Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1006

Shocks Xia Tian is not the head is hanging the sword. But is the front these Expert aura, he can feel that there came several Expert. On these Expert has murderous aura, they and Tong Laosan people are different, Tong Laosan person any substantive murderous aura, this had not shown that they have not killed any person, and has not experienced the war of any life and death, will therefore not have murderous aura. However these people in front are different, their murderous aura not compared with low of Xia Tian. These talented people are Shan Yunzong true Expert. Shan Yunzong is known as the Hidden Sect second large amount gate, perhaps if only then a strength, already had been trampled flat, now this is Shan Yunzong the true strength, six Zhong Xiang, Shan Yunzong in history first sounding. Before never had matter. Today because they an under 20-year-old person, has sounded six clocks. Shan Yunzong sovereign wicked looks at Xia Tian, sounds six clocks, is representing this sovereign incompetent, present mountain Yun sect sovereign is such person, since mountain Yun Zongkai has sent. His first sounds six Zhong Xiang sovereign. He after is Shan Yunzong the shame. Under his leadership, Shan Yunzong unexpectedly also needs to sound six clocks. I am only carry off Yun Miao today, but after you with my dialog, I did not plan to let off your fathers and sons two a moment ago, today, you must all probably die.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. He has said that his father's personal enemy is his personal enemy. Front this mountain Yun sect sovereign, although is also surnamed Xia, but after the dialog, Xia Tian knows own father's death is absolutely related with him, will therefore not let off this person, but his son Jiang Tian raises, not only need snatch own woman, but also the manner is conceited, therefore Xia Tian did not plan that makes him go on living.

Cuts the grass to want the root. „To kill me? Snort!” Shan Yunzong sovereign cold snort. Xia Tian has not spoken again, but has lifted the head, these aura were getting more and more near, at this time his head is also hanging several thousand sharp swords, he believes that so long as dare retreat, or escapes, these sharp swords will directly pound down, regardless of his speed is much fast, is impossible to run away to obtain the attack range of sharp sword. Really was too extraordinary, I was also worried double hit that he could not withstand Shan Yunzong three big elders, but has not thought that his unexpectedly was so fierce, not only hid, but also Insta-kill, now appeared on Lianshan Yun sect Hushan big sword, but also sounded had never presented six Zhong Xiang.” His father 20 years old become famous in the world, have gotten Mount Tai Sect in Hidden Sect, he 18 years old has gotten Shan Yunzong this year, were fiercer than his father in the past, are really the pupil surpasses the teacher win in Lan.” His father in the past faced also merely is three Earth Grade Expert, but he has cut to kill three Earth Grade Expert now, moreover ran away in fear Earth Grade Expert, present he has exceeded his father.” After these people rushed to statue behind, starts to whoop, in their eyes, the Xia Tian form became very big, today this war, Xia Tian will be doomed to become famous in the world. Regardless of he whether finally can live is leaving Hidden Sect. He will turn into Hidden Sect well-known figure. If he cannot live departure, then everybody will say that he stirs earth-shakingly, Shan Yunzong entire Shan Yunzong wins with the mean method finally, if he can live departure, then he will certainly become famous in the world. Looked like the Xia Tianlong legend three fought to be the same in the past, well-known, the status that even he will replace his father, turned into China one of the four big Expert. Near! That several people were getting more and more near. Bang!

One line of seven person's shadows appear in the Xia Tian front, one of them Xia Tian has seen, is that person who protects the sect gate treasure. See remote antiquity elder!” Shan Yunzong sovereign respectful saying. See remote antiquity elder!” Other mountain Yun sect disciples said together, although they have not seen the remote antiquity elder, even has not heard, but continually sovereign has paid a visit now, they naturally must pay a visit. Was advocating. Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder. True Expert, Shan Yunzong strongest battle efficiency. That remote antiquity elder is among the old person of that white hair, he has not gone to look at Shan Yunzong sovereign, but turns the head to look that raises to manage the old man of wedding to Jiang Tian: Teacher's younger brother, your recent may be healthy.” Fortunately, fortunately!” The old men nodded. Really is embarrassed, making you frightened.” That remote antiquity elder respectful saying. My old bones, a foot made great strides forward in the coffin now, has anything to be frightened, just the present younger generation is really more and more does not make every effort to succeed, three big elder nice does not have, even also the person directly escaped.” Old man helpless shaking the head of. The remote antiquity elder turns the head to look to mountain Yun sect sovereign light snort: Snort!” Although the old men are old, however his strength is not strong, therefore has respected him in mountain Yun Zongnei nobody, otherwise is also insufficient to reduce to giving one little sovereign manages the situation of wedding. Teacher's younger brother, I make the person deliver you to go back to rest, here was too chaotic.” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder said. This time mountain Yun sect sovereign back is the cold sweat, he has not thought that unexpectedly of this old codger was such respected by the remote antiquity elder, he being serious of this old codger, he has not thought before this old codger does not have any strength, lives is also needing the compounded drug to provide, wastes the resources simply, therefore he always has usually not given the old man the good complexion.

If not the previous generation sovereign instruction, must provide for the old man well, he already drove out the old man. Now so long as the old man says him not to be good, he believes that the remote antiquity elder definitely will punish him, even cancels his sovereign position directly, he knows the right of remote antiquity elder. Em!” The old men nodded, afterward several famous mountains Yun sect disciples lifted the old man directly. Tread! Xia Tian continues to walk forward. 59 steps! Hears the Xia Tian sound of footsteps, remote antiquity elder turns the head: Old broad, has killed him.” The words of remote antiquity elder are very simple, but is very direct, he has not gone to ask that actually anybody what happened, because the matter has put at this time at present, his front only then a person, that is Xia Tian, but the head of Xia Tian is hanging Shan Yunzong Hushan sword. He did not understand really very much, Shan Yunzong sovereign because why a young fellow sounds six clocks, he was sighs with emotion one generation to be inferior to one generation. The old broad speed is quick his strength is very strong, gets rid to brave intense murderous aura.