Almighty Student - Volume 100 - Chapter 9943

This person is not others, brothers who Yu Ying king once fought together, these have gone all out together brothers. His faithful subordinate. Now. unexpectedly turned into this. Ah! The pitiful yell sound shouted together from the mouth of Yu Ying king. Cuts away both hands, otherwise you died.” Xia Tian shouts. ! The Yu Ying king does not have the slight hesitation, must go to own both hands directly, but actually by wild slender lord blocking: „The fourth child, how you can believe his, he possibly makes you do that intentionally, the present is the fight period, you cut away your both hands, even if expedites childbirth again, the battle efficiency continuously will still drop.” „It is not good, the Second Brother, I was truly poisoned.” Yu Ying king said. The wild slender lord also looked at both hands of Yu Ying king, at this time his both hands had turned into the black. ! He also began personally, shut off both hands of Yu Ying king. Yeah! Xia Tian sighs. „It is not good, the toxic gas also part remains.” Yu Ying king Xiangyao controls the toxic gas in within the body, but the toxic gas invaded his body. If just started him to listen to Xia Tian, cuts off own both hands directly, that he has been saved now, is that wild slender lord, he lost the best time. Father!” Yu Shi quickly must go forward. Do not pass, your father now is the poisonous person, although he had been controlling, moreover toxic gas remaining are not many, but if you touch, you will also be infected.” Xia Tian said. ! The wild slender lord walked directly, a fist punctured the body of Xia Tian: „Will you know virulently here? It seems like you and Qu Xi are one group, said, which the antidote , the words that did not speak, I kill you now.” The Xia Tian good intention reminded.

The result trades is this. Looks own wound, Xia Tian looks at front wild slender lord: You are very good.” You, if did not say, I kill you now.” The wild slender lord also chokes with rage, he thinks, their four brothers make a move together, quick can handle Qu Xi, but he has not thought, finally will turn into this, their outside domains also had an accident, now Yu Ying king move. He is a fire does not have the place to vent. Therefore. He takes Xia Tian to start to vent one's anger now. Second Brother, cannot, he just also remind me.” Yu Ying king helpless saying, if at that time were not the wild slender lord stop, he will not turn into this: Gives Mr. Tian to treat.” Yu Shi also quickly arrived at the Xia Tian side, took the innate pill of immortality of therapy to Xia Tian. Although she therapy, but gave Xia Tian to make some processing. „Do you care about this boy to do? Side remains, sooner or later will be a trouble.” Wild slender lord very discontented saying, in his opinion, Xia Tian will be doomed to be a very troublesome fellow in the future. Although he does not know Xia Tian, but Xia Tian just saved the Yu Ying king, because of his stop, lets the toxin spread of Yu Ying king on the contrary, this lets he very uncomfortable matter. The Yu Ying king has not said anything, but he very uncomfortable. Now might as well kills him as early as possible. Second Brother, no evidence determined that he is the Qu Xi person.” Yu Ying king said. We work, when started to want the evidence? So long as we felt to matter, that should do.” Wild slender lord very overbearing saying. Their four brothers can have today's position, that by not blowing. Also does not depend on what justice and humanity to grow the present. But hits. I understand, but he has rescued my daughter after all two, you also know, my such family member, I do not hope she has an accident.” Yu Ying king loves own daughter. We? Your a few words, our three brothers first caught up, now the family member possibly also has an accident, perhaps our son daughter, died, perhaps under our hand these brothers, were also killed, I hope that they do have an accident?” The wild slender lord asked. Second Brother, I am not that meaning.” The Yu Ying king is also saying of unusual apology.

He also understands. If this time matter because of him, other three brothers will not act. They do not come out, their influences will not have problems absolutely. Bang! The wild slender lord kicked directly on the body of Xia Tian. Bang! Body hit of ruthlessly Xia Tian above that corpse, that corpse that fills the toxic gas. The body is also the embed in stone wall. This foot. Might very big. Tian Xia!!” Yu Shi quickly shouts, wants to run. But actually by wild slender lord blocking. Niece, he was kicked a foot by me, almost died, even one breath. He now from top to bottom is the toxic gas, could not live.” The wild slender lord said. The Yu Ying king has not said anything again. The unexpectedly wild slender lord has completed, that even. Yu Shi has not said anything again. She understands, she said anything was useless. Usually her father loves her very much, she said anything, the fathers will not reject, but now, her father have no right to speak. She said that anything was also useless. She is bowing to Xia Tian, later they left. !

The Xia Tian of embed on stone wall aspirates: Withdrew finally.” Your body I have helped you thoroughly restore, the toxic gas simply is the pediatrics, with the toxic gas of your within the body, the toxic gas of water of Sanchuan compares, insufficiently looks completely.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) says with emotion. Now. Xia Tian was also withdrew, in the opposite party opinion, Xia Tian was killed. But in fact. Xia Tian does that also withdrew to oneself. Although wild slender lord that foot, the strength of 20,000-30,000 points immortal people cannot shoulder even, but regarding Xia Tian also is really not anything. Actually here what happened, their four are Expert, the strengths of front two people are also very strong, actually did they meet what?” Xia Tian very curious saying. Em? At this moment, he induced familiar aura suddenly. Qu Yiyi! Then, he looked following the aura. Qu Yiyi saw Xia Tian time also showed the smile: You are really slow, waited for you is so long.” What situation here present is?” Xia Tian asked. Qu Xi looks for Protector that three bamboos taught to help, that Protector strength is very strong, moreover there are many subordinates, their making a move teams, killed was similar, the leading troops were also left over are less than 30 people.” Qu Yiyi answered. That two Expert?” Xia Tian asked. That two Expert are very strong, without is so temporarily easy to handle, but they are walking into the Qu Xi snare step by step.” Qu Yiyi answered. Yu Ying city thorough was controlled by them, that following, should fight with all might to them quickly truly.” Xia Tian also understands, the decisive battle place is not far. Apex reading website: