Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 995
This thing is the Witchcraft Sect treasure, although is not used to attack, is not used to defend, but it is used for act high and mighty absolutely, it is the thing that the past Witchcraft Sect old ancestor most liked, but afterward does not know why fell in Shan Yunzong the hand, how Shan Yunzong the person did not know uses, therefore threw it in the treasure house. At this time Xia Tian has discovered it, simply excited serious. When found this thing application method and ability, Xia Tian understands finally why the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor will mention this thing during own experience intentionally. Even defines it as the essential thing. Xia Tian had not found Spirit Tool in this treasure house, had not found false Spirit Tool, these things are the most precious objects, should be collected in other places. After three hours, Xia Tian all took in all things nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, he also studies to understand how that thing uses. But now presented another difficult problem, he could not exit. At this time that mountain Yun sect Expert is defending outside, if Xia Tian directly clashes, that will be blocked by him absolutely, here mechanism will open when the time comes, entire Shan Yunzong Expert will all catch up to here, here was besieged wounds mechanism again, that Xia Tian cannot run away absolutely. The time little past, solar raising slowly, in the Qingshan gate, in the Yun Miao eye shed drop of tears. My man can be a matchless hero, he will certainly harness seven color Xiangyun to marry in the future my.” Yun Miao still remembers that this once vainly hoped. Her original manuscript thinks one had found their put on airs, she also believes that her put on airs will certainly grow to very extraordinary Realm in the future, was the time is too short. This perhaps is the destiny, she knows that wants ten years, her put on airs will turn into present age great Expert, what a pity she could not wait for ten years, today she must get married. Xia Tian, I remember that you initially said wants me to become your wife, I agreed that I will also promise you to go back, what a pity I made an indiscreet remark, I that day that will unable to wait for you to grow.” Yun Miao looked at dagger in the hand. Treads! The sound of footsteps transmits, Yun Miao received the dagger in oneself hand hurriedly.

Yun Miao, must embark immediately, what did you have to say?” Seemed the 40-year-old female walked from out of the door, on her face all was the smiling face of currying favor with. When can put my master?” Gaining ground of Yun Miao looks to that 40-year-old female, in the eye is the anger. Do not visit me with this look, no matter what I am your teacher's younger brother, perhaps after waiting for you to marry to have on the auspicious day, you will also thank me.” The Yun Miao teacher's younger brother said. When has put my master?” Yun Miao also asked. You could rest assured that after you arrived at Shan Yunzong, your master will put.” The Yun Miao teacher's younger brother said. Few hosts who the Qingshan gate to let Yun Miao marries Shan Yunzong, have tied up the Yun Miao master directly, forcing Yun Miao to marry, Yun Miao for the safety of master, she can only compromise for the general interest. You should better mean what he says, otherwise I will not let off your.” Yun Miao angry saying. Relax!” The Yun Miao teacher's younger brother shows a faint smile. Yun Miao has put on the red lid, then had carried on the back the sedan chair, but ordinary eight lift the big sedan, eight people who however carries a sedan chair actually all are Profound Grade late stage Expert. Can make eight Profound Grade late stage Expert carry a sedan chair, this is in itself an unusual extraordinary matter. But at this time sits the person in sedan chair is unhappy. Senior Sister!” Looks at the sedan chair to go far away, spirit running secretly to the back side of the mountain, because her master was detained in the back side of the mountain, at this time the Sect person almost all attended the wedding. Therefore here is the guard most lax time. Back side of the mountain these guards also all attended the wedding, therefore a here present guard does not have, spirit happen to secretly ran in the prison in back side of the mountain.

Here has usually not closed excellently, but is closing her master now. Master!” Spirit shouts. Has not responded. The premonition that the spirit suddenly one types do not think, she ran hurriedly to the cave. Master Ah!!” Yun Miao sits on the sedan chair, her heart in disturbed, she, when arrived at Shan Yunzong, then they can let off their master, when the time comes his blood will splash at the scene. The sedan chair that although her appearance and she rides is seems plainest, however following is not plain, Shan Yunzong is the Hidden Sect second largest sect, Shan Yunzong the main marriage, how may be little small, when the time comes the entire Hidden Sect person can participate, the place that conducts is also very sacred place, conducts before the statue of mountain Yun sect founder. This is the most sacred etiquette, when the time comes will have in Shan Yunzong the rank oldest person always to manage. Few hosts, the sedan chair of Qingshan gate soon came, we must greet.” A famous mountains Yun sect disciple said. Em.” Shan Yunzong few principal points nod. He long before liked on Yun Miao, but Yun Miao did not like him, from infancy to maturity, so long as is he wants not to have him unable to obtain, therefore he starts to become friends with the Qingshan gate. And made the commitment, so long as he married Yun Miao, will give Qingshan gate rich cultivation resources. Jiang Tian raises, but Shan Yunzong few hosts, Shan Yunzong sovereign, the Qingshan gate will not happen how possibly to obtain somebody's favor this big tree in the future, therefore the Qingshan gate married Yun Miao directly. Yun Miao you are doomed are my.” Jiang Tian raised to grasp own fist.

Few hosts, we must.” Shan Yunzong must the disciple say. Good, now, meets my future wife.” Jiang Tian raises excited saying, he brings the enormous and powerful team to walk toward mountain Yun sect outside, these people are to he most loyal one group of little brothers. Looks at the big red sedan chair, Jiang Tian raises was very excited, he wishes one could to overrun Yun Miao to snatch now. But this does not gather the custom. Moreover Yun Miao must turn into his person immediately, therefore this for a while, after not receiving the Yun Miao sedan chair eagerly, they think that Shan Yunzong the big square walks, there has a giant statue, the master of statue is Shan Yunzong the founder. Also is the ancestor who Jiang Tian raises. At this time guest come was similar, Expert of various large amount gates all gathered here, today here is going to hold a grand wedding, this wedding was in Hidden Sect maximum prosperous times. At this time in Qingshan gate. Senior Sister, I must catch up, you cannot marry that person, the master died.” Saying of spirit whole face tears, afterward she directly fast goes to mountain Yun Zongpao, the spirit present only then an idea, she must rescue her Senior Sister. She cannot look helplessly Senior Sister dies. She must catch up.