Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1005

Tong escaped to shock many people at heart. Earth Grade Expert on the scene may be many, they are also figure of various large amount gate elder ranks, at this time is thinking an issue in their hearts, if trades to do is they, can be the same with Tong , the choice escapes. Between the birth and death, is the choice goes all out to obtain the subtle vitality, makes the same choice with Tong. Tong will not continue to treat absolutely in Hidden Sect, but by his strength, where goes to some people to dare not to respect? During they fantasize, the result of finally obtaining is, if trades to do is they, they will also make the similar decision with Tong, they have not completed the consciousness of dying, the life that in recent years, they have been familiar with be a cut above other people, they have liked enjoying the life, they do not want dead. Xia Tian does not know that because of his arrival, making Hidden Sect have the tremendous changes, status of Earth Grade Expert in Hidden Sect reduced all of a sudden, moreover they were also more tired than before. 70 steps! Jiang Tian raises at this time the whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly used two moves to kill two Earth Grade Expert, moreover ran away in fear Earth Grade Expert, this grade of strength shocked everybody simply. Even if in Hidden Sect, Earth Grade Expert is also extremely rare. But Xia Tian today comes up to kill three, runs away in fear. Shan Yunzong Venerable the main complexion big change, the shame, this regarding Shan Yunzong is the huge shame, if Tong died in battle, Shan Yunzong is also insufficient to lose face, even if lost, even if died, is dies for the entrance. But Tong unexpectedly ran. This made everybody look down upon their Shan Yunzong. Was known as outward is the Hidden Sect second large amount gate, but unexpectedly runs away directly, this lost face simply. Mountain Yun sect, mediocre.” Xia Tian light saying, he moved toward Yun Miao step by step. 69 steps! 68 steps! How he possibly became such fierce.” Spirit whole face inconceivable saying, in her eyes, Xia Tian was also not her match, at that time he even wanted to snatch Xia Tian Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll. But now a Xia Tian unexpectedly move can Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert.

Terror! Now the Xia Tian strength can only describe with the terrifying. Passes on me to order, dying the disciples of two big elders, from now henceforth the moon/month for turning time, bestowed the Hushan elder title, Tong all disciples cancelled for one year to consecrate, the assignment planted the efficacious medicine.” Shan Yunzong the leader said directly. Hears his words, on the disciple faces of that two big elder presented an excitement, but Tong the disciple is complexions very ugly. 67 steps! Thump! At this moment, a clock sound transmits, all people hear clearly, Zhong Xiang has very vital function in mountain Yun sect, looked like three Zhong Xiang, Shan Yunzong sovereign and three big elders all came out. 66 steps! Thump! Also is a clock sound transmits, Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention, but is continues own road. 65 steps! Thump! Also is Zhong Xiang, at this time has achieved three clocks to make a sound, with a moment ago exactly the same three Zhong Xiang. 64 steps! Thump! Fourth tone Zhong Xiang, unexpectedly spread fourth tone Zhong Xiang, three big elders and sovereign came out a moment ago also are just three Zhong Xiang, but unexpectedly presented four sounds Zhong Xiang now, all people started puzzled, actually their unclear snow-capped mountain Yun sect must do.

However at this time all Shan Yunzong disciples have held up the sword in oneself hand. 63 steps! Thump! On the face of Xia Tian does not have any change, at this time is the fifth clock has made a sound, compared with left two clocks to make a sound a moment ago, Shan Yunzong will certainly have any important matter, at the same time, these Shan Yunzong disciples have all thrown the sword. In the statue of that mountain Yun sect founder departed a pure strength, the blue strength all held these swords, float in sky, this time landscape is very scary. The place above of entire courtyard float had over a thousand swords, if you think that this had finished, that may be completely mistaken, at this time in Shan Yunzong departed several thousand sword these swords is the rainbow seems to be ordinary, Xia Tian also cannot help but swallowed saliva. The Hidden Sect second large amount gate, has not selected how possibly the skill that takes gets rid. At this time all people can see that dense and numerous long sword continuous flies to here, then float in midair, the swords of these swords sharp downward, the head of everyone float a long sword. Shan Yunzong the disciple writes out to the statue withdraws. What do you mean?” Immediately some people stood. If you do not want dead, now stands behind the statue.” Shan Yunzong saying of sovereign coldly. Hears Shan Yunzong the sovereign words, all people run to that this direction, but the Xia Tian head sword is also more and more, he knows that this is one dangerous big, the X-Ray Vision eye opens absolutely instantaneously. 62 steps! Thump! Everybody thinks the ding had ended, but in Shan Yunzong unexpectedly has transmitted Zhong Xiang, time all people who sixth, heard this Zhong Xiang all started to shock. Shan Yunzong also has the card in a hand.

This sixth Zhong responded this is Shan Yunzong the card in a hand. Who dares to act unruly in mountain Yun sect.” Drank to put from mountain Yun sect greatly, all people heard this to drink greatly, some strength low people did not even have the coming to a stop footsteps, threw down directly on the ground. At this time has been lifting the head with Jiang Tianshu that Yu He talked: Yeah, six Zhong Xiang, has not thought that his unexpectedly can bring in six Zhong Xiang, it seems like I cannot peaceful cultivation, walk, we exit to conclude.” Jiang Shao, good play also in behind.” Yu He shaking their fan gently, their four people walk toward outside directly. In this time mountain Yun sect Treasure house, that person hears the ding time, the body vanished in directly same place. The entire Shan Yunzong interior, several forms fled directly, six Zhong Xiang, Shan Yunzong comes across the biggest crisis, Shan Yunzong all people, regardless of the strength strong and weak, must come out. This is six Zhong Xiang meaning. Has been opening both eyes in Wen Ya that in the cave closes up: Your unexpectedly has inspired six Zhong Xiang, is really extraordinary, but you will die sooner or later in my hands.” Wen Ya also walked. 61 steps! Ding not again loud, Xia Tian continues to walk forward, at this time periphery these people all run to behind of statue. 60 steps! Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps, his vision looks to the distant place, at this time his head float several thousand sharp swords, but he has not gone to look that what he looks is the front, there knows how things stand a dangerous aura to raid.