Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 996

Spirit own speed promotion to quickest, she must catch up before they marry informs Yun Miao. Her master died. The person of Qingshan gate has punctured the shoulder blade of her master, moreover selected the hand muscle and foot muscle of her master, her master was extremely insulted, does not hope, because have harmed Yun Miao for a lifetime. Therefore her master committed suicide. Her master leaves the will, making Yun Miao a bit faster run away, never return to Hidden Sect. She must tell this matter to her Senior Sister Yun Miao, went to late her Senior Sister really to marry that person, will commit suicide. Few hosts, we go back, the guests are waiting.” Em!” Jiang Tian raises to suppress anticipation in oneself heart, Yun Miao has separation of curtain screen with him now, so long as he lifts the curtain screen on sedan chair, he can see inside Yun Miao. But he also knows that now is also not the time, the sedan chair must lift to the entrance. Hidden Sect altogether seven 12, seven 12 came many Expert at this time, Earth Grade Expert personally came, for the wedding that to participate in this Jiang Tian raises. This was to fully Shan Yunzong the face. If ordinary sect Men few main marriage, that most was also Profound Grade greatly complete Expert in the past the sufficient scene, but Shan Yunzong was the Hidden Sect second large amount gate. The strength is immeasurably deep. Therefore various large amount gates will send out Earth Grade Expert to attend the wedding that Jiang Tian raises, moreover raised to relate good sect Mengeng with Jiang Tian is sends large quantities of disciples to come, this was gives Jiang Tian to raise the face simply fully. Naturally, has related good sect Men not to be many with Jiang Tianshu, because Jiang Tianshu was rushed to outside since childhood, all these are mother arrangements that Jiang Tian raises, they are the half blood brothers.

The mother who Jiang Tian raises worried that Jiang Tianshu will raise to snatch the sovereign position with Jiang Tian in the future, when Jiang Tianshu is very small, made people deliver to outside Jiang Tianshu. Although afterward Jiang Tianshu came back, the clique that but Jiang Tian raises has been suppressing Jiang Tianshu. Everybody also knows that Jiang Tianshu is not successful, does not have sect Men to be willing with Jiang Tianshu to become friends with, because they think that Shan Yunzong will be Jiang Tian will raise in the future certainly, therefore outside these sect Men will be becoming friends with Jiang Tian to raise, even if were somewhat indecisive sect Men is also raises to extend the olive branch to Jiang Tian. Because Jiang Tian raises, once has married, that represented his opportunity to be bigger. Shan Yunzong is Jiang, not having descendant's Jiang descendants unable to inherit Shan Yunzong the sovereign position. Therefore, today solely is not a day of marriage, but selects the position of sovereign successor, so long as Jiang Tian raised has married officially, that sovereign position will turn most likely his. Today these Earth Grade Expert come to be possible not only to be supports, witnesses at this moment. Actually they want to take a look at Jiang Tianshu to come out to be up to mischief. If Jiang Tianshu does not come out, these people who then blew hot and cold before will also raise to extend the olive branch to Jiang Tian, because Jiang Tianshu turned into the through waste in their eyes. But if Jiang Tianshu destroys the wedding that Jiang Tian has raised today successfully, then they must start to consider Jiang Tianshu. „Did person send?” Jiang Tian raises to walk into that moment of entrance to ask. Relax, Jiang Tianshu there has dozens individual surveillance, he and his person have not gone out of door one step today, moreover around this we arrange on many Expert, so long as he dares to come, the person in our surrounding will directly escort away him.” A famous mountains Yun sect disciple said. Em, does well, this time cannot have any accident absolutely.” Jiang Tian raises to relax, he knows that he cannot miss this opportunity absolutely, smooth that so long as today's wedding is held, then he was the beautiful woman and right succeeds in obtaining. At that time he was genuine winner.

He does not allow anybody to destroy his wedding absolutely. Entered sect Men, Yun Miao can also walk from the sedan chair, Jiang Tian raised putting out a hand of gentleman, Yun Miao the hand builds on clothes that , in Jiang Tian has raised, has not gone to build his hand. Snort!” Jiang Tian raised cold snort innermost feelings saying: Also installs with me purely, tonight I want you to be attractive.” Although thinks at heart, but on mouth he actually cannot say, because today this wedding regarding him very important, therefore he does not hope to have any mistake, their this stand forth gradually. The vision of surrounding all people all centralized on the body of these two. Hidden Sect. Expert like clouds, sits everyone here is Expert, if they outside, that absolutely are top Expert, even can be ruling a region by force figure, but here they are also only a young guest. Suddenly the applause rises from all directions. These people intentionally support, they to create the atmosphere, making Jiang Tian raise to think that has the face. At this time Shan Yunzong the person sits in left first, but the person of Qingshan gate sits in right first, other large amount gates sit in the different positions in turn. Time drew near.” Yun Miao innermost feelings secretly thought, in her right hand is hiding a dagger, this will momentarily pierce her body the dagger. Their front is a big statue. Under the statue is standing a white-haired old man, this person is in Shan Yunzong the rank oldest person, this year soon 200 years old, his life reached the limit, did not have the accident he to live is about two months, where should have a life of Riley to wait for death to his such person now. However the present was Shan Yunzong few lord the day of big marriage, therefore he came out to be this director.

dāng! A clock sound transmits, this is Shan Yunzong the bell, only then very important matter will sound, today is the big day of Shan Yunzong little main marriage, naturally must sound. At this time in Shan Yunzong several people also said: Good play must start finally.” See old ancestor!” Jiang Tian raises respectful saying. Good, the day raised must marry, really hopes that I can also see your child, what a pity.” Saying that the old men regret. Old ancestor you can certainly notice that you least can also live 100 years old.” Jiang Tian raises to say. Was good, said proper business, today is our Shan Yunzong great happiness day, I proclaim Bu Shan Yun sect Jiang Tian to raise with Qingshan gate Yun Miao am going to become a couple today, the day raises, are you willing to marry Qingshan gate Yun Miao to be your wife?” The old men looked that raises to ask to Jiang Tian. At this moment all people have all turned very quiet, this is the today's most crucial time. I want!” Jiang Tian raises said directly. Yun Miao, are you willing to marry our day to raise?” The old men look to Yun Miao. I.” Yun Miao at this time also in hesitant, she does not know that the master does have to be put. I do not want.” At this moment, the rear area has broadcast a sound.