Almighty Student - Volume 100 - Chapter 9946

Their two saw these people lift off, understands that these people must make anything. The ghost valley has 100,000 zhang (3.33 m) high, the length is continuous, to hurry along in the ghost valley, will suffer the suppression of ghost valley here terrain, but if flies from Silicon Valley, person who that below hidden, they were impossible to find, but they fly now. That showed. They do not want to pursue the person, but wants to destroy the making mischief valley directly, destroys the tail from the beginning, wants they to compel Qu Xi. Although this consumes the strength. But they have determined now. The enemies are not a Qu Xi person. If there is a Qu Xi person, they destroy uselessly radically. Because Qu Xi can dodge and make a long-range raid fast. Finally they consume in vain. But if the number of enemy are many, especially has in the situation of ambush, the effect that such crazy bang explodes randomly will be better. Because the enemy cannot bear, will run. Naturally. They attack. Xia Tian and Qu Yiyi must be hit. For does not expose their status, at this time their two also escape separatedly. However two people skills are also very formidable. Qu Yiyi directly entered in stone wall. She absorbed the strength of dragon vein. Directly enters stone wall, fast shuttle in stone wall, some impossible people to discover. Xia Tian also put out Golden Blade, the stone wall fast incision, although he such quick traveling speed will leave the trace, but quick here by above that four crazy wild animal bombing flat. That naturally cannot some people seek for the trace. Their two understand. Cannot expose. Once exposes. Above that four people will not let off them, moreover may be discovered by Qu Xi very much, if Qu Xi sees is Qu Yiyi, that troubled.

Four people looked at each other one. Afterward. Four groups of strengths pound down directly. The powerful strength interwove in one, gathered terrifying strengths instantaneously. They are controlling oneself strength, covers entirely the ghost valley as far as possible the sky, in this case, they shell one time, can ruin several tens of thousands li (0.5 km) ghost valley directly. If there is an enemy to hide in these several tens of thousands li (0.5 km) ghost valleys, that will also be exploded directly. This is their goals. If no one were exploded. They continue to go forward. Here only has a ghost valley in any case. Qu Xi will be exploded sooner or later by them. Starts!” The lord of wild territory said. bo! Four people detonated the following strength directly. Rumble!! The powerful destruction strength, crushed all instantaneously, under them all, were extinguished by this. Smashing. Entire canyon thorough smashing. Although here stone wall is very hard, below also by powerful strength package. But these four people were too strong. Aura! When they destroy falls down a ghost valley, the black air/Qi of entire ghost valley, all shoots up to the sky. Em? Four people is a brow wrinkle, they have thought the following black air/Qi is strange, but they do not know this black air/Qi is anything, at this time they just ruined the following ghost valley. The black air/Qi that finally this soars to the heavens makes a long-range raid to them.

It can be said. This is very terrifying scene. Careful, this black air/Qi has the strangeness.” Yu Ying king Tixing said. Meanwhile he also looked to the above these people: You lead the young lady first retreat.” This giant explosive sound is terrifying. Resounds through the world. When distant place ghost valley entrance there is waiting for and confused wife hears the explosive sound, brings her these hand/subordinate to turn toward here to make a long-range raid to come, although they are away from here very far, but such big explosive sound and dreadful black air/Qi, they can induce. ! In a flash. The sound of shrieking and howling wildly appears. Although they only ruined several tens of thousands li (0.5 km) canyon, but the black air/Qi of as if entire ghost valley all flew at this time. Sweeps across toward their here. Who dares to disturb my rest!!” The business of gloomy terrifying appears together. Hears this sound time, four people of complexions change. They understood this ghost valley finally what's the matter. Originally. Here hid a terrifying ghost to cultivate, can form such big ghost valley, the opposite party obviously was not a weak one. Senior, we are the wilderness eagles of wild deer Central Plain, is to find the person in the ghost valley, if disturbs Senior, many offends, but also hopes that Senior can coordinate us to find the person, has thanks again.” The lord of wild territory shouts loudly. Although he also knows that the opposite party is not affable. But their four after all are top Expert of wild deer Central Plain. Therefore. Even if they cultivate/repair facing the so powerful ghost, still very unyielding. Coordinates you?” In the sound that ghost cultivates is to disdain meaning: „Do you also match?” Old ghost head, my big brother gives you face, called you Senior, do not give to be concerned about face, if today you coordinate us, we will not feel embarrassed you, but if you did not coordinate us, today we linked you to extinguish together.” The wild slender lord shouts loudly. He is also a violent temper person.

At this time bumps into this ghost to cultivate, he is impolite. Baby, your unexpectedly dares to speak to me!!” The business that ghost cultivates can thorough cold, the dreadful black air/Qi covers directly. Has anything not to dare, we behind is a day of clansman, we are the second-rate subordinates of day of clansman, you dare to provoke us, in a provocative day of clansman.” The wild slender lord also identifies one's role when first coming on stage directly. In outside, sending out oneself is the second-rate subordinate of day of clansman, this is very useful. Snort! That ghost cultivates numerous snort/hum: Day clansman, I am a ghost cultivate/repair, can their day clansman my what? Also can manage to my ghost cultivates? Even if they came, at the worst the father hides again, your several were needless to say was so of pleasant to hear, the second-rate subordinate of what day of clansman, but was the second-rate dog of day of clansman, the rank was high, was only four dogs.” Your courting death!!” The wild slender main right hand wields, a spiked club presents in his hands, his right hand forwards this group of black air/Qi to pound later directly. Bang! Principle smashing. In a flash. Front principle thorough destruction. Saw that the wild slender lord has acted. The lord of wild territory is also nods to several other people: Fights a battle to force a quick decision!!!” Their four may be wild deer Central Plain topest existences. Even if they bumped into a powerful ghost to cultivate, did not have slight fear. Killed directly. That ghost cultivates is also not affable. Giant ghost valley, endless black air/Qi, charged into these four people. Electric light flint. The endless destruction strength started to collide here. Really lively.”