Almighty Student - Volume 100 - Chapter 9948

Four people of positions as if have been transforming, but transforms is orderly. Bang! This. Killed directly to front giant black air/Qi face. Bang! Smashing. Front black air/Qi lance was crushed completely. Their four, as if changed into a sharp great sword at this time. The place visited, all will be crushed. Attack that the ghosts cultivate/repair very sharp, moreover seems continuously same, but now, his these attacks also all by four people of jointly attacking smashing. Destruction. Here some are only the destructions. Very powerful jointly attacking, gathered their striking power, moreover there is a defense of Yu Ying king, they can definitely melt now attack to defend.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) says with emotion. Strength of broken 100,000 people four immortal. Coordination so good. Moreover understands the technique of jointly attacking. It can be said. This is the ability that goes against heaven's will. This is known as the wilderness eagle of person of four Daqi days. Very is truly strong, although also has the flaw, but I, cannot hold the instance of flaw even.” The eyes of Xia Tian can look through all, although jointly attacking of their four people are powerful, but also has the flaw. At this time. He has seen these four people the places of jointly attacking flaw. But similarly. Even if there is a flaw, he is unable to break. Is the simple eye can follow, the speed cannot follow. I must kill your four.” The anger that ghost cultivates is also bigger and bigger.

His strength is very formidable. All kinds of attacks, unceasing pounds. Surrounding Ghost Qi, seems a big net, their four packages is one of them directly. „Do you also match? Our brothers four people, mingle among divine land so many years, can have the present position, uses the life to spell by us, whom have we feared?” The wild slender lord shouts loudly. Right. Their brothers four people collaborate, but also has not really feared anyone. Always. They fight with all might in the life and death edge, what difficulty no matter encounters, so long as their brothers four people collaborate, has not feared anyone. Broken! That giant net was broken by them like this directly, ripped open an opening. That ghost cultivated is also pounding that the crazy bang exploded randomly approached their four at this time. However the present four people jointly attack , is really might formidable. His these attacks, were crushed like this. ! Four people of jointly attacking penetrated that giant black face like this. Smashing. Black face smashing. „A ghost cultivates, dares in the face of our brothers four people wild.” Saying that the wild slender lord disdains. They four people of jointly attacking, truly are very formidable. At this time this ghost cultivates also is completely not the opponents of their four people. If independent combat, you no one is my opponent, four hit one, has anything to boast.” That ghost cultivates is also very uncomfortable. Now he hits unusual is aggrieved. The opposite party four people of strengths were too strong. Especially their jointly attacking. formidable is incomparable.

Our four brothers, no matter hits a person, hits 10,000 people, is on together.” The wild slender lord said. Right. In the past no matter they bumped into many opponents, was so. Their four brothers collaborate, the opposite party has many people, did not fear. Good, very good, your four are when I quite bully!!” That ghost cultivates also understands, he said anything, these four people independent combat with him, such being the case, nothing more to be said. Start! The coming face to face formidable victory, perhaps, he can also break through itself during the fight. If the strength of his principle can break through to 100,000 points. His overall strength became completely different. Bang!! The attack that ghost cultivates also showed again. This time he, own attack unceasing making. This ghost does not repair simply, he had here natural advantage, will injure all shifts to the canyon, in present canyon, everywhere total wreck, wilderness eagle jointly attacking of their four people, although is strong, but they have not discovered this point temporarily, therefore the ghost cultivates has the confidence to continue with their dogfight to get down.” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) analysis said. These people in the fight, are staring at the opposite party, they are evenly matched, therefore observes the situation several tens of thousands li (0.5 km) away without the thoughts radically, naturally would have no to discover these details. Ghost cultivates does not want to leave here, he soon breaks through now, so many years, to break through diligently, once his time ran away directly, when that not necessarily can break through again, because this can be his heart knot, similarly, this ghost valley, is his cultivation natural place, here, he can the little cultivation breakthrough, be possible to leave here, he wanted to find the second ghost valley such place difficult such as to ascend to heaven, therefore he will not easily give up here.” Xia Tian has been observing this ghost to cultivate, actually this ghost cultivates also understands oneself were not the opponents of these four people. But he does not want to stay behind to himself regretted, this time escaped, he in breakthrough was difficult, this will turn into his heart demon. Similarly. Such good ghost valley, he could not find second. Repairs regarding his such ghost, the place of this type of natural cultivation, did not say bumps can bump into. This. They fought with all might in one. Scene very intense. The ghosts cultivate/repair also retreat in defeat again and again. Although he can shift the injury, but the attack of such powerful , is to make his unusual does not feel better, the entire body as if broke was the same. The wilderness eagle also had the absolute advantage.

„The words that puts together, that ghost cultivated dead.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) said. Yes, that ghost cultivated also somewhat worried, but he has not completed the choices, wanted to leave, but has not given up here, wanted to fight, but could also not be victorious.” Xia Tian saw hesitation that this ghost cultivates. Keeps the mountain not to worry not to have the firewood fever , to continue to hit the words that he wants to walk cannot get away.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) also understands, the present ghost cultivates or has the opportunity to leave. But if continues to fight, that cannot guarantee that can what happened. When the time comes. Wanted to withdraw is not easy. Rumble!! The ghosts cultivated also to be wasted by four people of jointly attacking ruthlessly. Opposes with us, your result only has one, that died.” The wild slender lord shouts loudly. Meanwhile. Their jointly attacking also hit again to that ghost cultivated. Bang! The surrounding ground avalanche, all entered the condition of destruction. Body that the ghosts cultivate/repair also thorough wastes. His main body dropped above the ground. Killed him.” The lord of wild territory shouts loudly. This ghost cultivates is greatly troublesome. If made him run, after these four people, were also many a enemy of powerful. Rumble! At this moment, three black bamboos kept off in their front. Needs the helper?”