Almighty Student - Volume 109 - Chapter 10810

In this moment. Xia Tian they prepare all, they prepare the good hiding place ahead of time. All crushes! Here can see. Only then destroys! Trim forest. In tens of millions li (0.5 km). All that Xia Tian they arrange, were all detonated. Rumble! Explosive sound. Continuously. „To escape with this means that didn't find it too ridiculous?” On the face of High Priest is the facial expression that disdains. His move. The true destructive significance is not big. But because just he launched such attack. Before triggering Xia Tian them, here arrangement all. These Formation and mechanism trap. All lost the function. Hateful, is really fellow Ah! of difficult office!” Xia Tian Teleport, the body was just flown by the powerful strength volume. summer trace/strand blocked the impulse luckily. However. Now the troublesome matter also appears. These Formation and mechanism that trap they arrange had not used, that Xia Tian wanted is also useless with the means of these thing dragging time. Moreover these places of escaping they arranged before. Also was all destroyed. Relax, their two definitely meet first leave.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) understands, Xia Tian definitely is worried about 13 now and White Dragon wang, where these two person present situations of also definitely very to go. After all just that destructive attack, was spreadability very formidable. Not only destroys all that here they arranged, but also destroyed their hiding place. And. Xia Tian guessed.

This move. Perhaps High Priest also has the exploratory function, is where his attack kept off, that can show, where some people. Their two should not have the matter, I first introduce a domain of immortal beast clan these people!!” Xia Tian also believes that two people skills, will not have the matter temporarily. Moreover for serveral days goal of clansman was he. Therefore. He wants carefully. „An introduction immortal beast clan? Do you want to trigger the war?” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) asked. Did not have other means that I with these seven people is completely not a rank, if spelled hardly, must die without doubt, moreover they also had to find my means that no matter how I escaped, where ran up to goes, they can find me, therefore I can only lead them to enter an immortal beast clan, they were revering, according to the truth, they cannot enter an immortal beast clan casually, not to mention was top Expert of day of clan.” Xia Tian hopes that this custom can restrain them. If successful. Oneself were safe. bo! bo! He emitted two pass on message symbols. Is informs 13 respectively and White Dragon wang, making them circle, moves onto a turf of immortal beast clan. They in a domain convergence of immortal beast clan. Now. Xia Tian also only then this means. He had not thought before, day clan unexpectedly will send out such Expert to chase down him. Normal. Like his Xia Tian should not can be joined to the luxurious lineup to chase down is right. Do not think, now cannot think through, when you with bewitching convergence time, bewitching should know.” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) reminder said. Right. Bewitches this top god health/guard. Moreover person who the recent news most circulates. He will definitely know some important news. En!” Finger of Xia Tian to a surrounding number point. Azure vine ring!! Rattan! The surroundings presented the endless rattan. Xia Tian place visited. The surroundings changed into the endless rattan.

Person who that several pursue Xia Tian, all suffered the attack of rattan. Although the rattan was crushed by them with ease. But can actually lose their little time. To Xia Tian the time that wins to run. Has entered to a domain of immortal beast clan!!” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) reminder said. Makes a noise, otherwise , in cannot attract the powerful immortal beast to come out.” Xia Tian understands, wants to rely on the strength of immortal beast, he must make the big move. This sound the bigger the better. That release star, do not pound these Expert, pounds inside, otherwise just formed is crushed.” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) reminder said. En! The Xia Tian vision looked to inside. summer trace/strand, release star time, will make my speed slow, if their some people attack, that must look at your.” Xia Tian said. No problem!!” summer trace/strand said. bo! Xia Tian rubbish. Fast condensation star! That moment that the giant star presents. Running that the immortal beast in nearby forest starts to keep. The surrounding some powerful immortal beasts started to hit with oneself attack to the star!! At this moment. The form attacks to come from behind together. Bang! The powerful attack hit to Xia Tian. However his attack was also blocked by summer trace/strand. „The emperor thousand beasts really trouble!!” The opposite party obviously are also very depressed. When he wants to condense the second attack. Xia Tian has flown inside. Bang! Bang! Bang! Large quantities of immortal beasts dash from inside. They all felt outside the powerful aura. These was troublesome!!” Several people who trace all stopped the footsteps, they are still just thinking, Xia Tian launches the attack of that big head suddenly, is actually to do.

Moreover does not attack them. Now they understand finally, Xia Tian that attack is not used to attack their, but is used to direct inside immortal beast. Tread! High Priest fell before they six bodies: Is gawking doing, gets rid of him!!” High Priest, here has entered to a domain of immortal beast clan What I said gets rid of him!!” High Priest sound one cold. ! Six people flushed again. They do not dare disobedient High Priest. Although they also understand, here begins, may cause certain trouble, will possibly let an contradiction between immortal beast clan and human deepens, but now the order of High Priest is most important. Bewitches looks at all these in the distant place: Really intelligent, unexpectedly resists these people with an immortal beast clan, his meaning definitely does not resist these people by these ordinary immortal beasts, he wants to resist Ah! with an entire immortal beast clan!” He has looked at the meaning of clear Xia Tian. Was with an immortal beast the agreement between clan and human resists for serveral days the clansman. However. He also understands. This High Priest is not affable. High Priest dares to begin now. Is because this is the boundary, Expert of no immortal beast clan, he wants to fight a battle to force a quick decision!! So long as fast killing Xia Tian, they withdrew are OK. However!! The place of common border any human and an immortal beast clan, has the protector. It looks like the day fruit mountain monkey of eighth side to be the same. However! A line is long. Therefore. The protectors come to require time!! Snort! High Priest at this time is also the complexion one cold: „To play this set with me, you were tender!!!”