Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 998

The mouth of Xia Tian has been shouting restores the compounded drug, at this time he has broken by biting, compounded drug that his everybody hits, what hits is money, others restores the compounded drug not to hate to eat, but Xia Tian is different, he can eating one after another. This is a local tyrant. Xia Tian here, is wrecks the event today, he cannot have slight careless. This is the opposite party domain, they overwhelm with numerical strength, has slightly carelessly, might by the converging attack, therefore Xia Tian must do will be the unceasing eating compounded drug, so long as will a little consume eats, will maintain unimpeded by own Inner Strength. On the face of Yun Miao appeared worried. Although at this moment her affected must die, but she knows the Xia Tian strength. Although the Xia Tian talent is high, but the talent does not represent the strength, Yun Miao believes for ten years later, Xia Tian can be one generation of Expert, but now is not ten years later, nobody gives Xia Tian that ten years. Hushan big! Suddenly 9981 disciples have exhibited a weaponry, their swordsmanship unification. The enormous and powerful 81 people, the imposing manner is extraordinary. This is Shan Yunzong Hushan big. Sword, sword of destroying the hardest defenses. Kills!” Jiang Tian raises to give a loud shout, 81 people of sword flush away to Xia Tian directly, their swords are quick, moreover is airtight, regardless of Xia Tian moves aside to any angle, is unable to hide the attacks of these swords. Completely airtight. Since cannot shunt, the father does.” Xia Tian double refers to selecting instantaneously, the entire body moved, his only as if head and lower part of the body, because his body puts on gold thread soft armor.

dīng dīng dāng dāng! These swords were all hit to fly by Xia Tian. Changes! At this moment, sword changed, all people encircled four sides the wall, then a group of people stood on shoulder of a group of people, suddenly the Xia Tian whole person was blocked in the middle, moreover these people put on was the unified clothing. This impact very formidable. Hidden Sect spiritual energy is more abundant than outside, the cultivation method is also authentic, therefore the Hidden Sect person wants cultivation to Profound Grade is a very easy matter, regardless of the talent is much bad, so long as there is an enough time to accumulate, they can turn into Profound Grade. Why this is Hidden Sect can the prosperous reason. In Hidden Sect, these spirit grass efficacious medicines in roadside cannot pick casually, that will offend the Hidden Sect rule, once discovered that light then discards Martial Arts, heavy directly extinguishes kills, this is also in Hidden Sect the spiritual energy abundant reason. At this time the Hushan big thorough formation, these sharp long swords as if are moving clouds and flowing water, interwove the sword net, this type of sword net wanted to tear into shreds Xia Tian directly, after the sword flew, the opposite person will be kicking the sword, started once again. This sword deals with a person to deal with 100 individuals, the effect is very big. Snort, a person dares to come my Shan Yunzong to act unruly, today I must make you die not entire corpse, Jiang Tianshu, he certainly is the person who you find, it seems like I really to your face.” Jiang Tian raises cold snort one, he thinks that Xia Tian is Jiang Tianshu looks certainly to cause trouble. But he prepares unusual is full, therefore the plan of Jiang Tianshu will certainly not succeed. This Jiang Tianshu makes the person look for trouble, this will represent them soon to make war, for these years he sufficed to give the Jiang Tianshu face, if did not look in his father's face, he already found the person to solve Jiang Tianshu. Really is troublesome, so long as I dare to have slight lax, that instantaneously will be torn into shreds.” The Xia Tian vision has been inspecting in the surroundings, he is searching for this sword flaw, he does not believe has any perfect sword, can only say that was he had not found.

Rumbling! The might on sword point is big, bombardment ground time, the ground will pound a pit. Quite fierce, worthily is the Hidden Sect second largest sect, sword unexpectedly is so strong.” 9981 Profound Grade Expert used sword, the might to promote not to have the several fold together instantaneously, coped with this sword to succeed by sheer force of numbers already was impossible, their these 81 people facing over a thousand people of unit headquarters, was impossible to lose.” „The opposite that boy is also very fierce, understood at a glance that his young, he struck to repel Earth Grade Expert a moment ago, now relies on strength of the to contend with entire Shan Yunzong big, is really extraordinary.” The surrounding these people say with emotion, although here Expert like clouds, if hits, is very free with Jiang Tian raises to relate at the best person meeting, naturally the person of Shan Yunzong and Qingshan gate also affirmed at the meeting. Because Xia Tian this carrying off a girl to be one's wife behavior insults these two sect Men simply. Found!” Xia Tian suddenly at present one bright, he looked to understand finally, this was Eight Trigrams. The position that these people step on after Formation that I Ching Eight Trigrams calculates. Compares I Ching Eight Trigrams with Xia Tian? This is cracking a joke simply. But his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step I Ching Eight Trigrams most top perceives through meditation. Whiz! Goes ahead, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step of Xia Tian under foot full, he puts out one glass of good wines from the small cauldron, then leisurely and carefree strolled in big, he every step is blind spot.

Moreover he knows that opposite party next step sword will fall on any position, therefore this time he was getting more and more relaxed. Now periphery these people are all shocked. Xia Tian is an immortal seems to be same, his Movement Technique is illusory, the free shuttle in big, these swords cannot injure his slightest, moreover he is also taking pot liquor, there leisurely and carefree is drinking. Words that at this moment, did not read poems, were unfair to such scene simply.” Xia Tian says with emotion. He drinks while is fermenting, he planned to read poems. Has thought half-day Xia Tian opened the mouth finally: Superior clothes I damn, in fitting room.” Has saying that Xia Tian simply is talented, quickly braved, in the situation of this crisis, he not only can drink wine, but can also write poetry, in this poem will also be containing China 5000 succinctness. Has modern, that dim feeling, if this is the modern poetry, that hazy poetry will certainly not agree, if this calculates that the hazy poetry, that modern poetry will not agree similarly. Xia Tian was fallen by own talent simply. Hateful!” Jiang Tian raises to see Xia Tian so leisurely and carefree wanders in big, he has almost not irritated. Here is his domain, he sent out these many people to deal with a person, but these people on the contrary were became the ornaments of that person act high and mighty, Hushan big unexpectedly has not injured to the Xia Tian slightest. If this Hushan big is deals with others, that is Earth Grade Expert perhaps does not feel better, will have slightly will lose carelessly the life, but Xia Tian has completely understood this Hushan big at this time. I played enough, can start to harvest.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting.