Almighty Student - Volume 109 - Chapter 10807
Good, we pick up the speed!” 13 also understand, Xia Tian is so anxious, definitely induced to any real crisis.

He and Xia Tian fights with all might together is so long, the Xia Tian intuition is very accurate. Therefore. In this case. He will certainly believe Xia Tian. Three people of this are arranging. Arrangement was similar, the words that arranges again, will cause the suspicion of opposite party, too many can play the reaction on the contrary.” White Dragon king said. En! Was similar, is to confirm, actually our enemies are human, is the immortal beast, or was the monster clan, but I analyzed, temporarily nearby monster clan I have not provoked, an immortal beast clan was provoked, but they wanted to cope with me is not impossible is so quick, remaining was human, hiding that such but I came, from fifth side Rao such big tortuous path, if such relaxed on found, this on was the major problem.” Xia Tian believes that if in human has person who can find his, that should be a day of clan. But if the day clan grasped anything to find his means that this made him have to against. To say, where no matter later he runs, others can know. This time we must first know that who the enemy is, but must know why they found us, this is most important.” 13 analyses said. He thinks. Can find them is the biggest problem. Xia Tian outside, should not leave behind the aura to be right. Moreover even tracing of aura. Also cannot trace is so far. Others think Xia Tian in the fifth side. But now Xia Tian in four directions edge. Depends on the aura to search, also had no difference from fish a needle from the sea. Certainly has the issue, you had heard before the day clansmen or other apex big influences do have such skill?” Xia Tian asked. Has not heard, but you not bewitching to send the pass on message symbol? Can this our crisis be bewitches to bring, or attacks our, bewitches simply!!” 13 guesses said. Has to guard!!” Xia Tian also understands, now at this time.

Anybody must become his aggressor forces. At this time. Knows the person in his position, but also really only then bewitched. However. Xia Tian does not think that bewitches. Bewitching is the god health/guard. Have no reason to cope with him. Naturally. Possibly bewitches also to expose his news. Outside person. Cannot all believe. Outside person, this/should against must guard. When bewitched to say?” 13 asked. Also is recent, he completely quickest time will catch up, I had reached an agreement with him, ten free masks, change five Wang Dan!!” Xia Tian takes the reasons of ten masks to be very simple, he is worried about the later meeting friend other brothers. When the time comes some masks. Did not need to be worried about these issues. Reasonable price, this type of mask, the material is very rare, moreover refines to hear that is also very troublesome, craftsmanship of refinement temporarily as if the person who also only then the day clansman and god protect knows, therefore this value price.” 13 slight bows. What now is most troublesome is Qu Xi, although I have informed her, recently do not come, here may have the danger, but I worried she will act unreasonably.” Xia Tian also understands, before Qu Xi, was different. Qu Xi? She fears death, after you told he had the danger, can she also come?” 13 asked. „Before she is not that Qu Xi, present Qu Xi, the courage is very big, is bigger than you!!” Xia Tian smiles. Their three first time were not formed a team. Beforehand Qu Xi.

Bumps into any danger, is that wants first to hide, but present Qu Xi was different. Present Qu Xi saw the opponent to go all out. I was understood, this was not we have the courage, but after you, turned like this, beforehand I, will not go all out with others casually.” Before 13, is a very docile person. Even can chat to untie the misunderstanding the words, he makes a move unable. In outside. He to the impression that the person makes is also very docile. But since knows Xia Tian . He started to become the violence, even slaughtered frequently. No matter what opponent, he dares to come up and opposite party goes all out. A fearless appearance. At this time! Four directions. Fringing field. Sir, his position in front, very long has not moved, possibly in training.” On throws over the man of white gown to say. Remembered, Xia Tian must die!!” Is head saying of male coldly. Sir, whether issues the news ahead of time?” Another white robe man asked. Since I acted personally, that naturally must issue the news ahead of time, the direct foreign propaganda, I have locked the Xia Tian position, now embarks the four directions, within three days can get rid of Xia Tian!!” Is a that man said. Sir, we have more than enough for three days!!” That white robe man very self-confident saying. I know certainly in less than three days, but this is a time difference, must outside to think me just.” Is a that man said. Sir, such high-profile words, will perhaps bring in Heavenly Dragon Ah!!!” Nearby subordinate reminder said. This is not just right, the day clan posts a reward list first ten, stresses two directly, makes these little fellows have a look, the skills of our these old men!!” Was a that man took off the white robe of oneself head. A halo appears in his head.

Day clansman!! This time chases down Xia Tian, is a day of clansman. Just. This group of day clansmen and ordinary day clansmen are different. Is waiting for Xia Tian that the enemy arrives, also lifted the head suddenly: Came!!” He arranged many reminder Formation outside. So long as some people come, he can the earliest possible time know. Is far from here?” 13 asked. „The distance of half day!!” The Xia Tian reminder said. Knows the population?” 13 asked. Seven!!” Xia Tian said. Seven words, should not be the people who the god protects, if they begin, does not need to dispatch so many people, came one directly enough.” 13 said. En! It seems like with bewitching are not related, but must be careful, they come time, my sense of crisis was stronger, now I start cannot help but is even fearful and apprehensive.” Xia Tian also understands. Then. Is a tough battle. Naturally. Can appear to his person of this feeling, that is not the issue of fight, but is the issue that they can escape.