Almighty Student - Volume 109 - Chapter 10805
He does not want dead!

Struggled so many years, no one knows that he underwent many tribulations, no one knows that he for eight Qi clans, paid many effort, if died. That eight Qi clans ended. His dream. His all will not exist. No, I do not want dead, I cannot bump into Xia Tian absolutely, if bumps into Xia Tian, I ended.” The person's of eight Qi clans fear to Xia Tian, is not unimaginable. He rather probes here for hundred years, millenniums, ten thousand years. He does not dare to act rashly. He was worried. Oneself bump into Xia Tian dead. ! Xia Tian quickly with 13 sets. In other words, big Wang Dan, was also useful to our revering.” 13 at present one bright, he depends on Wang Dan to grow. Therefore he clarifies Wang Dan's effect well. Big Wang Dan not to mention. Right, first several big Wang Dan, can tap a potential of person, following was normal, normal big Wang Dan can raise three ranks, the present White Dragon king is the revering 50 levels.” Xia Tian answered. Crisp, was too crisp, this did not fear that the future enemy was too powerful.” Saying that ten Sanxing exerts. To him. Enemies powerful is also the pressure, after all he does not hope Xia Tian has anything. But now. The enemies the stronger the better, big Wang Dan who unifies are also more, so long as he can enhance the strength rapidly, that following fight naturally also changes was relaxed. He can also better protection Xia Tian.

To him. Xia Tian is the sustenance of his life. Before. He wants himself certificate, third changes cultivation to certainly revering, wanted to prove itself with dead Master, but always, his actually not that opportunity. Because. His talent really exhausted. After may bump into Xia Tian . He not only broke through certainly revering third changed, but also becomes revering, and cultivation the immortal cultivated/repaired. The whole person is completely different. All these. Is Xia Tian gives him. Now. Is one's turn him to for Xia Tian goes all out, who dares to move Xia Tian, whose life he wanted. „The following war will have, the day clansman could not have felt my threat temporarily, but behind, they will feel my place of fearfulness more and more, but, so long as we acted, must extinguish kills the opposite party, cannot any run away to the opposite party with absolutely the opportunity that the news passes on.” Xia Tian is clear, if the enemy passed on the news. That White Dragon king. Qu Xi and 13. Later also can only be on the run. These three people are help his. He does not hope absolutely these three people also follow he to have an accident. Actually, your request is very difficult, even I, cannot guarantee that the opposite party does not pass on any news, only if you can get so far as the mask that our gods protect, that mask, no one can investigate the following aura, moreover difference of our mask and Heaven Immortal Palace, Heaven Immortal Palace mask, is effective in Heaven Immortal Palace, our masks, at any time effective!!” The shadow reminder said. He said right.

No matter meticulousness of how Xia Tian arrangement, he must make 13 them expose. Only if. The mask of bright health/guard. Mask that the gods protect, the role is very big. I also understand this point, but I cannot find the person who the god protects, told them, I want to buy their masks!!” Xia Tian said. Why not?” The shadow asked. I understood.” On the face of Xia Tian showed the smile suddenly, he understands finally the shadow was what meaning. You is a smart person, moreover outside some people in the biography, you have to relate with the king, so long as you with being out-of-bounds Wang Dan trade, they will certainly comply.” The shadow said. bo! The right hand of Xia Tian wields, passed on a message the symbol to appear together in his hands. Only can relate to bewitch, before had contacted several times with him!!” Xia Tian released for flight directly the pass on message symbol. Meanwhile!! Xia Tian put out earth deities seal: „The time that earth deities Senior, you rest was also very long, earth deities seal this false innate almighty troops my thing returning to rightful owner . Moreover, I wrapped the three flowers of knowledge seas your remnant soul, these three knowledge seas the flower strength you can absorb fast, in this case, you will become the second immortal to revere the rank the loose immortal.” I have not really thought that my whole life, living opportunity!!” The earth deities for a long time, have completed the consciousness of death very much. But finally. He has living opportunity. „The road of loose immortal, no one knows that following has anything, you through knowing sea flower package, later in heart demon aspect, definitely has the advantage, but the day tribulation should every thousand years to experience one time, which step can arrive, was your things.” The right hand of Xia Tian wields, the earth deities appear in his front. Very strange feeling!!” The earth deities looked at an own body. Now his body. Before already, was completely different. Earth deities Senior, first a little must be sorry that because I extracted your there about all things , all memories of I secret ability!!” Xia Tian this point must do, is not he does not trust the earth deities.

But somewhat is secret, can only he and his own person grasps. All things will also protect oneself. Therefore. Although the earth deities remember that with memory that Xia Tian is together, but he actually did not remember the Xia Tian concrete these abilities. Your this time delivers me to walk, what feels?” The earth deities believe that before Xia Tian, is the plan makes him leave finally, but makes him leave now directly. This showed. Xia Tian has definitely felt the danger. It‘s nothing, I want to make you adapt to outside earlier, moreover outside world is you, you currently have the strength that is close to the immortal revering, soon, you can absorb a knowledge sea the flower strength, when the time comes, you can have the strength that the immortal reveres, remaining two, can the quick absorption, the quick absorption.” Xia Tian is clear. Once he died. Knowing the flower of sea was useless. Good!!” The earth deities nod, is bowing to Xia Tian: Obligation did not say thanks!!” Vanishes!! Do not catch up with me to walk?” The shadow asked. En, you should walk!!” Xia Tian nods. What happened?” Shadow feeling is not right, for these days, the Xia Tian attitude was very not recently simple, he not only disbanded the gold/metal feather Great Emperor, just expelled the earth deities, must drive away him. This showed. Certainly had any big danger to come. It‘s nothing, your body is perfect, does not use like them the cultivation loose immortal, moreover in my body, you training is also good, I am wanted to deliver you several big Wang Dan, but on does not have now on hand, gives you two flowers of knowledge seas, had knew the flower of sea, your Divine Soul will grow, in other words, later you can control to change behind!!!”