Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 992
Today is on the 1st, asked a time monthly ticket, for these days the time was tight, every day can only before down, when I passed for 34 days, definitely made up the renewal, I always lived up to one's words! All these in Jiang Tianshu and Yu He is expected. Do not let Wen Ya know this matter.” Jiang Tianshu said suddenly. I told, does not permit anybody to disturb closing up of Wen Ya, now has not let her with the Xia Tian internecine strife time, his anger is insufficient, if goes to the internecine strife now, cannot play the most major role.” Yu He nodded, he understands the meaning of Jiang Tianshu. Was good, then any matter did not need to do, saw a play is good.” Jiang Tianshu said that has closed the eye. This time Xia Tian succeeded entered Hidden Sect, but he from exporting, if exits now, certainly by that to the Senior Brother younger brother will be discovered that therefore he plans to wait here exits again, but penetrated the front door he to see the Hidden Sect world. Hidden Sect completely Earth. Also China territory, but here be more than outside beautiful, the air is very fresh, Xia Tian waited Little Tian to exit here. Halts!” Two guards stand in saying of there coldly. Expert! The first feeling of Xia Tian is Expert, although these two people have not arrived at Earth Grade, but is the Profound Grade greatly complete strength, Profound Grade was greatly complete outside has been able to become an overlord in province. Absolutely Expert of old monster rank, but Expert unexpectedly of this rank in Hidden Sect guards the door. If this is outside, definitely by person, when ancestor same is supplying, is here, their status are not high, they look like the gate god are the same. Number and route plate!” Another guard said.

Xia Tian has put out the number and route plate directly, that guard looked at one: Goes in!” Xia Tian entered true Hidden Sect directly, here is very beautiful, everywhere fine spring day, moreover everywhere is some Qi rare grass, occasionally can also hear the special biological the cry. This is Hidden Sect. Dozens years of ginseng that outside waste thoughts cannot snatch, here finds at everywhere, even some people will not pick, is wonderful the rare grass, these things outside are the treasure. Now is not picks the medicine the time, it is getting dark, Yun Miao must get married early tomorrow morning, I must relate on spirit immediately.” Xia Tian puts out the cell phone, but he discovered that here signal does not have, cannot make a connection with the telephone. Hidden Sect is not small, making him go to here to seek for spirit and Yun Miao, that is a very difficult matter, only if he asked everywhere that which spirit, Yun Miao in, might bump into one to know their people like this also perhaps. But that he will quickly expose. Now was not at that time, now he must do quietly submerged, then found these two positions of people, and carried off their two, if he only brought Yun Miao to walk, that spirit definitely will not expose, moreover Yun Miao will be also lonely. Therefore the Xia Tian plan all carries off their two. In this time room, Yun Miao dressed up unusual was attractive, has put on a red nuptial dress, early tomorrow morning was her great happiness day, but she could not smile. Senior Sister!” Spirit walked from outside. Yun Miao anything had not said that she could not say any words now, she is afraid herself to cry, she thinks, so long as after having handled the matter, can leave, but she has not thought that elders unexpectedly forces the marriage directly. Let few hosts who she marries the Yunshan sects.

She became the sacrificial victim of Sect friendship, her entrance to have the relations with the Yunshan sects, has married the few hosts of Yunshan sect her, the Yunshan sect altogether two few hosts, Jiang Tianshu and Jiang Tian raise. These two will have the opportunity in the future become Yunshan sect future sovereign, therefore they have their supporter, the Qingshan gate that Yun Miao is the supporter who Jiang Tian raises, so long as when the time comes Jiang Tian fosters for sovereign, among them was the best partner. This is the benefit. But Yun Miao is the sacrificial victim of benefit. Senior Sister, you had told me before, your future man can be a matchless hero, one likely is Xia Tianlong such man, he will harness seven color Xiangyun to marry you.” These that spirit said are the dreams of Yun Miao. Xia Tianlong is the Yun Miao idol. Yun Miao heard since childhood the related Xia Tianlong matter, already had the definition of such hero in her mind, that is Xia Tianlong, that the man who makes her incomparably worship. Ticktack! In the Yun Miao eye has flowed out tears. Her dream, her love was all disillusioned, tomorrow she must marry the person who she does not like. Senior Sister, this gives you, I know your disposition, if you will not have person who tomorrow, when you want to wait, that uses it.” Spirit has given a Yun Miao dagger, she knows that Senior Sister room all sharp weapons had been taken away by the elders, Inner Strength of world also all by the seal, now the body of her Senior Sister simply be delicate than the ordinary female. Thanks!” Yun Miao received the dagger. Senior Sister, I believe that man will certainly appear.” Spirit said that her innermost feelings were also praying, although she does not know that actually Xia Tian can come, she also knows the fantasy that one harbor was too uncertain, even if Xia Tian wants to come, he did find the Hidden Sect entrance?

Even if he had found the Hidden Sect entrance, he can enter the labyrinth? Moreover was he passed labyrinth, if that entrance that he did evade chasing down of that two guard? Once some people invade, then the entire Hidden Sect person has been informed, all people all together will chase when the time comes down that wanted person, therefore is she does not believe that Xia Tian can come. Yeah, Senior Sister, you are also the person of cruel fate, you could rest assured that Junior Sister will not make you start off.” In the hand of spirit also presented a dagger. This time Xia Tian entered in an entrance, he does not know that actually here is any entrance, he does not come from the main entrance in any case, he mixes to inquire the news. Listens to spirit the meaning, with the person of Yun Miao marriage, definitely will not be an average person, therefore he can certainly inquire a news, therefore he started flanerie to walk in this sect gate. Person who this sect Men takes a walk are not many, Xia Tian is idling the bored time, is strolling randomly, he does not know where one have arrived. Em?” At this moment, Xia Tian saw a familiar form: Is he!!” Sees this form time, Xia Tian followed hurriedly, his footsteps are very quickly steady, is walking toward the back side of the mountain, Xia Tian also quietly followed, when he has arrived at the back side of the mountain, the vision took a fast look around in the surroundings, then opened a pit hole.