Almighty Student - Volume 100 - Chapter 9942

Xia Tian at this time is also the brow tight wrinkle. His with good intention delivers Yu Shi to come. Finally. Opposite party unexpectedly must renege on a promise. Two uncle, was he saved me, was he protects me to come.” Yu Shi quickly goes forward. Niece, you are not clear, the will of the people are dangerous, perhaps, he is also the Qu Xi person, he saves you, perhaps is they are in cahoots the good plan.” The wild slender lord stands in the Xia Tian front like this: Boy, hands over thousand engine boxes, I can forgive you not dead!!” Xia Tian has not spoken, such static looks at the wild slender lord. What's wrong? Isn't convinced? I told you, this world Expert was to revere.” The wild slender lord extends own hand. His movement is optional. Such superficial putting out a hand. Good, today's matter I remembered, Expert is to revere!!” Xia Tian handed over thousand engine boxes. He is not the wild slender main opponent, moreover side also Yu Ying king, if two people collaborate, Xia Tian must die without doubt. Therefore. Xia Tian does not have the opportunity of resistance, only if he holds Yu Shi now, threatens these two people with her, this skill he has, but Xia Tian is not that person. Wait!” The wild slender lord said. What matter also has?” Xia Tian asked. You cannot walk, who knows you and Qu Xi are one group.” The wild slender lord said. Second Brother, asking him to leave.” Yu Ying king said. „It is not good, cannot ask him to leave absolutely, the fourth child, our present domains, had been given to control by them, cannot let go any suspect absolutely, even if not kill him, must lead him to start off together, if he truly is Qu Xi one group, we can also ask their concrete plan, even if cannot be held responsible anything, we can still do to coerce with him, after we converged the big brother, can need further consideration.” The wild slender lord believes that if Xia Tian is the person of Qu Xi arrangement. That such important mission, can be side Qu Xi the most essential person. Threatens Qu Xi with this person, perhaps will have the function.

He arrived at the Xia Tian side like this. Seal Xia Tian dantian. Xia Tian has not revolted. Whatever he does that. „Do you know retribution these two characters?” Xia Tian light saying. Naturally knows, you plan us, you will certainly encounter the retribution, moreover I will butcher you personally.” Wild slender lord very optional saying. Good, since you want to make me see with one's own eyes your retributions, I had a look at your retributions to be good.” Xia Tian stood in their front like this. Sorry!!” Yu Shi unusual apology looks at Xia Tian. Has not sorry, the law of the jungle, our transactions have been closed, my strength is insufficient, oneself cannot preserve the thing , there is nothing to do with you, we do not owe.” Xia Tian is a grievances distinct person. Between he and Yu Shi, the itself trades, now traded to finish. That must blame only to blame his skill being insufficient. Otherwise he naturally can also bring the thing to leave. Second Brother, or ok, asking him to leave, leads him, we do not facilitate to hurry along.” Yu Ying king said. Does not facilitate the words that hurries along, killed him.” The wild slender main attitude is also very explicit. That brings, I just gave the big brother them to pass on a message, but I discovered, ghost valley here, Ghost Qi winds around, the speed of pass on message symbol is very probably slow, but also without our hurrying along speeds is quick.” Yu Ying king said. Walks, although ghost valley here the situation is special, but only a road, so long as we with coming up, were all right, big brother’s their strengths are very strong.” The wild slender lord said. Their four brothers. The strength of everyone is very strong, especially their big brothers. The lord of wild territory. That is in the entire wild deer Central Plain, topest existence.

And. The third child follows, such a batch of Expert. Therefore. He did not worry that oneself big brother has the danger. Father, here how terrifying, moreover felt that the whole body feels cold.” Although Yu Shi also outside informed and experienced, but she has not seen such scene. At this time here environment makes her body unusual is uncomfortable. Remembered, no matter what happened, must stand side me, cannot leave side me absolutely, understands?” Yu Ying king very serious saying. Although the Yu Ying city has lost temporarily. So long as his daughter is safe, his anything does not care. Is unceasingly thorough along with them. The wild slender lord also relaxed much, just started, he is very careful, may march on the half-day road, he discovered, here is more terrifying except for the aura, cannot see anything light/only beside, had no place of special hazard. Even if has what accident/surprise, they can still deal with. Second Brother, big brother they, although the speed will not be fast, but had hurried along for more than ten days, we pick up some speeds, I a little am worried about the big brother they.” Yu Ying king has an unclear premonition. Em! The wild slender lord also held Xia Tian. The Yu Ying king brings own daughter. Their fast is making a long-range raid forward. Had an accident.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) said. Em, saw, their front team casualties should be very serious.” The eyes of Xia Tian have observed the surrounding situation, although here ray is very dark, the normal person almost looks at not too clear surrounding situation. But regarding Xia Tian, is can see through with ease.

Although here corpse vanished, the bloodstain of but everywhere having can show, here has had the war absolutely, moreover everywhere is the bloodstains, obviously is the war that chases down and escapes. Wilderness eagle they four strengths are very strong, but looking back now, their four were divided obviously, Qu Xi should have the helper, this can defeat them one by one.” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) analysis said. „The words that gets down, these people should die, we act according to circumstances.” Xia Tian also understands, he does not have the ability to change anything, moreover he reminded this wild slender lord even, he will not listen to Xia Tian. Therefore he does not need to say anything. Only needs to wait to look that the situation was OK. Wait!!” The Yu Ying king stopped the footsteps. What's wrong.” Wild slender lord puzzled asking. The vision of Yu Ying king looked suddenly to nearby stone wall, later one group of flame threw. The flame illuminated stone wall. At this time above stone wall is hanging a corpse. The four limbs of corpse cut off, the eye was dug, the tongue also cut off, the mouth was ripped open, the full mouth tooth has not been left over. The condition of whole person looks very terrifying. Ah! In the Yu Shi mouth exuded the squeal, she has not seen such deceased person. Hundred million brother!!” The Yu Ying king quickly ran. Ended, in him move.” Xia Tian shakes the head.