Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1003

The Xia Tian left hand pointed out forward. Good play must perform finally, this is a war, a Xia Tian under 20-year-old boy, unexpectedly must select three, three mountain Yun sect elders.” Was too wild, his spear point boy, although a little card in a hand, elder but who his how possible person to defeat three mountain Yun sect, this is cracking a joke simply, Shan Yunzong three elders may be Earth Grade Expert.” Is uncertain, you have not seen Kungfu of his China four big Expert inside three people, he is a God's favored one, perhaps he also really can succeed.” Everyone has the different ideas, supports the person who Jiang Tian wild and these support Shan Yunzong to think that three big elders definitely will win, other people think that Xia Tian is hopeful. Because from just started now, Xia Tian has given them to suffice many surprised. Really is a dangerous fellow.” In the crowd a person is swinging feather fan light saying in hand, his side is standing two people, a build is grand, another Black Gown. Shan Yunzong leader coldly looks at Xia Tian: You this year 18 -year-old, your father also arrived at Earth Grade at age 20, I do not believe your talent to be stronger than your father.” You know that I am big?” The Xia Tian complexion changes. Naturally, accurate you were also less than 18 -year-old, your birthday was on December 12.” Shan Yunzong sovereign light saying. Who are you?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, knows the person who his birthday are not many, except for Young Aunt was his father. His older female cousin does not know his true birthday, although he does not know why his father did not make him say this birthday to others, but he knows that the father has certainly his intention. Which day therefore he has not told anybody his birthday has been.

I am Shan Yunzong sovereign, but before me, is not surnamed Jiang, because just the old gate is main, under his knee does not have the child, therefore adopted me, this matter is not the secret, so long as is the rank quite old people knows.” Shan Yunzong sovereign light saying. Summer! Hears this character time, Xia Tian has grasped the fist, on the faces of surroundings these people does not have any change, obviously they already know that this matter, is Xia Tian is different. Surnamed Xia, knows that his birthday, that had proven a point, front person is very good with his father beforehand relations, is he had not planned that was being lived departure by oneself. „On December 12, was this, Ha Ha, we walked, this time we have discovered an important matter.” That hand with the person corners of the mouth of feather fan slightly one slanting, afterward they went out of the crowd. This play has not needed to look, because he knew the result. What also explained with me?” Shan Yunzong sovereign asking. Does not need, you and I today only then a person can live is leaving here.” Xia Tian has forced in the mouth in a big way one compounded drug, all restores the compounded drug, he has chewed directly one-fourth, other contains in the mouth. Fights, whose naturally break compared with hand, the compounded drug many is also one of the Xia Tian methods, others fight to eat one to restore the compounded drug to think luxurious, but Xia Tian completely with eating the sugar bean is the same, really does not spend in his here compounded drug. Definitely can eating large bundle. Bites casually is more than ten. You know well, three elders, here has Spirit Tool, the hole of plan before outside Heavenly Connection opens took, now I want to take ahead of time, who regardless of your three are kills him, I will give him this Spirit Tool.” Shan Yunzong the leader said.

Jiang Tian raises a face hate looks at Xia Tian: I, no matter you are any day, dares to snatch the woman with me, must die.” Shan Yunzong three big elders at this time all are the excitement of whole face, Spirit Tool, in Hidden Sect, although the efficacious medicine is sufficient, but the weapon were many on the difference, although in Hidden Sect also has to forge Master of weapon. However these Master are impossible to practice to make false Spirit Tool, but false Spirit Tool and Spirit Tool in Hidden Sect are very scarce, they little go out, then obtained Spirit Tool and false Spirit Tool opportunity naturally is short. If 50 years ago, Hidden Sect is in China the strongest organization, that not wrong, because that time Hidden Sect Expert like clouds, and has the resources, has Spirit Tool. However is now different. In the 50 years, Hidden Sect divorces oneself from reality, is derailed with the outside thoroughly, although the outside world does not have here efficacious medicine, but the outside almost did not have no Spirit Tool, but afterward buried treasure one after another was excavated, now outside Spirit Tool and false Spirit Tool may be much more than Hidden Sect. Hidden Sect is the plan built one to surmount common custom the paradise, but they too overestimated themselves. Perhaps at this time Spirit Tool in Hidden Sect adds also less than ten. Three big elders heard Spirit Tool time, that is the excited color of whole face, the weapon that they use is false Spirit Tool, sovereign said false Spirit Tool all of a sudden, how they can not be excited. The present three big elders look at the Xia Tian look, is not looking at a person likely, but seems is looking at a treasure. In their eyes, Xia Tian is a treasure. I am I, my father is my father, I do not need to stand under my father's corona am living, I did not need others saying that I was the Xia Tianlong son, I hope that others said the Xia Tianlong son was I.” Xia Tian looked that continues to say to mountain Yun sect sovereign: My father's corona does not need me to inherit, because I will certainly exceed my father, my father's personal enemy will inherit by me personally, my father's personal enemy, is my personal enemy, I am very simple regarding the processing method of personal enemy, that stamps out the source of trouble.”

Xia Tian does not want to leave behind any future trouble to oneself again, he does not hope that the matter of water Sheng occurred again. Can kill me? Your father have not achieved, you why? The past years was I.” Shan Yunzong the sovereign words told only half suddenly stopped, then a face pondered looks at Xia Tian: Regarding a deceased person, I do not need to say too many matters to you.” He is covering up anything. Xia Tian knows this mountain Yun sect sovereign definitely knows any matter, is here person are too many, he did not facilitate to say. Ok, matter that you want to say that I have not planned to listen, today I come to here am snatch the person, does not come to reason with you.” Xia Tian said that walked to front directly five steps! 85 steps! Xia Tian had 85 from Yun Miao. Be careful!” Yun Miao has not gone saying that these artificial words, she knows many words that own present speaks, certainly will make Xia Tian divert attention. Three Earth Grade Expert, in my eyes are not anything, I am not past years the dumb kid of that allowing to be oppressed, present I have myself the person who wants to protect, regardless of anybody wants to injure them, my procedure one, that kills!” Xia Tian eye bright light dodges.