Almighty Student - Volume 109 - Chapter 10806
Xia Tian has arranged to the people, to let them has living the hope.

When he gets rid of the gold/metal feather white crane, his suddenly sense of crisis appears, before this sense of crisis had also appeared, has very enormous crisis presents the time each time. He will have this feeling. Now. This feeling appears again. Also was makes his true worry make a mistake. At this time. His aspects all were promoted, just should be the smoothest time, but also at this time, the powerful sense of crisis appeared. This absolutely is not one type the sign. I have never thought that one day, my unexpectedly can bleed off ahead of time!!” The shadow finds it very ridiculous, just started, he has not been convinced, hears Xia Tian to promise her, will put he walks, he has not cared. Now. Was familiar with Xia Tian, had certain sentiment. Finally. Also without arriving at the day of agreement, Xia Tian unexpectedly has made him leave. Womanishly fussy, you and they are different, their majority had died is too long, the matter that must therefore handle are actually not many, but your sudden death, definitely had many things to need to process, now is you should the matter of doing!!” The Xia Tian reminder said. The shadow also help. Although they before were the personal enemies. But now already neutralize among them grievances. Since Xia Tian has complied to give these people to hope. He will not go back on word. Good, some of some of my truly things must process, we are predestined friends say goodbye!!” The shadow was arching cupping one hand in the other across the chest to Xia Tian. En! Is predestined friends says goodbye!!” Xia Tian arched cupping one hand in the other across the chest. Looks that these people go far away.

„Won't you ask me to leave?” 13 asked. „, Cannot fight with you shoulder to shoulder, even if died in battle, is my glory!!” Xia Tian smiles. This is my good brothers.” 13 said. I?” White Dragon king asked. You, you ate my so many big Wang Dan, does not make you go all out with me together, is unfair to you!!” Xia Tian is cracking a joke to say. Haha, for these years, has not intended to think of faults, this is the divine land that I pursue.” White Dragon wang says with emotion. En! Xia Tian slight nod. Although does not know that will then have what danger, but there are you, I was steadfaster.” Xia Tian does not use the gold/metal feather Great Emperor, shadow, as well as earth deities. On the one hand is because before him, has pledged to these freedoms. On the other hand is also because, these person and between Xia Tian, is the relations of mutual help, takes to need mutually, although they are also getting better and better with the Xia Tian sentiment, wants to mix together with Xia Tian. But Xia Tian will not be selfish. He is clear. The friends, are the friends. But Brothers, is the brothers. Only then these brothers, can accompany him to go all out. He not slight politeness. But the life of friend, he will not go casually. What has to plan?” 13 asked. He and Xia Tian fights side-by-side together so many years, he is clear, when no matter Xia Tian, is a calm person. A crafty person has several ways out!!” Xia Tian said. Good, commodity?” 13 this going out, but sells off the commodity and purchase commodity, he and Qu Xi are different, his movement is quicker, moreover convenient. Naturally.

He also understands, oneself cannot expose. Therefore the means that he uses are more. Outside person knows. 13 and Xia Tian is a good friend, if 13 suddenly appear in the four directions, purchased large quantities of commodities, that fool can still guess correctly that even the affirmation and Xia Tian had the relations. 13 like this old Jianghu, how also to violate such mistake. Divides equally, especially fight commodity, no matter you are what Realm, this type of fight commodity is very effective, at crucial moments can save a life.” Xia Tian looked that said to White Dragon king Tixing. Present White Dragon king Shili was just increased, is elated with success. These small strengths definitely cannot have a liking. However one person most self-satisfied time, this person is easiest to make mistakes. In this case. Relax, I understand!!” White Dragon wang also understands that Xia Tian is what meaning, all received all commodities. These resources. Can play the essential role at crucial moment. First, we must look for several hiding places, looks place that several can escape fast, our three first look separatedly, nearby this.” Xia Tian believes, own sense of crisis, will not appear absolutely for no reason, since this sense of crisis appeared, he if wants the means to deal with. First maintains a livelihood is most important. Therefore. Found place that escaped, with the hiding place was also very important. Afterward. Three people separate fast. They are seeking for the hiding place separatedly. We, if escapes, can have the opportunity?” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) asked. Does not have the opportunity, I do not even know that now the enemy came from the immortal beast, came from the monster clan, or came from human.” Xia Tian does not even know that who now the enemy is. When the enemies appear.

He has an intuition. Felt oncoming of crisis. Therefore, you do plan to wait for gains without pains?” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) said. Right, the enemy a day arrives late, I will arrange escaping some places in periphery, even if these places finally on useless, I am also indifferent.” Xia Tian has made several preparations. First is the escaping place. Second-hand is Formation, mechanism and trap. These can make Xia Tian control the entire battlefield. All changes of situation, he can also prepare. He is to turn into his battlefield here. No matter anyone, in this main battlefield, he will not be passive. Goes to look for the opponent with it, might as well here. Xia Tian believes own feeling. The enemies will certainly come. Moreover the enemy who this time comes perhaps is very powerful. Even may want his life that type. And. Recently. Three people of movements are quick, their three, looked for over a hundred hiding places, is false, moreover according to their reconnaissances, remitted a complete map in the nearby. Was this region, our hiding places got up in this jade Jane/simple.” The map and hiding place that they will also draw up all label. Then does not know that Formation and trap, must cover entirely the surroundings, can arrange many, arranges many, this region, wants thoroughly during our controls, if discovered that any danger, do not hesitate, immediately runs!!” Xia Tian also understands, own feeling cannot make a mistake, therefore this time definitely has very fearful crisis to appear. And. Crisis approaching step by step!!!