Almighty Student - Volume 100 - Chapter 9941

Ok.” The lord of wild territory said. Big brother, I worried that the goal of enemy is to let us separates.” Yu Ying king Jimang reminded. Relax, I and third child together, wild deer Central Plain here, are absolutely No problem, if really has the issue, we will send the pass on message symbol to come, moreover we will also remove temporarily.” The lord of wild territory said. Good, Big brother, the Third Brother, you must pay attention to the security, I will certainly detoxify a bit faster, then pursues.” The Yu Ying king has not thought, first holding back unexpectedly is he. He has not thought. Opposite party unexpectedly held his soft rib, making him be poisoned. Qu Xi this person, he also found that is a mean and shameless woman. Coming out that this woman, anything makes. Moreover is good at playing the schemes and tricks. This. The wild slender lord remained. Ghost valley. Here most major characteristics are the cold wind are intermittent, moreover outside light can only illuminate part, daytime time, here is dusky, night here darkness. However regarding here Expert, is not the difficult matter. Although field of vision almost, but they use various element strengths the words, can see clearly the surrounding situation. Second Brother, we very long has not sat together chatted well!!” On the face of Yu Ying king showed the smile. Their these years, were really busy. Was quick, our strengths infiltrate so many years, the influence is deep-rooted, if this time can cut to kill this ill-tempered woman, our reputations will also reach the peak, when the time comes several other fellows will not say anything again, we found deer spirit the opportunity is also bigger, so long as found deer spirit, we can report on accomplishments with the day clansman, when the time comes, our four brothers in the motherland, had the true backer even.” The wild slender lord says with emotion.

Although now the day clansman is also their backers. But now they can only be under the day of clansman hand several ordinary dogs. The dog also divides the rank. If they can complete this mission, their position were completely different, later they these ordinary day clansmen did not even need to care. A while ago, my family's that girl was innocent, but also provoked that day clansman outside, although that day clansman was just a lowest fellow, but you also understand, between we and him the status disparity was very big, if were not behind us has the high-grade day clansman to support, perhaps he will not let off our.” The Yu Ying king also knows that own daughter caused trouble, outside not only contradicts a day of clansman, but also happened slightly some contradictory. Normal. In divine land place, even if the most common day clansman, no one is willing to provoke. However they have a day of clansman to support luckily, he was also first reported to give his above day clansman this matter at that time, that day clansman after knowing situation, returned to the news he, making him look for deer spirit well, other things, the day clansman will help him handle, so long as he can help a day of clansman find deer spirit, their anything did not need to care. I also heard, that day clansman seems like the position is not very high, he is an illegitimate child of day clansman, his father to get so far as the status of day of clansman to him, spent very big strength, moreover does not let his great power clan, making him enjoy the life to be OK in the motherland well, therefore he, although was also a day of clansman, but without was so terrifying, what if the niece offended was other day of clansmen, that was really troublesome.” The wild slender lord said. They understand. Offends a day of clansman, that is very terrifying consequence. However that day clansman actually does not need to care. That day clansman bluffs and blusters outside, but they have the backer. That day clansman does not dare to provoke them. Therefore, we must speed up the express, found deer spirit a bit faster, completes mission a bit faster, the day clansman some are impatient, I the words that is worried about to delay again, the day clansman thinks that we handle matters disadvantageously, when the time comes troubled.” The Yu Ying king also understands, they must pick up the speed. We handled Qu Xi, was quick.” The wild slender lord as if saw their glorious future. This.

Yu Ying king also disintoxicating of keeping. The speeds of front these people are also much slow. Ghost valley here danger numerous, they are also worried about to be planned by Qu Xi, therefore now, they must be more careful. This. Yu Ying king Zuzu rested for more than ten days. He prepares, he saw oneself daughter: How did you come?” At this time on the face of Yu Ying king is the shocking facial expression. He has not thought, oneself daughter unexpectedly will appear here. Father, I am worried about you, therefore comes.” Yu Shi said. „Don't I make you guard the Yu Ying city?” Yu Ying king said. Sorry, the father, the Yu Ying city lost.” Saying of Yu Shi face apology. What?” The Yu Ying king stares: What's the matter?” I have not thought, the cousin is such person, his little replaced my position, was built on stilts my right, killed off in the city all high-level people and their families, Yuan family/home Patriarch was also missing, entire family was killed.” Saying of Yu Shi unusual apology. Wild ambition, had looked that he is not normal.” The Yu Ying king does not like that Qi child actually, but concerned about is the relative, moreover his daughter likes, he has not said anything. However he has not thought. unexpectedly will have such matter, now these brothers still work oneself to death in front, if makes them know that own family had died, that what happened? Inconceivable.

Right, the father, this time was very likely the plot of Qu Xi, Tian Xia said that the Qu Xi goal was to tempt you, then used the similar means to be built on stilts your influences, let you four influences all by her person control.” Yu Shi said. Em? A wild slender lord brow wrinkle. Did his domain have an accident? Meanwhile. The vision of Yu Ying king looked to Xia Tian: Many thanks Mr. Tian delivers my daughter.” Does not need to thank me, fair trade!!” Xia Tian said. What trades?” The wild slender lord looked to Xia Tian. She gave me thousand engine boxes, I her safe belt/bring to you in front, I complete mission now, should walk.” Xia Tian light saying. Tread! At this moment. The wild slender lord blocked directly in the Xia Tian front: Thousand engine boxes, is you can take?” What do you mean?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Hands over thousand engine boxes.” The wild slender lord said. What's wrong? To do the matter?”