Almighty Student - Volume 105 - Chapter 10483

„Doesn't Patriarch, with need to call the person with?” An elder asked. Does not use, making these powder that I gather cultivate/repair the Expert belt/bring person to resist other powder to cultivate/repair was OK, they do not need to strike to kill the opposite party completely, only needed to tow to be OK some time, Xia Tian and 41 died, these mob naturally also diverged, how when the time comes we want to retaliate them to be OK, so long as we put out the reputation of day of clansman, these people definitely all honest.” star king wood very self-confident saying. The reputation of day clansman. In the divine land, absolutely is most effective. Regarding average person. So long as were the reputation of day of clansman appeared, what excuse no matter the opposite party had, does not dare to act unreasonably again. Yes!!” Expert of astrologer joined the fight, quick cultivates to shock the surrounding these powder. However. Xia Tian and 13 that sides are the main battlegrounds. Also throws?” 13 looked at Xia Tian. Throwing, the immortal crystal with these spoils of war is the external object, does not need to care, behind these powder cultivate/repair to see the advantage, will go crazy the team of same attack astrologer, so long as our two do not drop down, they will turn into beast of prey same existence.” Xia Tian is good at using the situation. Most starts. They fight with the person of astrologer, many immortal crystal and strength is they throws, after behind they cut killed the person of astrologer, intentionally storage equipment of astrologer these people destroys. In this case. Behind these people can also get angry for the treasure. Just received the news, the astrologer has the movement, they fabricated a number of video recording stones, inside content turned into the despicable villain you, described the astrologer unusual on big.” On 13 faces showed the smile. At this time. He also admired Xia Tian, because Xia Tian had expected all these. And. The Xia Tian second round of movement has also prepared. Makes them start!” Xia Tian slight nod. Start! Right. The matter that Xia Tian must handle is simple, that is to make them prepare the good large quantities of video recording stone to let out ahead of time, these video recording stones, what has, forge, is false , is used to slander Xia Tian similarly, moreover does unusual is false.

Has done well, according to you said that done special is false, outside person understood at a glance that is false.” 13 heard Xia Tian this idea at that time time, was to smile simply. No matter astrologer lifelike of how doing, with 100 false mixing in the same place, everyone thinks that is false, thinks that is very laughable. Even can the looking down upon astrologer. It can be said. They do that is not only unable to slander Xia Tian, instead sought many road personal connections to Xia Tian, but also made the fame of astrologer receive damages greatly. My native place there entertainment world, compared with this must, my means that compared with these people, explode randomly much weakly.” Xia Tian believes, on Earth, the entertainment world is most chaotic, the expensive/noble circle plays best. The astrologers now are thorough lost completely the face. The juniors of astrologer also feel lose face, these powder cultivate/repair, when resists the astrologer juniors, raised this matter, these juniors did not dare the rebuttal. Moreover star king wood also gathered some subordinates. The population are also many. Just started these people also to worship star king wood, thinks that later following star king wood, will perhaps have the development. After all star king wood behind has a day of clansman. But these people are now different. On you, I do not want dead here, a value does not have, the front person is what enemy, everyone is the powder cultivates, if to rob the treasure died in battle I not to say anything, because now astrologer Patriarch was crusaded against despicable, I really had no interest.” Yes, I on, did not die here, who will remember me? He that despicable person, definitely also treated as dead trash, such person, did I need breakneck the fight for him?” Now the camp that if because of the reputation of day clansman, I have not joined the opposite party, mixed with such despicable person, the day of this whole life not raising one's head.” These powder cultivate/repair, what no matter the strength is, does not want to fight for star king wood. They, had high morale before. But now. Some of them only then disdain. Similar, happens everywhere in the battlefield. Even many people also had the contradiction with the astrologer. Person wish of astrologer makes these powder cultivate/repair to work as the cannon fodder, withstand/top in front, result these people are not good to bully, no one goes forward, these were being compelled the person of going forward, all casts off itself on the badge of representative astrologer, joined opposite camp. Chaotic.

Just made war less than the half day. The scene was chaotic. I really took you, a subordinate did not have obviously, finally pulled up over a hundred million people of teams forcefully, now population unexpectedly is still increasing.” 13 are also a face admiration looks at Xia Tian. In his eyes. Xia Tian was really formidable. It can be said. In divine land. Even the day clansman is impossible to pull up over a billion people of team quickly. Since the ancient times, obtaining enlightenment helps, loses to get little support, why this is also the person who your attach importance to face fights must occupy the principle the reason, what you are fastidious is justifiable, what I am fastidious is the general trend.” On the face of Xia Tian showed the smile. Meanwhile. He greatly the immortal crystal threw to the team of astrologer. Everywhere falling gently immortal crystal. The following these powder cultivated/repaired seemed same insane flushed forward. Rumble! At this moment. The incomparably powerful attack, pounded together directly in the crowd. Fine lace. Many fine laces flew directly to these people. The body that these powder cultivate/repair was penetrated like this directly. Thin like ox hair, star king jade.” 13 unemotional front looks at the sudden the person. star king jade. With star king Tong same existence. Is the star king wood top guards. Similarly.

star king jade also cuts to kill the external personnel who four gods protected by one's effort. formidable is incomparable. Looks that cultivates to the powder that these blot out the sky. star king jade body moves. In a flash. The thin sword in his hand changed into long-line directly. Penetrates the body that these powder are repairing unceasingly. Bang! 13 blocked charged into their attacks. This is the undifferentiated attack. Em? When he blocked the star king jade attack, star king jade also induced had Expert to here existed, in the meantime, his vision also looked. 13, Xia Tian!!” Excited. He sees Xia Tian and 13 times, very excited. He arrived here. For 13 and Xia Tian. Now since found Xia Tian and 13, he will not be then polite. Kill! star king jade also charged into Xia Tian directly and 13. Apex