Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1001

Drinks with Xia Tian one greatly, Shan Yunzong the front disciple has killed directly, they are not on, such simply is bringing death regarding Xia Tian, they take ten people as one team, ten personalizations is a person, then reconstituted big. This time big might instantaneously suddenly to increase. Moreover the population were too many, has offset the beforehand insufficiency directly, ten hominizations is a person of advantage can transform Formation at any time, moreover they can pull out the person to go to subtle modification sword, this, sword blind spot will vanish. Suddenly, blotting out the sky Sword Light shot at Xia Tian. These Sword Light can tear into shreds Xia Tian instantaneously. He can run away now, can draw back, because all attacks from directly clash, so long as his retreat and escaping, then at his speed can neutralize, at the same time attacks of these many people, even if Earth Grade Expert can also extinguish instantaneously kills. Cannot draw back!” The Xia Tian innermost feelings said. At this time he is away from the Yun Miao 100 steps, he can only go forward, cannot retreat, once his retreat, distance between he and Yun Miao were getting more and more far, this is he absolutely intolerable matter. Therefore he cannot retreat. Although a retreat step change is not big. So long as chooses retreat one time, his retreat second time, this will be the life. Never must take the road back, once you walked, you are doomed for a lifetime when encounters the difficulty to take the road back, but does not stimulate own potential. Now regarding Xia Tian is a challenge. The King will never flinch. Although Situ overlord Xiang Yu lost in the past, but all people mentioned Xiang Yu time will raise up the thumb, that is the genuine hero, genuine King, Xia Tian, although did not have the strength of Situ overlord. However he also thinks that will not fear any challenge. These many attacks, he must run away, if not run away, that must die without doubt, nobody can evade the attacks of these many people.”

This is Shan Yunzong genuine Hushan big, extraordinary, might unexpectedly so was too big, even if will be Earth Grade Expert instantaneously is also extinguished kills, it seems like a person is not always able to contend with a large amount gate.” Yeah, thinks will have the good play, now looks like, the good play surely did not have.” Surroundings these person of unceasing sighing and regretted that they think Xia Tian definitely will run away, because this attack might was really too big. 99 steps! Forwarded, in all people in regretting, Xia Tian did not draw back instead enters, unexpectedly forwarded one step, although was only one step, but this had indicated his determination, did not pledge to fight to the death retreat. The Xia Tian flash bit in oneself mouth dozens to restore the compounded drug. Meanwhile, his left hand directly-burning 100,000 Rank 1 compounded drugs, a pure strength flowed in his left hand, afterward racket of his left hand to the air, this seems a very optional racket. The strength is very light. The speed is not fast, moreover people discovered that he resembles anything not to pat. This was really too light. Bang! The flash, these must fly Xia Tian front sword to be curled immediately flew, sees such scene, all people were all shocked. This. This is Eastern Man Unique Skill!” Immediately some people shouted. Eastern Man, one of the China four big Expert. He biggest skill is spatial bright! He according to spatial clearly created fist technique, the methodicalness, Leg Technique wait / etc., but was all exactly the same, so long as sent out to attack that is regardless has hit, all strengths will hit the match.

This is spatial bright. first under Heaven Swordsman, the Yin Nie apprentice, one of the China four big Expert, the Xia Tianlong son, his unexpectedly can also use the Eastern Man emptying clear(ly) now, this was too simply inconceivable.” „Is he a person? Even if hits in mother 's womb to start to practice is impossible to practice these many Expert abilities, moreover he has not used the first under Heaven Swordsman ability from start to the present.” Terror, he did not have with the strongest strength time already such good B, once this he uses the Yin Nie swordsmanship, that will be how terrifying?” On the faces of surroundings these people have written all over inconceivable, Xia Tian this person already thorough broke their cognition, in their mind the Xia Tian form became specially is all of a sudden big. When he became such fierce.” Spirit whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Matchless hero.” Yun Miao has a dream cannot think that her matchless hero unexpectedly appeared, at this moment her whole face is the happy tears. Any Martial Arts, so long as I looked that one can learn, although my energy is limited, cannot go to true research this Martial Arts, but I can actually plan to draw this Kungfu with Heaven Absolute Wake, although is not authentic, so long as I burn the compounded drug, the might same can display.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. This is the Xia Tian strongest skill. Heaven Absolute Wake. Along with the strength promotion of Xia Tian, the Heaven Absolute Wake might is also bigger and bigger, reason that in the past Xia Tianlong can be called only one to have the opportunity becomes the Heaven Grade Expert person, because of Heaven Absolute Wake. The Heaven Absolute Wake might by far the Xia Tian imagination is more formidable. Just started Xia Tian only to think that sleeps exercised martial arts is best B, but the time one was long he to discover the Heaven Absolute Wake wondrous use. Although the price lost 100,000 Rank 1 compounded drugs, but these compounded drugs compare anything not to consider as finished with Yun Miao, Xia Tian knows one have several jin (0.5 kg) several two, if the combustion compounded drug, he is impossible to live is leaving from Hidden Sect. Shan Yunzong is a large amount gate. What this type was visited face-smacking is, they must leave fully.

Therefore if Xia Tian does not put out a real skill, that opposite party is absolutely impossible to let off him. What you and are Eastern Man relate?” Jiang Tian raises saying of face hate, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will use Eastern Man Kungfu. Is a friend.” Xia Tian has not lain, he and Eastern Man truly were considered as on are friends, after all he has fought one with Eastern Man, and has damaged the Eastern Man clothes, this in others opinion is the impossible matter. Friend!” Eyebrow Vung Tau that Jiang Tian raises was a wrinkle, Xia Tian has had the relations with these many big figure, he also has no alternative but to care. Kill! At this moment, killing of Qingshan gate incurred also arrived, after they were, got rid, therefore attack now. Cold ice armor! Xia Tian front has formed a cold ice armor, this cold ice armor presented time all people all shocked. What? The cold of Northern Army ices True Qi!” This all people all burst with joy. On Lianshan Yun sect sovereign also deeps frown, Xia Tian unexpectedly one after another use the abilities of China four big Expert inside three people, this simply is too inconceivable. Bang! The attack of Qingshan gate killed. Who dares to block me?” Xia Tian gave a loud shout to forward once more one step.