Almighty Student - Volume 109 - Chapter 10804
You can live from the day clan yes damn. ” The gold/metal feather Great Emperor says with emotion.

Perhaps I am unable to live, but you as far as possible to my live long time, you are only cultivation to become Sanxian, and cultivation to this Realm person, I do not hope you become canna flower, perhaps, you were I stay in this world a final thing.” Xia Tian smiles. Said is so pessimistic, after you handle all, coming to our Japan to stroll, there is also good!!” gold/metal feather the Great Emperor said, vanished in same place. Xia Tian looks form that the gold/metal feather Great Emperor vanishes. He felt. Oneself and gold/metal feather Great Emperor will not meet again. At this time. Xia Tian also looked again to that seal. This seal as if maps moon in sky. Also seems mapping this world. Shadow, you said, is the world that the iron core grandfather fantasizes real, world that we live real?” Xia Tian sees at this time here moon, suddenly remembered this issue. In this world. The iron core grandfather who they see is a lunatic. But in iron core grandfather's own world, he is actually a King. That. World that Xia Tian is at now, whether is Xia Tian fantasizes, rather than exists. Other I do not know, I exist in any case.” The shadow says with emotion. Xia Tian has not said anything. He understands. Here seal is related with a huge imaginary technique. White Dragon wang, we first leaves here, otherwise is no good to your cultivation.” Although Xia Tian does not care about here imaginary technique, but White Dragon Wang Zhengzai cultivation, then must break through now. If affects the White Dragon kings is not good. Afterward.

They also changed a new place. Although after taking big Wang Dan, even if anything is not done, growth that White Dragon wang strength has also kept. But must be careful. As far as possible do not have any accident/surprise. This harvest were many, but actually cannot clarify a fellow of that eight Qi clans is.” Xia Tian is very also depressed. This fellow. Should from Earth. But he himself cannot hold him. This is most troublesome. The opposite party were too vigilant. Moreover he and others are different, others obviously are in the powerful situations, can spell with Xia Tian absolutely hardly, therefore Xia Tian, when fights with the opposite party, can depend on the general idea/careless of own method and opposite party, little strikes to kill the opposite party. But these time was different. The opposite party fear him. No matter he is what Realm. The opposite party see his first, radically is escaping that does not return, such person, battled even, will still be careful, does not give Xia Tian any opportunity. Temporarily do not think that person, although you jump the ranks to challenge, but your beforehand opponent is that self-confidence, thinks oneself clever, but this time opponent is calm, moreover is skilled to plan, he will not strike to kill his opportunity to you absolutely.” The shadow reminder said. Before Xia Tian , although performs well. But this time enemy, he also looked that was not good to provoke. Feels was a little a pity, when White Dragon wang broke through, we walk!!” Xia Tian also has no means now. However. White Dragon king breakthrough, making Xia Tian not passive. He currently person includes: 13 th, White Dragon king and Qu Xi.

And. What ten three cultivation is the Advanced immortal cultivates, although the revering rank is low, but the cultivation technique rank is high, in addition the might of sky mirror, is not allow to neglect ; White Dragon king breakthrough, if can start the Advanced inheritance, in addition his revering 50 levels of Realm, the overall strength also goes against heaven's will ; Qu Xi. Then. Even if Xia Tian bumps into 2-3 revering, he did not need to run. Even can find the way to strike to kill the opposite party. . Was struck the person who kills by him, he will not give the opportunity that the opposite party resurrects. From now on. He was so no longer passive. Others want to cope with him, must think over own skill. ! After one day!! White Dragon wang opened own eyes: Just right, each time, increased 30,000 points!!” It seems like, the beforehand guess yes right, front has tapped your potential, your potential is higher, the strength of unearthing is bigger, but after behind potential excavation light/only, will return to normal, turns into 30,000 points!!” Xia Tian said. My inheritance rank is not low, I have induced, is the inheritance of galaxy Dragon Clan.” On White Dragon wang face is somewhat excited. Galaxy Dragon Clan!!” The shadow also stares. What's wrong?” Xia Tian asked. So long as can link up with the galaxy, is very extraordinary matter Ah!!” The shadow reminder said. ! keep it up, cultivation this inheritance should need some time, do not force themselves!!” Xia Tian said. Does not use too for a long time, I am the revering 50 levels, no matter in rank, is in sensibility, is successful.” White Dragon king Jieshou inherits, will not have too many troubles: „The remaining concrete changes, sense during the fight!!” Also good.” Xia Tian naturally also understands, only then the sensibility during fight, is sensibility in the true sense.

Also can be quicker, better control all. 13 also came back, we go to converge with him!!” Xia Tian does not know. After he leaves. Various person probe that positions of that eight Qi clans. Every day uses the different means. Sometimes catches several immortal beasts, sometimes controls several small creature. Sometimes helps small creature disguise become his appearance wait/etc. All kinds of means probe. As if the frightened person is the same. At the beginning, he is the gold/metal feather white crane fight is possibly injured, therefore is hiding Xia Tian intentionally, but he has fully restored now, he is still very careful. He the fear to Xia Tian, is that type is from the heart: Why, why Xia Tian here, will I bump into him? Words that gets down, can I die? I cannot die, cannot die absolutely!!” Ps: Before has wanted to open the new book, finally the contract of website cannot discuss, recently heard a good news, the contract possibly to discuss, so long as the contract discussed that in a month possibly sent the book, the content of new book I have decided. The new book lead can be the corrupt wolf only apprentice. Sends the book time specifically, will inform everyone, because must discuss, therefore did not determine. This book cannot break. This book play passes: 1st, this book distance big result was not very far, the corrupt wolf can be the final winner, was different because of the pursue of Xia Tian and corrupt wolf ; 2nd, Heavenly Dragon knows a huge secret ; 3rd, mirror is very important ; 4 elder sisters will have the actor's pay. If everyone also has what figure to see, can send in the commentary area, or private chatted my, if I saw, will increase the figure return to the airfield speed as far as possible. Thanks everyone's support. Apex reading website: