Almighty Student - Volume 100 - Chapter 9945

At this time. Their four were all shocked, they looked at one mutually. They understand. Now. They did not have the escape route. Other matter, they can not care, even if outside their influence had been seized by the enemy, they do not care. But deer spirit issue. They must care. They arrive at wild deer Central Plain here, for deer spirit. Their above people, is the person of day of clan. Also for deer spirit. So long as their four can obtain deer spirit, after that they are the first-grade servants of that day clansman, popular name, as soon as dog, although sounds not much, as soon as the treatment and ordinary servant of dog are different. A day clansman. Will have ten hand/subordinate and other dogs and some ordinary subordinates. So long as becomes the dog of day of clansman, will obtain the asylum of day of clansman, the average person, cannot start to them, moreover they found the influence outside, does business, is protected by day of clansman, does not need to pay any fee to the local area. Once becomes the first-grade dog, then on thorough was different, other day clansmen cannot kill these people casually, even if these people offended other day clansmen, for several days the clansman must report after their masters can begin. But generally day clansman, will shelter own first-grade dog. Therefore. Once becomes the first-grade dog, after that in divine land, almost walked sideways. They struggled so many years, for the status of this first-grade dog. Big brother, dry/does!!” The wild slender lord said.

Em! The principal point of wild territory nod: Does, since Qu Xi also in the ghost valley, we cuts to kill her here, obtains the deer spirit news.” Wait, Big brother, can be she deceives us intentionally!” Yu Ying king asked. „The Yu Ying king, said that in my hand has three thousand engine boxes, other things, the first thousand engine boxes Yu Jia in your Yu Ying city obtain ; After the second thousand engine boxes were I killed off ten thousand rain about 100,000 people, obtained ; Third is I obtains in dwarf clan there.” Qu Xi said directly. If she solely said own three thousand engine boxes, perhaps the opposite party does not believe. But she says oneself three thousand engine boxes the place of acquisition now. This was OK. Also waits for anything, dry/does.” The wild slender lord said. Em, the brothers, the victory or defeat depends on this, we did not have the escape route, can only look, now we first rest, adjustment own condition, then went forward all of a sudden.” The lord of wild territory ordered. This time Xia Tian and Qu Yiyi are hiding in the hidden place. Good, your hidden means are also very good.” Xia Tian just hid own time, has not gone to manage Qu Yiyi, their two depend on oneself skill to hide. Now looks. The Qu Yiyi hidden way is also very good. I ate the people of six dragon veins, the strengths of these six dragon veins are digesting unceasingly, I anything do not do now will stiffen, did you fear.” Qu Yiyi looks at Xia Tian to say. What fears? My Xia Tian never believes, own growth will be slower than others.” Xia Tian very self-confident saying. Right. Xia Tian most fears does not have the time, so long as gives his enough time, he does not fear any opponent. These people, started to bring about own destruction.” Qu Yiyi has not intertwined again she and Xia Tian matter. Xia Tian slight nod: Artificial wealth dies, birds die in pursuit of food, they cared about the deer spirit, just they when heard the deer spirit these two characters, eyes were straight, coming out that I looked, but their four people, have completed the consciousness of death.” He is really not clear.

These four person strength such formidable, they can live hand to mouth to eat to where, why must snatch this deer spirit, even they understand, continues, perhaps will really die. Belief, this is their beliefs, moreover you think that so gets along to mix with the day clansman? The day clansman gives them mission, similarly to them the time, their rest of the time should not be many, the day clansman most does not like does not have the subordinate of ability, if they cannot display oneself skill, they will also die.” Qu Yiyi answered. The person in divine land. Has very big difference from them. Here person, has the belief. But their beliefs, are blind. Including these top Expert. Has a look , helping them in the hidden place as far as possible.” Xia Tian said. Careful point is, if exposed, with the Qu Xi character, will definitely leave ahead of time, or makes many preparations, she does not allow outside to appear absolutely, moreover her vigilance is high.” Qu Yiyi understands Qu Xi very much. Qu Xi this person, worked in the past is so. She very discrete. Saw that the situation table is not wonderful, first maintains life for the lord. All things during her plan, if goes wrong, she will have very high vigilance. That can only first have a look, essential time acts, handles she biggest trap.” Xia Tian also understands, Qu Xi such person, is not definitely simple, if the middle some minor matters also do the destruction, might be discovered by Qu Xi very much, when the time comes troubled. Therefore. The middle begins might as well to begin finally. „The poison of that Yu Ying king has to investigate extremely the meaning of strength, good that although he controls now, but your I investigate extremely the destructive power of strength clearly, words that gets down, he finally was a disabled person.” Qu Yiyi said. Right. Investigates extremely the strength regarding Expert of six pulses, is not secret. But regarding outside person, but also is really a secret.

They do not know that investigates extremely the terrifying of strength. This. Their this teams continue to go forward. Yu Shi was protected in the middle position. Big brother, I always felt that the situation is not right, since Qu Xi wants to fight a decisive battle with us, that should have some movements to be right, but now, we still lead the way in the ghost valley unceasingly, gets down, does not know when must arrive.” Yu Ying king also very careful. Although he also knows that they do not have the escape route. But if continues to get down, will really have very big danger. Big brother, is inferior to this, we destroy the making mischief valley, although the ghost valley is very big, but by our skills, ruining here should the issue not be big.” The wild slender lord proposition said. Em! The lord of wild territory also believes, they continue to make a long-range raid are not means. Tread! Afterward. They start fast upward to fly. Your a while flies high, your several protect the young lady.” The Yu Ying king looked at remaining these subordinates. This group of idiots.” Qu Yiyi scolded one, she is also starts the fast movement. Xia Tian also followed to jump. However their two are the different directions.