Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1009
55 steps. Now Xia Tian is away from Yun Miao, only then 55, this time he had not continued to go, but has anchored the footsteps, his both feet makes an effort steps on the ground, Inner Strength bursts out instantaneously from his within the body. Either hits, either dies. Xia Tian will not be softhearted, although he has solved Expert, but at this time also six Expert . Moreover the inside fiercest remote antiquity elder had not begun. If these six people on, one throw the big move together, he cannot block absolutely. Therefore he must have enough imposing manner, enabling the opposite party to maintain the strongest strength, regardless at any time, Xia Tian understands that a truth, that is the sober mind. Regardless of runs into any match, must maintain the keenest power of observation, the strongest elaborative faculty, looked like the war is the same, if he has flustered, that final result had one. Death! Fight time most fearful is unknown. The method that now Xia Tian that emerges one after another incessantly has shocked some residence people, nobody knows the Xia Tian true strength, has not known Xia Tian some method also many. Everybody thinks each time Xia Tian has used the complete strength time, Xia Tian can use a stronger style. They even think that Xia Tian obtained the China four big Expert true lines, this makes them think that Xia Tian also has a stronger move, more cards in a hand, once has thought that the match will have the psychological weak trend, even if there is strength also to be possible unable to use. They will even present an idea. That is regardless of use any style, might by Xia Tian neutralize, finally the fight fraught with uncertainty, cannot display the strongest skill. Snort, do not think can own a little talent come our Shan Yunzong to act unruly?” Very the remote antiquity elder disdains looked at Xia Tian one, then his left hand wields: Old blade, do not disappoint me.” Remote antiquity elder walked at the back of the person of broadsword directly, at this time facial color ice-cold, the look is empty, in his hand is taking the broadsword has two meters length, the knife handle has 50 centimeters.

Such blade seems unusual is uncoordinated. On the knife carves Dragon Wen, the knife handle is tying the arms the golden bandage, the knife point is having the purple trace, on the knife edge braves the cold glow, absorbs the person heart and soul, making the person seem is afraid. False Spirit Tool! This blade is false Spirit Tool, purple trace on this sharp degree and knife point was telling Xia Tian, this broadsword was false Spirit Tool. Generally false Spirit Tool and Spirit Tool is very small, because makes bigger needs to consume the raw material on exceed, will share spiritual energy on blade, but this seems the blade spiritual energy is not low. Expert! This is Xia Tian to his first feeling, this person absolutely is Expert, moreover is one uses Expert of blade. ! The Xia Tian right hand flings, a broadsword appeared in his hand. Humph! How he achieves, he such waved the arms about to present a sword a moment ago, I also think the sword that he uses is the soft sword, or brings the mechanism sword, but his unexpectedly has put out a blade now, this simply was too inconceivable.” I observed, absolutely is not mechanism, our attention were attracted a moment ago by the person of dying, therefore we have not noted, but this time broadsword is emerges out of thin air absolutely . Moreover the such big blade possibly is not to bring mechanism absolutely.” „Does he have to store up goods Spirit Tool? But had not heard has this type of thing.” Behind statue these people baseless put out the thing the skill shocking by Xia Tian this, some people of guesses are Chu Wu Spirit Tool, but they have not heard such Spirit Tool from the start. Interesting!” The remote antiquity elder shows a faint smile.

Hold up! Side remote antiquity elder that person of right hand shakes, on the blade has made the sound of vibration. Blade! During Xia Tian unexpectedly must with the Expert of blade to fighting Shan Yunzong, this scene fell into once more has seethed with excitement, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will also use the blade, this simply was too unthinkable, can a person possibly these many Kungfu? Meets fist technique, holds the law, fingering, the swordsmanship, now unexpectedly links blade skill also to be able. Too fierce. These Kungfu any are the same, wants to practice Xia Tian Realm, perhaps takes 40-50 years, but Xia Tian is less than now 20 years old. dāng! An old blade blade cuts, Xia Tian resisted directly. Bang! The ground of Xia Tian under foot was stepped on by him instantaneously broken, the strength of old blade was too big, Xia Tian blade skill is blood blade gate blade skill, he has practiced blood blade gate blade skill, although has not gone to the reach a high degree of proficiency situation. However he has Heaven Absolute Wake, moreover he has prepared to burn the compounded drug. Although in Shan Yunzong the treasure house does not have the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure to be many, but these compounded drug enough Xia Tian combustion, therefore this time fought him to gain, after he compounded drug combustion that used Shan Yunzong to obtain went with the mountain Yun sect Expert war. Person who if lets mountain Yun sect will know this matter perhaps by living irritation. When dāng!

Their forms fast battles in together, the spark four shoot, their blades maliciously collides in together, at this time here everywhere is the blade light, the surrounding furniture had all been cut by the blade air/Qi, suddenly here becomes very randomly. Frequents each other, both sides have fought dozens rounds. Their blade skill all are very exquisite, fights with such Expert, the consumption of Xia Tian is big, he was compounded drug has thrown into the mouth, then two seconds bit one grain. Fight of same level rank, spells is the endurance, although the opposite party is Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage, but discussed the endurance, Xia Tian will not lose. Because he has the continuous compounded drug, fight time eats, his these compounded drugs are eating that he has kept, sufficed him to eat for several years, even dozens years, several hundred years, therefore he did not worry that the compounded drug was insufficient. Although these restores the compounded drug in others' eyes is the most precious objects, however in the Xia Tian eye, this thing compares with the life, is not worth a red cent simply. Ka! Broke. The blade in Xia Tian hand broke, although his blade is also seven levels of weapons, but compared not quite to be easy-to-use with false Spirit Tool, he on blade skill, although was also suppressed by the old blade, sign that but has not been defeated. But on the blade, his Witchcraft Sect seven levels of weapons cannot compare false Spirit Tool. With me compared with the sharpness of blade, courts death simply, now the blade broke, but how also to fight me?” Very the old blade disdains looked at Xia Tian one. dāng! Xia Tian will break the blade to throw on the ground, afterward the right hand wields, [gold/metal] Dao appears in his hands: Just was warmed up a moment ago, since you had the self-confidence to your blade, whose blade then our two tried to be sharper.”