Almighty Student - Volume 100 - Chapter 9947

Xia Tian hides in the hidden place looks at this fight. both sides that at this time fight, really very intense, strength very formidable that this ghost cultivates, moreover here is his home game, the endless black air/Qi becomes he biggest killing to incur. Similarly. The strengths of these four people are also very formidable. Here can put on the halo.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) looked at around one, they at this time in underground, with pair of eyes penetration ground and above stone wall observation, therefore puts on the halo now the words, some people will not discover. bo! The halo wore directly in the head of Xia Tian. Meanwhile. The Xia Tian vision looked to the above these people. Yu Ying king: Strength of 105000 points immortal, strength of 85000 points principle, innate strength 10000 points, strength of 10000 points bloodlines ; Dominates City Lord: Strength of 108000 points immortal, strength of 88000 points principle, innate strength 10000 points, strength of 10000 points bloodlines ; Wild slender lord: Strength of 109900 points immortal, strength of 89900 points principle, innate strength 10000 points, strength of 10000 points bloodlines ; The lord of wild territory: Strength of 111000 points immortal, strength of 91000 points principle, innate strength 10000 points, strength of 10000 points bloodlines. Very powerful four people, the strength of immortal broke 100,000 points, no wonder Qu Xi does not dare to provoke them . Moreover the wild territory strength of unexpectedly main principle also broke 90,000 points, but the strength of they four bloodlines were the purity 50%, therefore can only the addition 10000 points, to their ranks, strength of very difficult cultivation principle, if some strength of pure people bloodlines, had completely the advantage, if met again to investigate extremely the strength, then on got the advantage.” Xia Tian also understands, although the strength of principle is basic, but other strengths are also auxiliary. The strength of bloodlines surpasses 50% people, in the same rank, the strength will be stronger. If will investigate extremely the strength, that not to mention. Yes, their four collaborate, the strength is really very terrifying, the strength that this ghost cultivates is not weak, but the present is suppressed by them is hitting.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) says with emotion. Afterward. Xia Tian also looked that cultivated to that ghost. The ghosts cultivate/repair: Strength of 119990 points immortal, strength of 99990 points principle, innate strength 10000 points, strength of 10000 points bloodlines. „The good formidable fellow, on the difference ten points, the strength of his principle was 100,000 points.” Xia Tian surprised saying, although he also saw strength formidable that this ghost cultivates, but he has not thought that the strength that the ghost cultivates is so strong. No wonder this ghost foreign mission is angry, he should top the strength of 100,000 points principle, finally by these four people disturbing.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) at this time also yes what's the matter. . The strength of 100,000 points and between 9999 points disparities principle are very big. If made him top 100,000 points, that fight is completely different. Bang!! The thick smokes in these black air/Qi magma seem same, unceasing pounding to front four people.

bo! In the hand of Yu Ying king a water plate, unceasing resists front to attack these black air/Qi that. Mirage!!” Smashing. Black air/Qi smashing time. Changed into the fragment to fall above the ground. Dominating City Lord was also takes the lead to impulse the front of black air/Qi, in his hand takes a giant sword, cut directly. One group of aura direct windings above broadsword. Dominates the blade!!” Rumble! The giant sword cuts when the black air/Qi, the black air/Qi smashing, changed into the mist and dust to dissipate in the world. Meanwhile! The wild slender lord also circled the black air/Qi behind. Wolf's tooth club!!” Wild slender main attack snap ruthlessly in black air/Qi behind. bo! The wild territory the main body flies from. The huge gravity pounds down instantaneously, will pound black panting in indignation. Rumble!! Smashing. The black air/Qi crushes directly. Coordination between these four people, exquisite peerless, among them does not have any faint trace unnecessary movement, mutual trust, the movement of everyone also very quick. Although the black air/Qi has the strength of principle is close to 100,000 points, but is close after all, rather than the strength of true 100,000 principle. Therefore. Has some disparities. Snort!

Wild slender main load heavy snort/hum: Depends on you, coordinates our four brothers to oppose.” Black air/Qi. Since the endless black air/Qi from underground flies dreadfully. The black air/Qi condenses a giant face. Your four, must die!!” The giant face loudly shouts, later his opened mouth that giant black huge mouth. In huge mouth. Departed the endless black air/Qi. The black gasification is sharp great lances. Flew directly to front four people. bo! Mirage!!” The front of Yu Ying king presented a huge mirage, protects their brothers four people directly in behind. Above this mirage, is rippling the endless ripple. Although the mirage seems like very frail. Lance hit that but these gasify black on mirage , was blocked by the mirage completely. Black air/Qi lance such unceasing attack Yu Ying king. Ka ka! The mirage also presented the shatter trace after the long-term attack. Meanwhile. Main right hand forward of a racket wild territories. Gravity!!” In a flash, front all black lances, all went to the whereabouts, attack the track to change. Aggressive!!” Dominating City Lord is also a both hands racket, endless aura direct winding above these black air/Qi lances. Smashing! Incomparably sharp black air/Qi lance crushed like this.

The wild slender lord also bears the brunt, killed directly: Gives me dead!!” Ding-dong dāng! When he rushes. The surroundings are also fly the innumerable lances. Pounded directly to him. Second Brother was careful!!” The Yu Ying king also broke through fast. The huge mirage kept off in the wild slender main front again. Rumble!! Good troublesome fellow, his attack method were too many.” The wild slender lord also understands, at this time opposite party any place may make the attack, if he is not careful, that finally destroyed completely possibly was he. The people of their rank fight, the law extinguishes already, no matter used. Only can resist part of principle attacks. However directly hit words, the consumption is also very big. Here after all is his home game, everyone carefully, injured, person who Qu Xi and three bamboos teach, she definitely is to consume us, then comes out.” The lord of reminder wild territory said. Right. Now who can look. Qu Xi is to make them cultivate/repair mutually wounded with this ghost. At the beginning, the lord of wild territory understood, he wanted peace neutralize at that time, but the wild slender main temperament was too irritable, started directly, that did not have the leeway of negotiations. Big brother!!” The Yu Ying king looked at lord of the wild territory. Good, that starts to jointly attack!!” The principal point of wild territory nod. Jointly attacking. This is their four pressure bottom skills. In a flash. Four people gather in together, quaternity.