Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1008
Bang! Above the old broad double palm is containing the formidable might, this might even made old broad above send out the fulmination. All people believe that old broad palm sufficiently quarrying a mountain crack stone. This, all people think that Xia Tian must die without doubt, because old broad palm might was really too big. The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to stretches out instantaneously. Whiz! The old broad body appeared in again same place, he presented again time arrived at the Xia Tian front, Zuo Zhang the strength gathered above his right palm directly, at this time all strengths all centralized in his right palm. His right hand direct racket to Xia Tian. Ka! A blood column projects, a finger high throws! Ah! A pitiful yell sends out, the old broad body has flown upside down, his finger broke one, his right hand has been short of two fingers at this time, the blood has kept is flowing. My father breaks you to refer, today I break you to refer to again.” Xia Tian understands, if do not have the skill, that killed life, but if ratio to Fang Qiang, then this regarding him is a test. Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage. If fights directly, only if he burns the compounded drug to win.

However other old broad strengths and person of differences, old broad that appears in his skill instantaneously cannot be underestimated, old has this method broadly, even if other Earth Grade Expert have no way to compare with him. Completely is not his match. Because his ability made the person ascertain airtight. Naturally, he to fighting Earth Grade late stage above Expert did not have the opportunity, although his move of exquisiteness, but Earth Grade late stage above Expert to fighting radically not by eye, but depended on the aura. Xia Tian just started unable to trace the trail of opposite party, afterward was old said broadly the Xia Tian father breaks he has referred, Xia Tian finally has thought of anything, his father meeting, he can also. Then his father can a being cut off opposite party finger, oneself definitely also energy. Therefore Xia Tian makes an effort imagines is any method time, he suddenly wants to understand, Movement Technique that Eight Trigrams, old uses broadly evolves completely by I Ching Eight Trigrams, regarding Xia Tian this is the most adept skill. Therefore he does not need to consider how the opposite party appears, so long as he remembered the Eight Trigrams position be OK, in instantaneous attacks the Eight Trigrams position that the opposite party vanished that point, certainly can hit the opposite party . Moreover the palm law of opposite party, although was exquisite, but happen to was restrained by Xia Tian Finger of Consonance, therefore he must lose without doubt. Xia Tian this winning was also lucky, the opposite party fiercest two skills just right were restrained by him, therefore he can achieve so relaxed exceed step challenge. How possible?” The remote antiquity elder is also on the face is inconceivable. Old broad unexpectedly has lost to an under 20-year-old boy, this has surpassed simply his cognition . Moreover the old broad ability should right of non- rival below Earth Grade late stage, but his unexpectedly has lost to Xia Tian. Won? Xia Tian unexpectedly has won, was too false? Did not have him of strength to hit back a moment ago, to have won how suddenly, that attacked the might to be so big a moment ago, to lose how possibly.” That is Shan Yunzong super Expert, how possibly such simple lost, moreover he had also been cut off a finger.” „Is he a person? This simply is the monstruous talent, possibly so to be how fierce.”

Behind statue these people have been shocked at this time completely, they are unable to believe one see, Xia Tian unexpectedly came big make a comeback of going against heaven's will, originally when he is injured, all people think that he lost. But the people have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly won. Has won, he won.” The spirit present does not know that anything was called surprisedly, she only knows that the Xia Tian strength approached in the monstruous talent. Yun Miao cannot think that Xia Tian unexpectedly becomes such fierce. Her dream is to marry man a like Xia Tianlong, Xia Tian now is, moreover Xia Tian steps on seven color Xiangyun to get married her, has every so often, the love is only the flash. Once loved is the dry seas and crumbling rocks will not break faith. Does not need many contacts, does not need to test anything, Yun Miao does not want to know the Xia Tian shortcoming, does not want to know that Xia Tian merit, she only knows one liked Xia Tian being OK. Regardless of Xia Tian has any shortcoming, regarding her is not anything, what because she likes Xia Tian is now this heroic spirit. On the day of the reality many people cannot achieve. Just started these women to think must look for one to have the car(riage) to have the man in room, then the endeavor untold hardships had found, finally married later discovered that this man had many shortcomings, this was not she wants. At this time she had forgotten why she initially will choose this man. Which person can not have the shortcoming? You initially liked others is others house, others vehicles, after said together cannot adapt to the opposite party shortcoming, this is blind. Yun Miao is different, in the Yun Miao heart, Xia Tian image at this time already infinite was big, regardless of Xia Tian in the future will have any shortcoming, regarding her was not anything, because she understands that this flash the love has surpassed all.

This man is he loves. Shan Yunzong sovereign has not thought that linked the Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert also to defeat, he remembers was Xia Tianlong this age time also merely was a Profound Grade greatly complete person, can fight with the Earth Grade Initial Stage person was very good. Treads! Stand forth that Xia Tian keeps, his footsteps are very steady, every step goes out gives people a feeling of unusual conditions, normal person motionless words of will not have the flaw, once moved, that whole body is the flaw. But Xia Tian moves not to have any flaw. Lifts him.” The remote antiquity elder orders to say. Came several mountain Yun sect disciples, injured old lifted broadly, afterward the remote antiquity elder looks to Xia Tian: Your boy is skillful.” Treads! Today I must carry off Yun Miao, moreover I must kill that to the fathers and sons, who blocks me, I kill anyone.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, he like this keeps walks forward, walking step by step, he said that must kill is Shan Yunzong sovereign raises with Jiang Tian. I in this, you no one could kill, you no one could meet.” Saying of remote antiquity elder coldly. He is Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder, here is Shan Yunzong, if he has submitted, after Shan Yunzong, has what honor to treat in Hidden Sect, Xia Tian wants to work as his surface murder, that absolutely is impossible. If Shan Yunzong the leader were killed by Xia Tian, Shan Yunzong the person may lose in a big way. Nobody can block me.” The Xia Tian both feet makes an effort steps in the ground, a formidable imposing manner emits from his within the body.