Almighty Student - Volume 105 - Chapter 10476

This is his principle release, usually will not use casually, because after the use, loses big to oneself, and has the side effect. But now. He wants quick solution front person. This time Ghost King since also very panic-stricken, when receives this mission, he has believed, oneself can handle this mission with ease, what skill no matter star king jade has, possibly is not his opponent. Let alone his also space king Lieying treats as the helper. Their two cooperate, simply is existence that goes against heaven's will. Any people possibly are not their opponents. Hateful, he why so strong!” Ghost King since has believed, their several this people, are existence of this world's most peak, below revering, should be invincible existence. But when bumps into star king jade, he knows that anything is called the disparity. At the beginning. He has not felt anything. Although the star king jade strength is good, but he thinks they can relaxed handling, is getting more and more intense along with the fight, he also saw star king jade fierce. star king jade in the fight, sets the trap to them frequently, when they think oneself can take star king jade, star king jade acts to them directly. Let their repeatedly move. Moreover many times, when the life and death fights with all might. Finally star king jade profit. After simple fight . Their two dozens one, unexpectedly was occupied the advantage by star king jade. Person who this makes them have the lofty and unyielding character was uncomfortable, they also put out the skill of going all out, retreating in defeat again and again that general king jade hits, but when they want thorough writing off star king jade. Had an accident. star king jade in the flash, cuts to kill the space king falcon. Successfully overturns. Although Ghost King since unusual is unwilling, but when the space king falcon was cut kills, he is also thorough panic-stricken, even felt the death. Therefore. He first chose escaping. Why, we, not below revering strongest existence?” Ghost King since engages in introspection itself on the road unceasingly, he does not think clearly. This outcome what's the matter. In fact.

Ghost King since was wrong. The gods protect choose them, is not because they are below revering are strongest, because of their potential. They were too young. So long as gives them 100,000 years. 200,000 years. 500,000 years. Even if they cannot become revering, they can still become below revering invincible existence truly. Because of that time, they, no matter from the method, is from experience, achieved true perfect. This is they and disparity between star king jade this people are also. Luckily, I escape finally, he is impossible to catch up my.” Ghost King since to own speed also very self-confident, he thinks the star king jade skill, although is good, but star king jade definitely cannot catch up his. This gave his a lot of opportunity. Em? At this moment. He induced the crisis suddenly. This was the real crisis, the feeling of death. ! Ghost King since pondered without enough time, his body is also fast flushing away forward. Rumble! The position that he was just at had the huge explosive force. What's the matter?” Ghost King since was also the earliest possible time induces behind person. Star king jade. He does not think clearly. How star king jade catches up his: How like this, why his speed will increase so many.” ! star king jade fell on Ghost King directly since front: You really think, you can throw off me?” Cold! star king jade vision now very cold.

In this moment. He really moved killed the heart. Moreover before is not, desire of that fight, but is the desire of murder. Star king jade, you just catch up with me, you really think that you can strike to kill me?” Although Ghost King since somewhat recognizes at heart instigated, but he will not admit defeat in the morale. He thinks oneself strength is very formidable. Although space king Lieying died in the hand of opposite party before, but that is because they swallowed the bait, fell into a trap, if they fight steadily fights, they are impossible to lose. The space king falcon will not die. Now. He wants carefully, star king jade also has no means with him. Kill! star king jade killed Ghost King instantaneously since front. Innumerable fine laces, such thorn to Ghost King, since. Famous article! The weapon in his hand is also a famous article, but he and star king Tong broadsword with, his weapon is a fine lace, the innumerable fine laces, the speeds of these fine laces are fast, the striking power is also very fearful. You damn, killed my astrologer so many people, now Altair and Vega king Tong plant in your hands, I must kill off you.” star king jade angry shouting. Kill! Rumble! Ghost King since also discovered before star king jade attack, became different. Before the star king jade attack was conservative, but now star king jade attack very swift and violent. Even he. Also does not dare to contend directly. What damn is you, unexpectedly dares to kill our people, you should have such fate, star king Tong died is only a start, was you dies.” Ghost King since heard star king Tong dead , very depressed. They meet mission is the people of their rank. Meets mission similarly is two people. Finally now others that side completes mission, their here died, has not completed mission. However. Now hears these words, he also strengthened many beliefs.

He believes that since that two people can achieve, he definitely can also achieve. Kill! Ghost King since also launched own attack instantaneously! Bang! Bang! Attack several times. Ghost King since the discovery is not right: Hateful, you used certainly what mystique, temporarily increased own speed and strength, or increased the overall strength, my unexpectedly also silly meets the tough head-on with toughness to and you!” retreat! Ghost King was to also start retreat at this time. The present star king jade strength is terrifying, the complete force is also unusual going against heaven's will, if continues to hit, suffering a loss can only be he. Therefore. He must very pass this star king jade the addition time. So long as will very pass this time, that star king jade overall strength will drop. Even is the weary time. You weakened, is my overturn period, when the time comes, I will certainly kill you.” Ghost King since innermost feelings secretly thought. He also clenches the teeth now. Insisting! Does not meet the tough head-on with toughness with the opposite party! !! Two people attacks are getting more and more fierce. Ghost King since also retreats in defeat again and again. Suddenly. The attack speed that star king jade body, hits later obviously was much slow. Is now!” Sees here time, Ghost King since is also at present one bright, later his fast killing approached star king jade.