Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1004

If trades to make normal three Earth Grade Expert, that Xia Tian copes definitely is very difficult, however Hidden Sect Earth Grade Expert was different, although their Martial Arts compare Advanced. However they do not have too many operational experiences, usually in Hidden Sect, nobody dares to provoke them, but among Earth Grade Expert also little fights, even if some do not enlarge ones vision has provoked them, that is also the strength is definitely low, therefore their Inner Strength manifestation does, then on Insta-kill. Because of this, therefore they have contented with the status quo gradually. Deals with their such people, simply dealing with the people in Maoshan is simpler, although the people in Maoshan the physique is weak, however their methods are not weak, if not Xia Tian trades to be others, even if Earth Grade Expert is also very difficult to approach them. Now the Hidden Sect person was but different, although their physique compared with person of Maoshan, however the person scene in Maoshan battle with North Korean Expert, the operational experience is very rich. Therefore, even if Hidden Sect Earth Grade Expert of Earth Grade Expert to getting up Maoshan, they are impossible to win. However Xia Tian is different. He year to year carries on fresh blind spot to chase with various matches, Maoshan always blames like this great Expert he also to fighting, he is not first time has fought with Earth Grade Expert, the Earth Grade Expert ability and method he knew from A to Z. If simultaneously copes with three normal Earth Grade Expert, the Xia Tian pressure will be very truly big. However copes with three not to have Spirit Tool Hidden Sect Earth Grade Expert, that was different. The Xia Tian left hand wields, in the left hand presented a handle long sword directly, this long sword in nine levels of weapons that in Witchcraft Sect obtains, although this type of weapon is not Spirit Tool is not false Spirit Tool, but might not in the least compared with the false Spirit Tool difference. Used the sword. Xia Tian unexpectedly has put out the sword, this regarding the person, that shocks absolutely. Because they know that Xia Tian is the Yin Nie apprentice, he strongest skill should be the swordsmanship, but Xia Tian did not have a sword, now was different, now Xia Tian must use the sword finally. Also represented him to put out the real skill to come. Used the sword, he used the sword finally, was really anticipated more and more, he has used that many peerless Expert Martial Arts, now finally must use his special skill.” He had used in China four big Expert a moment ago three people of abilities, is that fierce, now can he use first under Heaven Swordsman Yin Nie's Martial Arts finally?”

„A person to fighting Shan Yunzong three big elders, was really too interesting.” The surrounding person opened eye, they are afraid miss any faint trace the detail, today's war regarding them, is splendid, the method that Xia Tian that emerges one after another incessantly, will be doomed the deep portray in the heart of people. Opposite three big elders also deep frown. Because they felt that Xia Tian is getting more and more mystical, they think each time Xia Tian must put out the complete skill time, Xia Tian will use the new method, this new method also greatly has the background. Shan Yunzong sovereign deeps frown. Moved! Xia Tian moved. 80 steps!” Xia Tian light saying. Ticktack! Blood on sword point drops on the ground, all people look clearly, is blood. Puff! At this moment Shan Yunzong an elder covered own throat, the body has fallen down, saw that such scene all people were all shocked. Beyond day flying immortal first. Beyond day that Yin Nie that Xia Tian uses used couple days ago flying immortal. On the road that the blood, Xia Tian takes overspread the blood, from 100 step to the present 80 steps, although has 20 distances, but at this time in these 20 is the blood. His step seems the blood same step.

What?” Shan Yunzong sovereign and on the faces of another two big elders has written all over inconceivable. The Xia Tian sword is quick, that sword they even really felt a moment ago Xia Tian was Yin Nie has taken possession, this might was the unequalled, this time Xia Tian one breath has bitten mouth 50% compounded drugs simply, although he truly simulated beyond the day of his master a moment ago the flying immortal. However this move of consumption was too big, the strength of his within the body seemed found time to be the same instantaneously. ! The Xia Tian left hand flings, the long sword vanished in his hand: I have said that nobody can block me.” Dies.” At this moment, another elder gets rid to sneak attack directly, he leaves deftly ruthless, he thinks that one these can extinguish absolutely kills Xia Tian. Xia Tian stands in same place has not moved, but is a face smiling face visits him. Before that person kills the Xia Tian body immediately, he felt suddenly his body hit on a very sharp thing, he wanted retreat hurriedly. Flickers the body technique! Bang! Xia Tian presents in that elder instantaneously, a foot kicked in his back, this formidable strength kicked out him directly, he thinks retreat dodged that sharp thing. But now Xia Tian directly kicks him. Puff! Cut in two at the waist! That Earth Grade Expert cut in two at the waist dead instantaneously. But that sharp thing Gold Thread, [gold/metal] Dao line, Xia Tian a moment ago already [gold/metal] blade horizontal on quietly, on after his horizontal [gold/metal] blade, that famous mountains Yun sect elder flushed, Gold Thread was thin, if were not the careful observation, radically impossible discovery.

When that mountain Yun sect elder runs upon Gold Thread, he discovers Gold Thread, at that time his fast retreat can shunt, although was also injured, is not absolutely fatal, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly behind will come a foot in him. At this time the present was peaceful. Xia Tian was too terrifying. Each time is the murder in invisible, moreover homicide is also Earth Grade Expert, Shan Yunzong three big elders now on remaining Tong people, Tong now are also the complexion big changes. On not on? On words, may very much with the other two big elder same fates, on words, that sovereign there does not have no way to confess that maintained an army to use the army for an hour on the thousand th, Shan Yunzong raised them to be so long, if had the matter on flinching, that sovereign definitely cannot let, moreover he flinches now, that all people will look down upon him, when the time comes, entire Hidden Sect he could not mix. Dies!” Tong Inner Strength manifestation hit to Xia Tian. The Xia Tian left hand double refers to stretches out in Tong on Inner Strength manifestation, broke part of injuries, other injuries all were drawn afterward in the Eight Trigrams mirror, very optional broke Tong Inner Strength manifestation. Whiz! At this moment, Tong the body vanished in same place. Ran away! Tong unexpectedly ran away! This has surpassed simply the expectations of all people. Hateful!” Shan Yunzong sovereign angry saying, he looked said afterward to one person in a low voice: Sounds six clocks.”