Almighty Student - Volume 109 - Chapter 10808

13 and White Dragon king also very anxious. The performance of Xia Tian is also makes them feel the person who then can come is how is not simple. bo! Subpoenaed rune/symbol drop together in the hand of Xia Tian. „The Qu Xi pass on message symbol, the day clan issue news, said suddenly to the outside I in the four directions, their Expert had sent out, in three days will cut to kill me!!” Xia Tian looked to understand. The enemy is a day of clansman. Moreover seven day clansmen who this time come issued ahead of time this news, was equal to issuing the written pledge to fulfill a military order ahead of time. Under dares this type of written pledge to fulfill a military order. Sees sufficiently. The enemies have is not simple. Since determined the person who comes who is, do we start to escape?” 13 asked. Before they did not determine that who the enemy is, therefore they do not know that which direction should in run, since now has known that the enemy is, that present can also start to escape. Ran, same must be pursued, I want to clarify, actually he how found my.” Xia Tian believes that the words that now escapes, not going to the roots of the problem. The opposite party can find his one time, can find his second time, where no matter he runs, others can find him. Only if. He can make clear a day of clansman is depends on what means to find his, in this case, he can find the way to solve all these. When the time comes. Matter also became simple. This is very dangerous!!” 13 said. This, you two aid me in behind, I found them to trace my means as far as possible, for what it's worth, I will escape to a domain of immortal beast clan, you establish on good route to aid me in us, if there is accident/surprise, remembered, must with prepare the good these places to escape ahead of time, do not meet the tough head-on with toughness.” Although Xia Tian has not fought with this time enemy. But he can determine. Day clansman of this coming. It is not absolutely simple. Because the day clansman of this coming, gave him a very big sense of crisis.

Good!!” 13 rubbish, he and Xia Tian coordinated is so long, naturally understands that the Xia Tian skill, normally, Xia Tian can escape. If he thinks oneself clever, wants to help the Xia Tian dragging time intentionally, will harm Xia Tian on the contrary. Xia Tian that possibly escaped also because of being worried about him cannot escape. Also wants to go all out one.” But the White Dragon king now the strength just, is wanting to hit a time well. He also wants well shows own strength. Disciplines own promotion. Now is also not the time, wants to fight, must first know oneself and other side, now we only know that the opposite party has seven people, the concrete strength of opposite party is not clear, first we must understand how he found my, then understood that what the strengths of these people are, later plans them, but I am those words, aids my time, you cannot expose absolutely, now the mask has not arrived, if you exposed your status, that starting today, you will be the same with me, all started to be chased down.” Although Xia Tian with bewitching to have decided to trade. But these people compared with bewitching first come here. Therefore. He was unable to make these two expose. I understood, waits for your news!!” White Dragon king said. Relax, has summer trace/strand , the normal person wants to beat me is the impossible matter!!” Xia Tian very self-confident saying. En! Two people disappeared in directly same place. bo! Subpoenaed the symbol to fall in the hand of Xia Tian together simultaneously. Bewitches. Bewitches in behind of day clansman, he cannot expose itself temporarily, therefore he hopes that Xia Tian can first withdraw, then trades with him, but he also provided in inside to a Xia Tian important information: This day clansman sets out seven, the person of leading is one of the day of clan High Priest, revering 99 levels, he leads six people, is the top guard of day of clan, the revering over 50 levels. He is to make Xia Tian strive for fortunately. Seven people. Is the revering over 50 levels. Is the head is the revering 99 levels of people. Now Xia Tian understands finally own crisis came from where. He arrives at the divine land is so long.

This was he runs into the strongest opponent absolutely. Moreover seven people, are the people of strength formidable. Their cultivation is Advanced the strength of the world. The strength of anyone is very formidable, takes one casually only, others cannot stir up. Not to mention was seven. Bewitches does not want to provoke these people. Thus it can be seen. Their seven outcomes are troubles how. It seems like, this time truly was difficult to manage Ah!!” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) says with emotion. Although the day clansman is chasing down me, but they are also insufficient to send out so many Expert to cope with me!!” Xia Tian actually did not understand, he understands, High Priest such person, in day clan. Absolutely is peak existence. People like him. Normal. Should not, for such small figure runs one is right. But now!! This High Priest unexpectedly appeared. It seems like, can only wait for them to appear.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) said. En! Xia Tian stands like this here. The crisis was getting more and more near. En!!” Xia Tian nods: summer trace/strand, six over 50 levels, a 99 levels of person, but is very challenging.” Relax, so long as I do not die, no one can harm the master!!” summer trace/strand very firm saying. Seven forms change into seven ray of light glow. Appears in the Xia Tian front directly.

Seven people appear there. The surrounding all principle strengths crash instantaneously, the strength of their world also cover on the body of Xia Tian directly, the strength of powerful world as if must swallow all. Destroys all. The sky also as if must split is the same. Vast momentum!!! Hasn't run?” Was on the High Priest face of head showed a smile of faint trace. Falling that I run?” Xia Tian asked. Said also right, I personally act, if can also make you escape, I did not match on the same day High Priest of clan!!” Dies must make me die to understand!!” Xia Tian said. Said!!” High Priest very optional saying. In his eyes. Xia Tian is a deceased person. First, how did you find my? Second, my small figure, should not be worth your big figure personally acting like this like this!!” Xia Tian asked directly. This is also the primary cause that he stays here not to escape. Hears the Xia Tian words, on the face of that High Priest showed the smile: Small Smart-Ass, wants to wrap/sets of my words, it seems like, you have the ability of escaping.” He is clear. Person who the normalcy must die, currently will only have to be unwilling and beg for mercy. But Xia Tian. Was asking that these two issues, these two escape the related issue with him. That showed. Xia Tian has certainly the ability that anything escapes. Killed him!!!”