Almighty Student - Volume 100 - Chapter 9944

Such good liveliness, naturally must look, I know that you want to seize the opportunity to get rid of Qu Xi, but I reminded you, Qu Xi will be will not expose in the danger absolutely, moreover they have entered Qu Xi to establish in the good snare now completely, finding out could not go out.” Qu Yiyi said. Saw a person of Dark Night clan?” Xia Tian asked. You felt, without our direction, Dark Night clan that several people possibly with?” Qu Yiyi asked. Right. Although Xia Tian brought Yu Shi to come, but he has not led the madame and a Dark Night clan comes, a person of Dark Night clan wanted to investigate here, is not easy. Moreover ghost valley here channel winding ups and downs, if out-of-sight correct entrance, going astray road. Does not give a try, how to know to be good, the matter that I most like handling is impossible to turn probably, if such good opportunity I do not hold, next time will want to cut to kill Qu Xi difficulty.” Xia Tian also understands, Qu Xi is a very careful person, since she and three bamboos taught to cooperate, she will definitely guarantee that oneself security, will not be exposed by oneself in the place of danger, very good preserved itself. Such person, definitely plans unusual is good. Guarantees absolutely safe. Qu Xi can live in so many wars, but also becomes the biggest winner, this does not blow. However Xia Tian is not also simple. Xia Tian this person most likes doing creates the opportunity. Without the opportunity, he creates the opportunity. Now although four big Expert being swindled step by step, but four big Expert strengths are very formidable. Good, I also want to take a look, how you killed this Qu Xi.” Qu Yiyi said. Disappearance. Two people disappeared in directly same place.

Yu Ying king they in unceasing hurrying along. Although the Yu Ying king was poisoned, but promptness of this discovery, therefore the situation is not very serious. Moreover they in advance, bumps into these people who retreated. Big brother!!” The Yu Ying king shouts. Second child, fourth child.” The lord of wild territory ran, when he sees Yu Shi also sighs: It seems like, our really fell into a trap.” Big brother, you knew!!” The Yu Ying king stares. Em, this Qu Xi is prepares, she makes here come us, is three bamboos teaches to be in cahoots, perhaps our outside influences have had an accident, moreover here is not the long-term place, we must go out a bit faster.” The lord of wild territory said. Sees Yu Shi that moment, he understood, his suspicion did not make a mistake absolutely. They were definitely attacked outside domain. Doesn't kill her to walk again?” The wild slender lord asked. In her opinion, this time matter is because Qu Xi causes, killed Qu Xi, even if they also handled all, so long as they went back, the discarded domain can still look. „If a Qu Xi person, naturally nothing, but this three bamboos teach, since they dare to move our domains, that showed that they definitely have the plan that keeps us from going back, although I have not known that they want to do, but pursues, perhaps will enter to the snare of opposite party.” The lord of wild territory is very calm, naturally, his calmness traded with the human life, they now side remaining these dozens individuals. Also good.” The Yu Ying king nods, he also thought that here situation is not very simple. Really is uncomfortable , unexpectedly made her Qu Xi planning, next time will certainly kill her.” Wild slender lord at this time very uncomfortable. The opportunity that he has acted continually does not have. Therefore is not convinced very much.

Big brother, what happened?” Yu Ying king felt not quite right. Me.” Dominates City Lord to sigh. Ok, let alone.” Yu Ying king said. Em? Yu Ying king Bujie looks to dominate City Lord. In your person had the Qu Xi traitor within, the big brother is sneak attacked by him, moreover was at crucial moment, the big brother was injured.” Dominates City Lord to say. What?” The Yu Ying king understands, can injure to his big brother, and person who there is an opportunity, definitely is the subordinate of his most core, he has not thought, even his core became the Qu Xi person hand/subordinate. I said that their time comes prepared, therefore we cannot clearly know that the opposite party was the snare also toward in facing set.” Although the lord of wild territory to their four brothers' strengths is very confident. But he does not want dead because of their being proud in inside. At the beginning, he also thinks that in front of the absolute strength they can certainly defeat all. But now. He changed this idea. Three bamboos teach to help, he thought that the matter is not simple, this possibly is a plot, the long-premeditated plot, they must first leave the ghost valley, needs further consideration. Good, this time calculates that her Qu Xi luck is good, next time I will certainly kill her.” The wild slender lord also understands, now is not demands, this ghost valley, is in the wild deer Central Plain a special place, they are not familiar with here, if continues to hit here, perhaps they must suffer a loss, in addition they four two brothers are injured now, he also worried that can have any special situation. Four guts Lil' Demon, must run quickly, what nonsense wilderness eagle, but is four drenched chickens, I thought after you, changed name to call to flee to the wilderness.” The sound appeared together. This sound Qu Xi.

Coming out that they listen. Provocation. In the Qu Xi words is the meaning of provocation. However these four people are also big figure, how to be swindled. Qu Xi, you have the skill to come out to hit, I ensure does not make you live departure.” The wild slender lord said. Four hit one, having anything is good to show off.” Saying that Qu Xi disdains. You come out, we select only.” The wild slender lord shouts. I go out now, your four definitely on together, even if I and you select only, when you die quickly, other three people will still act, do you think at my meeting your working as? Four men, unexpectedly feared that my woman, you also are really very disgraced.” In the Qu Xi words all taunted. But wilderness eagle in wild deer Central Plain most famous four people. Is known as the people of four Daqi days. They have oneself arrogance, was taunted, definitely cannot bear. Has the skill you to come out, our real swords and spears hits.” The wild slender lord shouts. Do not say that the words of that child, said that deer spirit the accurate news I have, why this also I to you four beginning reasons, deer spirit only have one, the winners become kings while the losers become bandits, you died, deer spirit is my, you killed me, deer spirit is your.”