Almighty Student - Volume 105 - Chapter 10481

The arched eagle also can only be shaking the head that non-stop at this time, he has not thought, finally the matter will turn into this, he does not like being defeated, but this time, he actually has to admit the failure. Xia Tian and 13 their three this escaped. The little danger does not have. The person of astrologer will deliver simply them. Really is troublesome.” 13 say with emotion. Actually. He thinks, Patriarch of astrologer will install an attire, after all Xia Tian and 13 were they invites in the past, but Patriarch of astrologer came up to extinguish at that time kills Xia Tian. Meaning that do not install. Moreover finally he also bled off Xia Tian and 13. Perhaps. In his eyes, 13 can also have scruples, but Xia Tian does not need, Xia Tian in his eyes, but is a board game piece. What a pity. He was wrong. He does not know. He does that. Offended one should not offend, existence that he could not provoke forever. Before. Although Xia Tian also planned the astrologer, but that is because they have common goal, mutual attack, but Xia Tian on do not cope with the astrologer outwardly, does not have to act to the astrologer directly. But is now different. Now. star king wood gave a Xia Tian justifiable making a move reason. Star king wood must lead into during the destruction the astrologer eventually.” Xia Tian unemotional team that looks at the astrologer. Although he before has been coping with the astrologer. However does not have making a move in the true sense.

Also does not aim at the astrologer. But starting today, Xia Tian will not let off the astrologer absolutely. Patriarch star king wood of astrologer deceives the astrologer him, then must begin to kill him, this matter, he will be will not give up absolutely. He was truly wrong.” 13 pairs of Xia Tian too understood, the Xia Tian skill he is also very clear. It can be said. By person who Xia Tian stares, will not have any good end. Afterward. Three people vanished in same place. An agglomeration. Xia Tian their six people gather again. It seems like, he was plans to get angry.” Uncle brow tight wrinkle, although they have expected will have such a day. But they have not thought. On this day is so quick. The glow has not appeared. They fought with all might this situation. Influence that three on present outwardly, loses so seriously. Here. The person of person and astrologer who the gods protect fights with all might so serious, the situation that another side, three bamboos teach is not good, now three bamboos teach in the eighth side are the targets of universal detestation, who noticed that wants to hit one dozen. Therefore! The consumption that three bamboos teach is also very big. Especially this time. star king wood directed East Tyrant. Thinks oneself clever.” Qu Xi says with emotion.

Yes, he wants to direct East Tyrant, removes all barriers, what a pity, will East Tyrant listen his? East Tyrant definitely is not an idiot, moreover he directs East Tyrant, if East Tyrant does not want to walk, what to do also had a liking for the glow?” 13 believe, Patriarch of astrologer made a very stupid decision. This decision is simply fatal. He thinks oneself can all controls in the hand. But result? This is a move of risky move, but he worried to perform good deeds.” The uncle shakes the head, he can imagine the star king wood mood. Astrologer these years, mixed is less good. These generations of Patriarch each generations worry to want the astrologer belt/bring magnificently. But one generation is inferior to one generation. After previous generation Patriarch lost to hundred Sichuan, the position of astrologer suffers a disastrous decline, from now, wants to raise the head difficultly. Also turned into an ordinary influence in the eighth side. star king wood is the entire astrologer pounds all resources on his body, King who trains. He alone almost all spends the resources that astrologer several generations of saved. His task is also very heavy. Therefore. He wants to display itself. Proves itself. He also understands, the present divine land and beforehand divine land were different, beforehand divine land, especially the eighth side, so long as you have the skill, you can develop, but the present divine land, is not you have the skill on the line. Also because of this. He will look for the heaven clansman. Becoming the dog of day of clansman. This time mission is a day of clansman gives him, so long as he completed, after him, was the dog of day of clansman . Moreover the day clansman also attached great importance to the astrologer, later will take care of the astrologer. Botches it by rushing.” Ten Sanming is white, no matter anything, so long as worries, will have an accident. star king wood this time is unusual worry.

Present he. If can continue to make the astrologer precipitate for several thousand years, the astrologer certainly becomes different, he can also depend on status of the present revering, gains many advantage for the astrologer. But he is actually thinking reaching the sky in a single bound. Becoming ten big Expert such existences directly. Now how do we want to imagine cope with East Tyrant?” Qu Xi asked. She does not want dead here. In this team she was that most feared death. Matter of East Tyrant I process, but anything is a double-edged sword, appearance of East Tyrant, although is the misdemeanor, but possibly is also the good deed.” Xia Tian believes, the blessing in disguise knows non- Pok. Some things want noteworthy.” 13 reminders said. You were said that East Tyrant had a liking for the glow the matter!!” Xia Tian said. Right, if East Tyrant also has a liking for the glow, that was really one greatly is to us troublesome.” 13 say with emotion. This matter, several other big influences also worry compared with us, in their eyes, our these people, but is the ants is the same, East Tyrant is big figure, if East Tyrant were really curled, if they do not want to give up the glow, will find out the means to keep in balance East Tyrant.” Xia Tian believes that something, even if they do not do, others will still do. Now all parties' influence achieved a balance point.” Said. Right, this balance is actually favorable for us, so long as found the glow at this time, our success ratio will considerably increase, naturally, East Tyrant has the person of source of gold/metal, therefore he had the ability of transmission, speed that he came, will be quick.” The Xia Tian vision looked to 13: I am not understood to East Tyrant very much, although listened to you saying that the concrete custom of but regarding this person working was not quite clear, therefore we then wanted more careful, their three continued to hide, first investigated the trend that the recent god protected, our three first tidied up the astrologer.” Tidies up the astrologer! Hears here time, on 13 faces showed the smile. Finally can move well. How dry/does, you said.” 13 said directly. Here has the video recording stone together, was inside situation at that time, you content of video recording stone will duplicate as far as possible, then sends, wants to begin, must be justifiable.” ps: The new month, had the brothers who guarantee a minimum the monthly ticket throw.