Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 994
Xia Tian understands that all in instantaneous, cannot come facing such Expert hardly, therefore he must relieve oneself carrying a heavy load, request of that flash to the speed is very strong. But when he just took off carries a heavy load, the vision of person of that guarding a gate has placed the Xia Tian hiding place. Treads! He walks directly to the Xia Tian safe house, step by step walks, each walking that walks is very steady, Inner Strength of whole body as if instantaneously will be transferred is the same. This is Expert, stance that one type momentarily must attack. Now he momentarily can transfer the most powerful fist, to match ruinous attack, saw that he was getting more and more near from the Xia Tian hiding place, on his fist adhered to stick cohere formidable Inner Strength, this fist can destroy all easily. Hey! The thing with was good, you must inspect.” At this moment Tong the sound conveys from behind, in the expression has very discontented meaning, that person returned to turning head, then suddenly turns the head. Bang! His fist hit directly to the place of darkness. Inner Strength manifestation! The might of this fist is big, hit directly above the wall, the crushed stone on wall was collapsed: Nobody?” Hey, I said that you will not treat here for a long time, the person changed silly, was strong has not located to cause?” Tong in the expression has been full of the ridicule, how he possibly lets off such good opportunity ridicule opposite party. Unreasonable.” Saying that person thought aloud.

Above this time stone wall, both hands of Xia Tian grab two silver needles, the both feet step in two silver needles, he also had a scare a moment ago, he has even prepared to put together, but Tong spoke to attract the attention of opposite party at this moment. Therefore has given Xia Tian that the opportunity of second of escaping. It seems like you also really here treat was too long, to sovereign said that transfers you, however, transfers uselessly, your friend you do not have in any case.” Saying of Tong coldly. Guards because of his responsibility relations, has not queered little, therefore Tong will say him. I must inspect, this is the routine business.” That person moved toward Tong directly, the position that Tong stands is a pit hole corner, that corner specifically is used to examine. If Tong brings some Advanced goods or the diverse goods, on that instrumentation will sound the warning, this type examines is famous refiner Master practices to make specially. Even if Spirit Tool can also inspect, therefore before Shan Yunzong the person enters the treasure house, cannot bring anything, otherwise comes out will be discovered by the warning, that you take in inside. Obviously is your thing, will also be considered that you will steal in, this will be Shan Yunzong the custom. Even if Tong such elder, before old here, must put own treasure, the body does not bring anything to come, otherwise that monitoring device will discover on him the thing. Careful that very that person inspects, with instrumentation on Tong careful sweeping. Is now.” The body of Xia Tian ran in treasure house instantaneously. Quick, Xia Tian not such quick.

Perhaps was worried that was discovered that may also to the expectation of treasure, therefore the Xia Tian speed achieves has never achieved the rapidness, is only the flash, he has crashed in the treasure house. Em? Also is the misconception?” The person of that guard shook the head, he even starts to think that was own misconception. I said how you were always recently terribly suspicious and fearful, a bit faster the inspection, I must walk.” Tong discontented saying. The person of that guard inspected Tong once more earnestly the body, after inspecting has met: Was good, you can walk.” „!” Tong despises looked at a person of that guard, afterward he walked directly. Entire Shan Yunzong, likes this fellow without any person, although he is also Earth Grade Expert, but he does not understand the worldly wisdom completely, therefore the entire Shan Yunzong people dislike him. No matter the moral behavior of that person is what kind, this time Xia Tian entered Shan Yunzong the treasure house. In Shan Yunzong the treasure house, there is a Earth Grade Expert protection, moreover is not ordinary Earth Grade Expert, Tong such Earth Grade Expert arrived here also to accept the inspection, thus it can be seen here actually strict. Here stores up, but Shan Yunzong treasure place. Xia Tian just entered the inside of treasure house, he felt heading on spiritual energy, here thing did not have Witchcraft Sect to mark, therefore wanted to absorb here thing, Xia Tian must the little absorption, but was not all absorbs all of a sudden. Although nine revolutions of universe cauldrons can store up the goods, but cannot all receive all of a sudden all things, only if Xia Tian makes the mark of Witchcraft Sect above. Initially in the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, these things were made to mark by the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor, therefore he can one all absorb in nine revolutions of universe cauldrons.

Although Xia Tian also studied has made the method of mark, but wanted to make to mark here thing using the technique of his, that did not have 1-2 months definitely could not complete, when the time comes Yun Miao already got married. Therefore he can only directly absorb, although slow, but three hours definitely sufficed. But he absorbs must be careful, because outside Expert is also defending there, here thing are many, although cannot compare the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, but here majority are quite practical, although the Witchcraft Sect thing is good, but the majority is useful to the Witchcraft Sect disciple, therefore Xia Tian will burn these compounded drugs, changes into spiritual energy, but here these compounded drug is in Martial Arts these Expert long-awaited. Here weapons quality is very ordinary, but the herbal medicine and compounded drug are actually very good. Especially these several hundred years of ginsengs may be not infrequent, outside these Qi rare grass here is very common. Jiang Tianshu, you definitely want to let me and your younger brother put together life and death, then sends for killing me, today I made you compensate the madame to fold the soldier, then also lost the treasure.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, if Jiang Tianshu knows that here treasure had been whirled away by him, perhaps will irritate. At this time time little past, Xia Tian cautious and solemn all took in the thing nine revolutions of universe cauldrons. Outside guard sits well there, immovability, has not discovered Xia Tian, because he does not believe that some people can enter from their front to the treasure house. Well? What thing is this?” Xia Tian is absorbing the treasure time suddenly had discovered a very interesting thing, this thing touches the little darling, seems not used to attack, but he thinks this goods immediately the true origin. Xia Tian immediately at present one bright: Is it.”