial art not obey the verbal command, therefore outside world so will be chaotic, if they obey the unified verbal command, outside that so will not be chaotic.” Senior Brother answered. Any nonsense four big Expert, anything do not calculate in our Hidden Sect simply.” That Junior Brother proud saying. That was natural, in our Hidden Sect Expert like clouds, how outside these fellows possibly place on a par with our Hidden Sect Expert.” That Senior Brother is also very proud, in their eyes, Hidden Sect is that omnipotent existence. Strength Heavenly Connection.

Walked day of much time probably, Xia Tian arrived at the entrance finally, he while they opened the door, fast fled, the speed was fast, moreover quick that he fled from above. Senior Brother, how I felt that some people did go in a moment ago?” That Junior Brother puzzled saying. Do not talk nonsense, where has person, here usually few people come and go out, today comes back also our two.” That Senior Brother said that he is confident to his strength, if some people of pasts, he certainly already discovered. At this time Xia Tian in their heads, this channel height about three meters, they have not looked up. In this time Hidden Sect. Matter processing how?” Jiang Tianshu soaks in a pool. All are grasping, he should enter the maze entrance now, but I have sent for leading the way, he can definitely come in successfully.” Yu He gently is swinging feather fan in the hand. That is good, the following matter did not need us to manage, saw a play was good, look was my silly younger brother fiercely his Xia Tian method.” Jiang Tianshu has shown the smiling face of pondering.