Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 993

This person is not others, that cut off Tong of finger by Yin Nie. Sees Tong time, Xia Tian has to with, because Tong has the relations with two people, first Jiang Tianshu, initially also Jiang Tianshu made him go to Jiang Hai City to kill own. Second is Wen Ya, Wen Ya carried off by Tong in the past, Wen Ya also had appeared afterward, using the wrapped in a shroud of obscurity hatred to decide, at that time Xia Tian also almost died in her hands. Tong opens stone gate time, walked directly, Xia Tian does not dare with is too near, therefore distant looks. Master, you came.” The familiar sound reaches in the ear of Xia Tian together, the ear of Xia Tian is keen the several fold compared with the average man, therefore he can hear inside sound. Em, recently was what kind of?” Tong asked. I am consolidating Realm, outside before Heavenly Connection the hole opens, should be able to consolidate my Realm thoroughly.” That sound response said. That is good, recently do not come out.” Tong said. What important matter has to occur?” That female asked. Any important matter, Jiang Tian has not bred horses to marry, but the matter not so is simple, should be Jiang Tianshu and Jiang Tian raises their darkness to fight, among this will possibly come a you quite familiar person, but I do not think you to impulse, now is also not you sees his time.” Tong reminded. Xia Tian!” That female has made the angry sound. I walked first, this time you do not permit, if you destroyed the Jiang Tianshu matter, you died, even if were I cannot preserve you.” Tong reminded, present mountain Yun sect clouded over greatly, Jiang Tianshu was not beforehand Jiang Tianshu. His ambition is very big.

Tong believes that future mountain Yun sect can definitely be Jiang Tianshu. After Tong leaves, Xia Tian looked at a pit hole, he finally knows who now pit hole inside person was, that familiar sound, will definitely not have the second person with the angry expression. It seems like I must give you a big present.” Xia Tian in the flash that stone wall switches off, throws an silver needle, the speed of silver needle is quick, this was Xia Tian double refers to sending out the quickest speed with the left hand. This type of silver needle copes with ordinary Earth Grade Expert not to be impossible to succeed, but Wen Ya is different, although her strength is special, but she skill on Kungfu is not truly strong. You should better not to annoy me, otherwise you must die without doubt.” Xia Tian said that turn around leaves, he continued to track Tong, he does not dare with was too near, because the Earth Grade Expert vigilance was very strong. After Tong leaves, walked was very long, the position distance that Xia Tian, Tong cautious and solemn, he has walked all the way that cave was very a moment ago far, Xia Tian followed for a half hour. Then Tong vision looked at several in surroundings, cautious and solemn opened leaf of stone gate, then walked, stone gate after he goes for ten seconds starts to fall, in stone gate descended flash Xia Tian in ground followed. This is a giant pit hole. Has the treasure!” Xia Tian smelled an herbal medicine flavor, moreover felt spiritual energy, Hidden Sect spiritual energy has sufficed fully, but here spiritual energy returned the foot compared with Hidden Sect. Reason that Hidden Sect spiritual energy is more abundant than outside, because of the flowers and plants trees of this planter, these efficacious medicines, these thing beam energy spreads sends out spiritual energy, the speed that therefore cultivation gets up here be faster than outside on many. Thinks that treasure Xia Tian two shine, his unexpectedly arrived at this entrance treasure house with the child in old age. After the dialog, Xia Tian knows that Jiang Tianshu status here, very obviously Jiang Tianshu is this sect Men little sovereign, moreover in the future might becomes the sovereign person.

In other words here was the Jiang Tianshu domain, can all steal away the Jiang Tianshu thing, this was a very crisp matter. What Xia Tian is not clear, why Tong knows one come the Hidden Sect matter. Moreover listens to his words, probably all these in Jiang Tianshu during grasps, Jiang Tianshu also knows one came Hidden Sect, moreover knows one were stirs up trouble, what was main was must marry that person who is Jiang Tianshu younger brother Jiang Tian raises. „Are all these Jiang Tianshu designs?” Xia Tian all these links finally. He understands why finally one will bump into that two to go out to be the mission person by chance, moreover is looks for the token by chance, even has rushed to the labyrinth by chance, entered in Hidden Sect. All these were really too skillful, these many coincidences bumped in the same place, that was not the coincidence. If not bump into Tong, Xia Tian also really thinks that own luck turns into corrupt wolf that abnormal fellow, does the luck to be good, is this to be how possible. In corrupt wolf that abnormal fellow world only then such. Originally all these are the plans of Jiang Tianshu, he wants himself to eradicate Jiang Tian to raise for him, like this he can become Shan Yunzong only little sovereign, but he such does is forcing Xia Tian to , when his blade. Although felt that is not feeling well, but Xia Tian does not have any means that to retaliate Jiang Tianshu, Xia Tian decides to whirl away here all things. Since he has discovered the treasure, possibly lets off? Nine revolutions of universe cauldrons have the ability of storage goods. He followed quietly.

How did you come back?” Tomorrow is the day raises the big day of marriage, I planned that gives him to choose a gift, you also know my there not anything good thing, therefore comes to here to carry a shoulder-pole load looked that has a look thing that has him to use.” Tong responded. Was good, goes, remembers the custom, you this month with surpassing, but I have not reported.” That person expression ice-cold saying. Tong has not spoken, however his complexion is ugly, but he does not dare to display, because this person he cannot offend, but his in any case is also an elder, unexpectedly was regarded is Junior same lesson. That person has not gone to look at Tong, but one side stands up to go to fetch water to steep tea. Xia Tian has not moved, he knows that now is also not moves, this person is super Expert, the entire cavern is his domain, so long as Xia Tian will move that to be discovered by him. Therefore at this time Xia Tian moves does not dare to move. Although he knows that man is the treasure, but here after is the opposite party domain, he does not know that here has any mechanism, he rashly here with two Earth Grade Expert fights, is not the wise action, therefore he must find a golden opportunity. At this time the body of Xia Tian has hidden in the corner, he has taken off his carrying a heavy load, and took two to restore the compounded drug. Em?” At this moment, that protected here man to look suddenly to the Xia Tian hiding corner.