Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 997

When mountain cloud clan elder looks to Yun Miao that moment, all people have all calmed down, nobody dares to speak, they were waiting for this moment oncoming, they know that at this moment possibly is Jiang Tianshu and Jiang Tian raises *********, if Yun Miao complied, that Yun Miao was the woman who Jiang Tian raised, Shan Yunzong entrance main madame. If there is any accident, that certainly is Jiang Tianshu does. I.” Yun Miao planned to comply for the safety of master, because she did not determine that the master now is safe, but she discovered that she says in any event. I did not agree.” At this moment drinks from rear area greatly transmits. All people all looked to there. Sees only piece of seven color Xiangyun to drop from the clouds, what cloud above is standing is a matchless hero. The accident appeared. All people all are inconceivable looks at this person, because this person unexpectedly is mounting the clouds and riding the mist, this simply is a legend, they are the people of practicing martial art, does not believe that some people can mount the clouds and ride the mist. Because is fiercest Earth Grade Expert is impossible to fly, that is just the light industry, they need to borrow the strength the point to be very light, in aquatic, can borrow the strength on the branch with ease. This is the limit. But at this time some unexpectedly people harness seven color Xiangyun to come. My man can be a matchless hero, he will certainly harness seven color Xiangyun to marry in the future my.” Yun Miao sees this person time, in the eye is the tears, her dream unexpectedly realized. That dumb kid met her. At this time all crest of wave all had been robbed on the spot by Xia Tian, Jiang Tian raises a face angrily looks at this person.

The person who surroundings these Jiang Tian raise instantaneously has also stood, suddenly this person fell into during the encirclements of all people, but his at a moderate pace jumped down from the cloud, then the right hand wields, the cloud vanished in the eyes of people. Makes such beautiful woman cry, this is the crime.” That person of light saying. „Who are you?” Earth Grade Expert drinks greatly, afterward his body shot at Xia Tian directly, he wanted to strike to kill, he is Qingshan gate Earth Grade Expert, today is their big days, but some unexpectedly people caught up to disturb, therefore he must get rid directly, person who suppressed other to have the thoughts. Bang! The fist and that person of left hand of that Earth Grade Expert double referred to in one, his whole person was raised to fly directly. I called Xia Tian!” Right, this person Xia Tian, that stole up Shan Yunzong all treasures Xia Tian. He is stepping on seven color Xiangyun in the Witchcraft Sect most precious object that in mountain Yun sect that pile of treasures discovers, once the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor's treasure, seven soul Xiangyun, it was not seven color Xiangyun, but was seven soul Xiangyun. Reason that calls seven soul Xiangyun, because of it by seven formidable soul refinements. This thing does not have the striking power, has not defended the function, the biggest skill is act high and mighty, is stepping on it, regardless of goes, that act high and mighty model|pattern is absolutely full, Xia Tian when seeing its application method knew why the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor liked this treasure in the past so much. Because it can install act high and mighty to the invisible sharp weapon simply. Has been able to achieve to win B Realm without B. Xia Tian has studied this thing in the buried treasure the application method, is good has the Witchcraft Sect compounded drug because of Xia Tian, otherwise was unable to start this seven soul Xiangyun.

At that time he has treated in the cave does not dare to come out, that waited for worries, but outside that fellow slept does not rest, has sat, until early morning time, there is a person to deliver the food, that Earth Grade Expert exited, although, only then less than a half minute, however a half minute enough Xia Tian exited. He happen to caught up fortunately. Xia Tian! This name regarding the Hidden Sect person is very strange, although Xia Tian is very famous outside, however in Hidden Sect, nobody knows him radically, Hidden Sect knew that outside Expert has four. That is China four big Expert. The Hidden Sect person is very extremely arrogant, they think that besides these four people, other people absolutely do not have that qualifications to make them know. His unexpectedly came.” Spirit in crowd pants, she thought unable to catch up, but she saw seven color Xiangyun at this moment, sees seven color Xiangyun time, her whole person was shocked. Senior Sister dream unexpectedly realized. Moreover stands on seven color Xiangyun that person that familiar. Although periphery these people do not know Xia Tian, but his truly shook many people, two fingers repelled Earth Grade Expert, this was the what kind strength, Jiang Tian raised is also a brow wrinkle: I, no matter you are, today is the day of my big marriage, if you dare to disturb, I make you die not entire corpse.” The expression ice-cold his words that Jiang Tian raises just said that the surrounding these disciples all walked, moreover Shan Yunzong the disciple also directly died of suffocation the front door. SB, I am disturb, that woman is my wife.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to Yun Miao. Aggressive!

This time Xia Tian aggressive four leak, he uses the hand to point at Yun Miao time, that type aggressive all gave to charm the surrounding these Hidden Sect girl students, they have lived in Hidden Sect, has not seen the Xia Tian such aggressive man. Carries off a girl to be one's wife single-handedly, moreover so aggressively said that that woman is my wife.’ This imposing manner is nobody can compare. Has saying that the Xia Tian true skill absolutely is not Finger of Consonance, but is act high and mighty, the Xia Tian act high and mighty skill has surpassed his Finger of Consonance might absolutely. Yun Miao felt at this time one are in this world the happiest woman, she even is willing to throw to follow this man now, the matchless hero in her mind, this only will marry for a lifetime also a person. That is Xia Tian. Hateful!” That Qingshan gate Earth Grade Expert both eyes angry looks at Xia Tian, today the Qingshan gate and Jiang Tian raise the union, nobody can prevent, they have been guarding against Jiang Tianshu. But they have not thought that that person who comes is not Jiang Tianshu, but is this any Xia Tian. You court death!” Jiang Tian raises the vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian. He was angry, today is the day that he marries, but some unexpectedly people catch up to carry off a girl to be one's wife, this is courting death simply, he cannot tolerate such matter occurrence absolutely, here is Shan Yunzong, his domain, he, no matter Xia Tian is, he wants Xia Tian dead. „To kill my person to be many, you are what.” Xia Tian very optional saying. „The mountain Yun sect disciple, cloth Hushan big, other people defend the surroundings to me, I want him dead here, holds a memorial service for my wedding with his blood.” Jiang Tian raises the sound to shout.)