Almighty Student - Volume 100 - Chapter 9940

Tread! In a flash! The surrounding these Dark Night elves surrounded directly Xia Tian, as if possibly began to Xia Tian momentarily, cut to kill Xia Tian to be the same directly. I said that do not compel me.” Saying of madame coldly. She is the Yu Shi mother. She cannot look that oneself daughter brings death. If Xia Tian insisted to bring her daughter in the past, she did not hesitate to cut to kill Xia Tian. Threatens me?” On the face of Xia Tian showed the smile. Meanwhile. The air/Qi of emperor appeared. The air/Qi of present emperor, is growing every day . Moreover the growth is fast. In the past the splendor moon/month and demon taught the founder such person, the inheritance masters who they obtained entered for this group of aura to the numerous god graves. Thus it can be seen this group of aura are formidable how. This group of aura now by air/Qi of little absorption emperor. The air/Qi of emperor Xia Tian releases now. Also is the flash makes the surrounding these people feel the tremendous pressure, strength of more than 50,000 points of Dark Night elves that several immortal even cannot lift, the body wants to kneel. The strength of more than 80,000 points of Dark Night elves madame and that immortal at this time are also the complexion very ugly. They want to release oneself aura. But they absolutely do not have that opportunity. They release oneself aura radically without enough time. The body as if not listen to the control to be the same. Their aura, bump into Xia Tian the air/Qi of emperor, is the waterdrop integrates the sea completely. Actually are you who?” The madame is clear at this time, oneself underestimated front person.

The so fearful aura, actually this is what existence. Too terrifying. This is last time, I, do not like being provoked one after another, the next time, I ensure here will die at least a person.” Xia Tian held up the hand of nearby Yu Shi: We walk.” This time. The madame has not stopped. Yeah! Looks form that Xia Tian and Yu Shi leave, she sighs. Madame, asks him to leave?” A Dark Night elf asked. She also grew up, we must respect her choice, so many years, I did not have to manage her, how now can interfere with her life.” The madame also understood in this moment. She should not deprive her daughter freedom. She even facing her daughter, acknowledged that the courage of her status does not have, how she can appraise her daughter. Yu Shi looked at Xia Tian one: What background are you?” This is not in our spheres of exchange.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Can we continue to trade, after you pass, helping me save my father, after we go back, I will give you with many rewards.” Yu Shi said. Imposing manner that just Xia Tian showed that is also makes her hold in high esteem to Xia Tian. Then huge imposing manner. No one has. You felt, you promised others are also not your things, should others accept? For example, we are just about to treasure hunt, I make you help me treasure hunt, works oneself to death for me, if found the treasure, I divide your part, will you agree?” Xia Tian asked. I...” Remembered, outside person is not every is your father, will help you unconditionally.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Snort! Yu Shi discontented cast aside Xia Tian one.

What the Xia Tian words saying is not really of pleasant to hear. Pursuing troops are quite quick.” Yu Shi looks that surrounding these dozens Expert say with emotion. „It is not the pursuing troops is quick, was your speed is too slow.” After Xia Tian said that forwarded one step! bo! The air/Qi of emperor first appears. In that moment that the air/Qi of emperor presents, the surrounding these person of bodies frame completely there. Kill! Xia Tian has not kept the meaning of hand, cuts to kill them directly. Gets down, how long do we need to be able?” Yu Shi asked. „About a month.” Xia Tian said. Is so long!!” Yu Shi also stares. Your young lady, stops from time to time, tired must rest, but must drink water, supplements a launching element, keeps the image, hurries along, can quickly damn, what this knows is you must save your father, does not know also thinks that you are taking vacation.” Xia Tian is also disinclined to respond Yu Shi. Yu Shi young lady temperament usually is very good. But once comes across the matter, her these young lady temperament, the young lady was familiar with to come up. How I can pick up the speed!!” Yu Shi asked. I lead you to fly, although the speed will be slow, so long as you do not stop, does not fear painstakingly, we can catch up with your father in half a month time they, now I have located their position.” Xia Tian said. They where?” Yu Shi asked. Ghost valley!!” Xia Tian just received the Qu Yiyi pass on message symbol, above has the name and direction. Ghost valley!!” Yu Shi stares. What's wrong?” Xia Tian asked. That was known as place that only then the deceased person can come out.” Yu Shi surprised saying. Let alone is so dangerous, in this world, the strategic place are many, but these places are just also more dangerous than the usual place, reason that makes people feel the terrifying , because your these people boasted.” The Xia Tian reminder said.

These words that he recently spoke, are reminding Yu Shi, he does not know that Yu Shi can understand. In brief, the acquaintance is the fate. He can help many help many. Perhaps some words, Yu Shi has not understood the Xia Tian words temporarily, perhaps but she later will have, naturally, after she must have, is good. Xia Tian with her cooperation, saw her father terminates. In ghost valley. Their four brothers are very careful. Although also died some subordinates, but the casualties in the number in the units place, they four strengths are very strong, wants to kill people before them, is not that easy matter. ! Yu Ying king Julie coughed. Fourth child, you how?” The lord of wild territory asked. I was poisoned.” Yu Ying king said. What's the matter?” The lord of wild territory asked. The strength of Yu Ying king is very strong, normal, by his strength, almost is very that difficult right is poisoned, moreover they all the way are also very careful. On my road time bumped into one imaginary, is my wife's appearance, I was not distracted carefully, at that time did not have to care, just discovered that the toxic spread is quick, perhaps I cannot hurry along temporarily.” The Yu Ying king also knows that own situation is not good. We repair and maintain!” The lord of wild territory said. No, Big brother, you continued, leave behind several people to accompany me to be OK.” Yu Ying king said. „It is not good, we had said before, cannot separate, remained is too dangerous you.” The lord of wild territory said. Big brother, you felt relieved that we have inspected to be clear, the enemy in front, the deep place of ghost valley, here no one, will not have the matter, even if they want to cope with me, must clash from you.” Yu Ying king said. This, I accompany the fourth child to stay behind, the big brother and third child lead the brigade people to go forward.” The wild slender lord proposition said.