Almighty Student - Volume 109 - Chapter 10809
High Priest saw through the Xia Tian thoughts.

Hears his words. Xia Tian understood finally, own crisis not wrong, front day clansman, before he has seen the day clansman is completely different. This day clansman. Too astute. Right. Person who normal soon died, in this moment, some fears, some beg for mercy, or begs for mercy for own family member friend, either wants to have a look at anything again. But Xia Tian cares how is actually the opposite party to trace him. This obviously with escaping to have the relations. Therefore. He analyzes. Xia Tian definitely has the means of escaping, therefore asked his words intentionally here. Bang! One of them killed instantaneously to Xia Tian!! summer trace/strand the defense is also the earliest possible time appears. Blocked the attack of that person. Meanwhile. Xia Tian fast disappearance in same place. Emperor thousand beasts, Teleport, interesting!!” On the face of High Priest showed a smile of faint trace. Sir, I go!!” Withstand/Top said. Other general idea/careless, this Xia Tian is not simple, you intercept separately, at the first opportunity, does not need to keep the hand, gets rid of him directly!!” High Priest had seen the Xia Tian uncommon place obviously. Especially when he sees the emperor thousand beasts. He understands that Xia Tian why so difficult to kill. Six people also pursued directly. You with were so long, when really I haven't discovered you?” High Priest stands in same place, has not worried to pursue. His tone also some ice cold. !

The person's shadow flew from behind together. Azure ghost pulls up the surface, bewitching!!” High Priest looked at a bewitching mask, recognized the identity of bewitching. The status that although the god protects is very secret. But in fact. Their masks. Also is used to deceive the average person. Walked so many years in the divine land. A status of their god health/guard Mei person, by the high level of day clan investigating. Is is not one of the day of clan High Priest, unexpectedly knows that I am tracking.” Bewitches very optional saying. God health/guard Hetian clansman. Normal although is the opposite. But they usually are also that everyone minds their own business person. They. Will not have what contradiction. You when really my cultivation the strength of the world, what with outside these waste cultivation is the same? Moreover my rank enough high your ten levels, if even you could not discover, how I worked as this High Priest!!!” High Priest very optional saying. Right. If this skill if no. On that day High Priest of clan was not valuable. I heard a while ago, the day clan must start to draw in a net, today looks, really so, even you personally acted, that other High Priest should also move!!!” Bewitches exploratory asking. He had almost guessed correctly that these High Priest acted for anything. Should not know do not know, should not ask, do not ask randomly, this can live for a long time!!!” High Priest facing bewitching, is impolite. Usually. Even if the day clansman saw the god health/guard, does not dare casual provoking. But he is different. He is the day of clansman inside day. „Very curious, normal, Xia Tian, is insufficient you so to wage a war!!” Bewitches to say.

Before seeing him, I am also very curious, person who Realm of even/including Zhunzun has not arrived, how to become my day clan to post a reward the list first ten people, met his first, I felt, my time does not seem to run a fruitless errand!!” High Priest said. Obviously his eyesight is very fearful. Saw the Xia Tian fierce place. You declared to the outside, in three days get rid of Xia Tian, were inferior that we make a bet!!” Bewitches to say. Makes a bet?” High Priest puzzled looks to bewitching. Bets your three days unable to kill him, how?” Bewitches to ask. You are insulting me!!” High Priest does not think that this is a gambling makes. But bewitches is insulting him. Otherwise bored Ah!!” Bewitches to say. Three days, if I cannot kill him, I deliver you ten to revere the treasure!!” High Priest said that vanished in directly same place. I ten thank you revered the treasure!!” On the face that bewitches showed the smile. Looks High Priest that goes far away!! Xia Tian, you created so many miracles, how does not know this result, but this time opponent day clan High Priest Ah!!!” Bewitching is also very curious. What the Xia Tian following performance can be. After all! This time opponent and past were completely different. ! Escaping Xia Tian at this time is also very anxious, he can induce, the enemy is surrounding him, moreover speed very quick, so long as his speed is slightly slow, he will be besieged by these people. Red Phoenix (Hong Feng), how long do you also need?” Xia Tian asked. At least one day, I am accelerating.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) said. Does not use anxiously, that strength is huge, making you absorb, is one gambled, if also makes you pick up the speed, will bring the infinite future trouble to you!!” Xia Tian does not want to force Red Phoenix (Hong Feng). I do what one can!!” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) is also unusual worry, he wants to help Xia Tian earlier, especially now in this case. Enemy who this Xia Tian they bump into. The strength was too strong. This seven people of teams. Strongest squad that it can be said that the temporary divine land can bump into.

Such team is not casual can deal with. Really troublesome, that High Priest is not simple, this time not only cannot ask how he traces my, but also exposed summer trace/strand, but also made him see my escaping ability.” Before Xia Tian, day clansman who bumps into, even if the first-grade day clansman, in his opinion, is two ancestors. But is the opportunity is good, the cultivation resources are good. Will have today. But now this High Priest is completely different. He made Xia Tian see the different day clansmen. We must be surrounded, if continues to turn toward this direction to run, that even/including 13 and White Dragon wang will also be surrounded together.” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) reminder said. En! Xia Tian clenches teeth: That can only spell!!” This situation. If curls together 13 and White Dragon king, he may harm White Dragon king and 13. Therefore. He can only flush away in other direction, simultaneously reminded 13 and White Dragon king leaves here a bit faster. bo! Both hands of Xia Tian patted above the ground. Rumble! The surrounding explosive sound appeared. Before Xia Tian detonated, mechanism and immortal that crystal arrange. Teleport! He uses Teleport fast leaves here. Following High Priest sees this time, on the face showed the facial expression of disdaining: This small method, dares to show off meager skills before an expert before me!!” „The macrocosm of wood, disruption!!!” Apex reading website: